"The purple piper plays his tune,
The choir softly sing;
Three lullabies in an ancient tongue,
For the court of the crimson king."

"Pan is the symbol of the universe, the personification of nature, representative of all the Gods. His parentage was Hermes or Zeus. His colour was royal purple. He was a dark wine red, sometimes called moon blood. Pan was equivalent to Dionysus."

- Temple of the Sacred Spiral

Detail from Castel del Monte
The Quarrel of Oberon and Titania (detail) by Sir Joseph Noel Paton

    "Pan represents the spirit of the wild things in all of us. Pan is the half man, half goat that to many Christians has come to represent the very image of the devil - perhaps because he is the God and champion of those wild beings that came to be so feared by civilization."

    - Great God Pan

    And so the "tune" of the "purple piper" could be said to be the "call of nature" or instinct (as opposed to intellect).

    "The horns of Pan represent the power of spirituality, and how the animal side can be harnessed and transmuted to spiritual ends. The earliest true meaning of chastity was for the harnessing of this wild, powerful sexual energy and turning it inwards for the purposes of spiritual development."

    - Great God Pan

    The purple piper is also music. As a mathematical expression of feeling, music serves to resolve the opposites of Thinking and Feeling.

    "It is not often mentioned that Pan was also recognised in antiquity as a God of healing. He could appear in dreams...

    (as in The Dream The Illusion )

    ...to advise people (like Ascelepius)."

    - Great God Pan

    "Aesclepius (also Aesclepius, Asklepios; Latin: Aesculapius), which in Greek means ‘unceasingly gentle,’ was the son of Apollo. Apollo took the child to Mt. Pelion and entrusted Aesclepius’ education to the centaur Chiron, the wisest of the centaurs, who later became deified as the constellation Sagittarius. The healing arts of the ancient Hellenic people were associated with the worship of Apollo, and, according to legend, medicine was taught to Chiron from Apollo and was in turn passed on to Aesclepius from Chiron.
    It was supposed that Aesclepius affected cures of the sick in dreams."

    - Panacea

    "Aesclepius' supposed descendants, called Aesclepiadae, formed a large order of priest-physicians and practiced their art in the magnificent temples of the Aesclepieia. The sacred secrets of medicine belonged only to the Aesclepiadae and were passed down from father to son. The Aesclepiads practiced a method called 'temple incubation' that involved the patient sleeping in the Aesclepium and going through a symbolic death and rebirthing process.

    Interestingly, during the incubation ritual, the priestcraft would use oracles, dream interpretation, hypnosis, music, incantations, psychological counseling, magnetic healing, and spiritual guidance to bring the patient back to a state of balance or harmony. The priests were the custodians of the mythology and legends of the culture and they kept what would be later termed the archetypal images of the collective unconsciousness in the conscious mind of the people."

    - Aesclepian Movement

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