"The pillar headed by Hokmah and ending with Netsah, is called the Pillar of Mercy and has masculine qualities. In the Chinese Gnosticism this is the Yang properties.
The pillar headed by Binah and ending with Hod, is the Pillar of Severity with dark/feminine qualities. In the Chinese Gnosticism it is the Yin properties."

- The Four Dimensions of Cosmos
"At the top of the tree we find the first emanation (the birth of energy)
called Kether which forms all things."

Night Sounds

"Kether came from the infinite darkness.
From Kether we have the birth of two other emanations
on either side.
On the right we have Chokmah (the sephiroth of wisdom). Chokmah is the male aspect of Kether and is likened to Hermes, the greek god of Wisdom. We can liken it to Odin, god of war, death, and commerce, and magick."

21st Century Schizoid Man

On the left is Binah...,"

I Talk to the Wind

"...the Great Mother or Holy Spirit.
    Binah is the sephiroth (emanation) of Understanding and is the female aspect of Kether.
    Thus we have the first triad in the Tree. From Chaos came light. From light came the concept of male and female or Yin and Yang. The triad marks the first stages of creation and the last stages of an initiate's spiritual journey (to return to Kether and become part of All That Is)."

    - Germanic Tradition and the Qabala

    The middle sephiroth on the Pillar of Severity is called Severity (Geburah), Din (Judgement) or Pahad (Fear).

    "Geburah:The fifth emanation on the Tree of Life.

    "Geburah is often associated with Mars , the Roman God of War, and represents severity and Justice. The destructive forces of the sphere of Geburah are intended to have a purging, cleansing effect on the universe. Geburah represents the Creator God, who applies discipline and precision in governing the cosmos and removes unwanted or unnecessary elements after their usefulness has passed. Geburah is reflected in The Charioteer in the Tarot."

    - Cabala

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