December 1998

The sixth issue of Impressions features:

Exclusive Interview with PETE SINFIELD
* Read an excerpt from this extensive interview HERE. *
Tribute to Cozy Powell (1947-1998)
ELP Tour 1998
Emerson and Wakeman - Comparatively Speaking
Hold the Front Page
In Review -
Works III
Par Lindh Project
Stuart Smith
+ News, Releases and much more

A Review of Impressions Issue 6:

"Not a vast amount of bang-up-to-the-minute band news, but this veritably plush colour A4 read has a Cozy Powell retrospective and tributes from Messrs. Emerson and Lake. Add an insightful and protracted chat with lyricist Pete Sinfield that reveals a number of, shall we say, 'colourful' 70's stories, a thoughtful study of Emerson's style with reference to the great classical composers and modern virtuoso Rick Wakeman, and this is a damn fine rag. Exhaustive coverage of releases and historical snippets contribute to the eye-opening feel. Indulge yourself at will"


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