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Song Soup On Sea
Guestbook Archive 2003

Name: Crimsoid
E-mail address: Crimsoid@wp.pl
Homepage URL: http://www.crimsoncastle.prv.pl
Comments:Wonderful page. Do szczê¶cia brakuje mi jeszcze p³yty "STILL" ale nigdzie nie mogê jej kupiæ. POLAND
Wednesday, December 31st 2003 - 12:38:59 PM
Name: André Maltese
E-mail address: andremaltese@yahoo.com
Comments:Dear Peter.

Happy Birthday! I wish you Suns and Stars of Happiness to iluminate your way.

God bless you!

André Maltese
São Paulo - Brazil
Tuesday, December 30th 2003 - 06:43:58 PM
Name: Filippo Guerini
E-mail address: filippoguerini@libero.it
Monday, December 29th 2003 - 08:15:47 AM
Name: jerwhit
E-mail address: jerwhit@hotmail.com
Comments:P.S.S.S. Dad was familiar with the music; Mother knew the LYRICS...(quite an important distinction to note there!!!) Thanks once more...
Saturday, December 27th 2003 - 01:19:00 PM
Name: jerwhit
E-mail address: jerwhit@hotmail.com
Comments:P.S.S. That should be "Democracy Now!" with Amy Goodman (I have friends who are very attached to this fine program!) Thanks again.
Saturday, December 27th 2003 - 01:11:54 PM
Name: jerwhit
E-mail address: jerwhit@hotmail.com
Comments:Ann: That's so wonderful that you found out about that and posted it to the Dreambook! I didn't get to listen to the entire clip yet, but I sure am glad to know about it. "Democracy Now" lists the father's name as "Yip Harburg" (also E.Y.), and his son's name is said to be "Ernie". Without perusing an official biography or other reference material, I assume "Democracy Now" would have it correct. Moreover, Ernie is designated as Yip's biographer, and is said to have written a book entitled "Who Put the Rainbow in the Wizard of Oz:...". Although I know very little of Mr. Harburg's life and/or work, I can tell you with all confidence that my late father was quite familiar with his music -- and that every Christmastime, my parents were always sure to perform "Somewhere Over the Rainbow". My parents are both gone now, and I sure miss hearing them play and sing. Peter, I'm glad you posted something about going "sailing with the Rainbow Man"(?), and I'm glad you wrote about seeing a lot of stars. I am a follower and potential member of the International Dark Skies Association, an organization that is in the forefront of trying to reduce light pollution (so that we all can once more see nights filled with stars and the Milky Way...(www.dark-skies.org, I believe)...thank you!!! P.S.: Who is Malpass?
Saturday, December 27th 2003 - 01:09:33 PM
Name: Ann Gustafson
E-mail address: wyckoft@aol.com
Comments:I am listening to Demoncracy Now! and today Amy Goodman is interviewing Yip Harberg's son, Edgar, about his dad.
Thursday, December 25th 2003 - 06:38:32 PM
Name: jerwhit
E-mail address: jerwhit@hotmail.com
Comments:Hi, Peter: just some quick follow-up notes...

I've been enjoying reading various replies and responses attributed to yourself here of late.

Before I continue on, please understand that certainly I'm guilty of worse "misfires" (I now even apologize for mine in advance where advisable!)

Even so, this particular "misfire"(?) keeps popping up, and it's got me somewhat confused: Is the "Yip Harwood" you keep referring to the same as the "Yip Harberg" a.k.a. "Edgar Y. Harberg" and "Isidore Hochberg" indexed in various online search engines? I wanted further info on Mr. Harwood, but couldn't find any?

Please clear this up for me so I know without question to whom you are referring.

Re: the last line of "Pirates" -- Arr, could that be "Aztec Gold" you'd be "dreaming into existance" there, matey? I ask because I just sent a message to "Ask Emo" where I mentioned to Keith Emerson that I thought I could vaguely detect some similarities between ELP's "Pirates" and the movie score and related music of Disney's latest movie "Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl". Even though you're only a "humble wordsmith" (and not a pirate?!), perhaps you also have some comments regarding the above?

Is there any chance that I might get to hear your Bob Dylan impression? Just don't ask me to come to England anytime soon - that's a whole 'nother discussion right there...

I just read that Lenny Bruce received a posthumous pardon from the governer of the state of New York...He never was afraid, was he?(ask R.E.M.)...

Lastly, again -- I'm just as guilty if not more so, but I personally hope the new year finds us all not so much into trying to impress each other with our superb wit and the like, but more into trying to do a better job of communicating with each other, given the times we exist in and this often cumbersome written language we must contend with...please honk if you agree...

Uh, Erm, Happy Hols to you, too (until we meet somedaaayyy)
(sorry)...And Happy 60th, when it arrives, as well...yes, I'm now a sitting duck for your sharp riposte or whatever, so fire away -- Regards, jer

P.S. I use double-quotes because they last longer!!"!
Tuesday, December 23rd 2003 - 05:06:57 PM
Name: lucia helena
E-mail address: luciahsilva@hotmail.com
Comments:I was searching for Sohravardi and then I came across to your site. I found amaizing the conections between my favourite album Crimson King and this subject.
Well, It's excellent. Congratulations for your work.
Monday, December 22nd 2003 - 06:52:29 AM
Name: georges hypacie
E-mail address: georges.hypacie@skynet.be
Comments:allways been a fan; I discovered King Crimson at 15 and thirty years later, it doesn't seem too difficult to convince my son of the quality of this music (and the lyrics)


Saturday, December 20th 2003 - 12:14:37 PM
Name: Peter Sinfield.
E-mail address: songsoup42@yahoo.com
Homepage URL: http://www.songsouponsea.com/index.html
Comments:Greetings Dear Visitors. I thank you ALL very sincerely for the kind (mostly) words & thoughts you have posted during 2003 in the SSOS dream book. Bless you. *PjS*
I read it frequently . It often cheers my heart and spurs me on to undertake my next project. Now- Other Xmas songs... There are perhaps 2 ;-) . One by the Italian artiste Angelo Branduardi; where I adapted his song 'La Pulche d'aqua '(The Water Flea...really!) into "Merry We Will Be" and then I have always considered "The Land Of Make Believe" ( Bucks Fizz) to be an Xmas ghost story pantomime song ....??

Our dear Webmeister Jon Green has been suffering, er "The slings and arrows of outrageous fortune.." for a while. Thus has not had time to devote to SSOS (in case you were wondering about the lack of new things...) but hopefully he will be back in the new year with many a
weird copy of this and that + some more of his special...
In the meanwhile Neil Ingram has taken it upon himself to help out and when he has time will post up, I hope for amusement, two recent interviews. One is a tad tongue in cheek the other, ahem, rather more serious.

Whatever. In the meantime JG, NI and I received this email from 'a friend', which I hope will amuse you and gosh, even stimulate you over the holidays. Love *PjS*

Happy Holidays All:

It has been about a year now since I e-met you kind gentlemen. Since then I have spent hours rummaging about SSOS and broadening my perceptions regarding the works of Peter, King Crimson and even PFM of which I had formerly been oblivious. In turning the enchanted pages, gazing at the artwork and photos and occasionally strolling down the links to the related sites, I at times found my self taking a refresher course in history, humanity and philosophy. SSOS is so much more than a mere "fan site" it is a delightful vacation that entertains, educates and enlightens. Originally drawn to SSOS by the collected works of Peter reposited there, it took me a while to really appreciate the totality of the experience.

I find that many of the insights found in the pages of SSOS have given me a great deal of pause for thought.

I have been thinking to address Neil's comment that the last line of Pirates is merely a commentary on the record industry. So I might as well do it now. I think that this particular line might have much greater artistic and compositional significance.

[ This is of course (thank you ~RJ~) correct. For though
most 'creative' endeavours 'run' on a peculiar mix of art for art's sake and money for God's sake. "See for further e.g.s The book by William Goldman, " Adventures in the Screen Trade". It also, doubtless, affects the er,'vision' of executives from say Haliburton, and many, many . . .
Be that as it may/is; there is also a technical aspect to the line. i.e The 3 big drum- 'D's" of (ha ha ) Doom ..
golD- Drives a man ( tension...wait for it ) - To ( note the hard 'T').. Dream... With its long open vowel (which not just coincidentaly rhymes with... scream. *PjS*

Neil, I find myself generally in accord with much of what you wrote for SSOS. Your interpretations, though often discrepant from my preconceptions have shed new light and depth on what I have glossed over. But despite what Peter may have consciously intended or told you, I believe that the last line of Pirates is the key to absolving both the author's and the audience's collective guilt for identifying with the blood thirsty and hedonistic pirates. Some years ago Greg Lake decided to alter the song by omitting the final line. He was singing with E.L.Powell and I was floor level in the Brendan Byrne Arena. When Greg prematurely stopped singing, most of us finished the song on our own, but the fact that he did not accompany us left the audience momentarily confused and somehow deeply disturbed and dissatisfied. You see, making the whole vicarious experience a dream makes everything alright. No real Spaniards, Turks or Arabs were harmed in living out this fantasy. Despite the thunderous applause, of which I erectly participated, I still recall the incident from over a decade ago as if it were yesterday. I saw ELP perform Pirates on several subsequent occasions, the last line was never omitted again. I have to assume that the lack of closure brought about by the omission of "Gold drives a man to dream" was unsatisfactory for the band as well.

[Ha. Possibly he just couldn't see his auto cue? Shock!]

Its most likely wrong to speculate what Peter was unconsciously thinking when he wrote 'Pirates', and I am really running the risk of standing corrected by addressing this in his presence. But if I am wrong about my take on the subject, I would rather be corrected than forever remain in error.

[ Well there you are. Some of it explained...*PjS*]

Jon, I need to thank you for copying me on Peter's commentary on the Donkeys of Existence. I spent quite some time reflecting on it as well as the other remarks contained in the thread. I drafted a few replies, but resisted the temptation to send them, having little profound to add. Peter pretty much hit the nail on the head in his commentary. With the possible exception of 'Baghdad Bob' who had the most unenviable spin control position in history and who managed to remain entertaining and up beat regardless of circumstances, the endless drone of insidious media management grated on my ears like chalk on blackboard. Thank you for copying me on it and please feel free to do so in the future, there is so little enlightened conversation going on in the world, it is a pleasure to read something of substance.

And Jon, I particularly loved your Christmas update to SSOS last year, it brightened my holiday. Are you planning a treat for us this year?

Peter, I've saved the best for last, I read and reread Sitwell's Notebook, there is so much there I find useful. Although, I prefer your work to Sitwell's by a vast margin, her skill at decomposing the work of others into its functional elements is without question extraordinary. Her presentation made for a complex read for a novice like myself. But contained within those frail yellow pages, unread for almost 3 decades, I found tools and concepts that I have spent much of the year playing with. My writing has unquestionably improved. With regard to your remarks regarding tension and release, I'm not sure I found it in the book, if you recall the chapter and would be kind enough to share it with me I would like to study it more carefully. I did otherwise find a reference with regard tension and release in musical composition though. It involved repetition of a particular note to set up a subsequent flourish or discordance. I assume that was the effect that you were describing. I am also somewhat unclear regarding your comment that there are only 500 words in the English language that can be sung. I agree that some words are so discordant that they lack musical quality, but a 500 word vocabulary seems rather limited. Having read your repertoire, I find you to be a poet and song writer of substantially vast vocabulary and the genius that managed to array the words 'confusion' and 'epitaph' into the same lyrical line. Some day, if you ever have a chance, I would love to hear your take on words that can and can not be sung. Your thoughts on this subject would certainly of interest to me and possibly every aspiring poet and songwriter out there. It might even make a great article for SSOS.

[ Thank you. An interesting idea. Meanwhile I will slightly qualify the hyperbole of the statement, "There are only 500 words that can be 'sung' in English". First off - I do not think I invented the statement. I'm fairly sure that I erm, borrowed it from someone else... presumably
a lyric writer... maybe Yip Harwood? Secondly it does not include - proper nouns and place names. Many of which in, USA songs' , come from Spanish or Native American roots and end in soft vowels... Unlike Nothern
European names etc. which end in, or indeed, consist of 'ugly' hard consonnants? Thirdly one has to omit the
work of superior 'poetic' singer-songwriters... who are able to set up, stuff only they can sing/get away with -
often wonderfuly. E.g. . Joni Mitchell can sing..." Into the
multitude.." but I think Ms. Spears might find it tricky?
Fourthly... Phew, I guess I have to exclude a lot of RAP,a subject I'm just too ancient to hold firm opinions upon.
Except to note that said rhythmic/rhymers get away with
some horrible, lazy, half rhymes and furthermore it ain't
new! It sounds to me that it is mostly just "talking blues" with its variously fashionable, minimalist, post-modern backings/samples all based on a gendre invented long
ago by the likes of Ramblin' Jack Elliot' Discuss? *PjS*]

By this point you all might think that I have forgotten the original purpose of this ramble. It was to wish you all a Merry Christmas, Happy Holiday season and an outstanding New Year and to especially thank you for kindly including me in your occasional thoughts. Jon and Neil your work on SSOS is inspirational. And Peter you deserve a special thank you for the years of pleasure your lyrics and music have given me. There is no doubt a part of the collective heart of every recipient of this correspondence and most certainly its author that simply would not be there or would not beat if it weren't for you. Christmas without 'Father Christmas' just would not be the same. It takes me back to when the world was magical and somehow peels away some four decades of cynicism. And, of course, thank you for introducing me to Ms. Sitwell and your kind words of encouragement.

With the constant grating war drone in the news, it has been hard to find the Christmas Spirit other than ground into commercials peddling techie toys that are likely to amuse children from midday to noon. So I thought to jot down the following last night in an effort to put myself in the Holiday mood, I suppose it started out pretty cynical and wound up as a things to do list, but never the less it made me feel more Christmassy, writing it. In lieu of a more traditional Christmas card, marginal poetry aside, I hope it has the same effect on you:

~ Mid-December Nights Reflection~

On the midday of a Sunday sat the wise ones on the wall:

Asked the tall one of the old one "Just what make you of it all?"

"Drivers honking, children killing, madmen running all the world;

You see, I've seen such shame so long, I can no longer make that call."

Asked the other of the young one, "Is there nothing left that's fine?"

Said the young one to the other, "First there's she whom I call mine.

Then there's flowers, dreamers dreams, hopeful children and ladies kind

Cotton candy, summer picnics, youthful romance and peace of mind..."

Asked the old one of the last one, "Have you nothing else to add?"

Said the last one to the others, "I find that life is often sad.

I'll leave it to the mad to measure; weighting all that's good and bad,

For now its Christmas, time for loved ones, caring friends and all that's glad.

Strike a match and light the Yule Log. Let the flame defrost your heart.

Let the carols raise your spirits, spread the joy and sing your part.

Take a chance and phone an old friend, hold your lover and remake a start.

May the wonder tear asunder chains that keep us all apart!



[That will do...nicely; and saves me the trouble. Ta. *Pjs]
Thursday, December 18th 2003 - 01:10:01 PM
Name: Mike Stedham
E-mail address: mstedham@aol.com
Comments:I second Michele's remarks about those two great Christmas lyrics. One question, though: Have you written any other Christmas songs?
Wednesday, December 17th 2003 - 12:20:29 PM
Name: Michele
E-mail address: hopeonceagain@yahoo.com
Comments:My two favorite Christmas songs of all time must be "I Believe in Father Christmas" and "Run With the Fox". Thanks for putting into words all that I've ever felt about the season.
Have yourself that certain Christmas all! :)
Tuesday, December 16th 2003 - 04:07:33 PM
Name: Maurice Cloud
E-mail address: esemones@aol.com
Comments: And a very Mary and memorable Christmas to our good poet!
Wednesday, December 10th 2003 - 06:51:43 PM
Name: Tony Crackerz
E-mail address: ellacottw001@hawaii.rr.com
Homepage URL: http:// Hawaiian Cable Vision
Comments:I grew up with the King's first album and now have it again on cd. What a piece of timeless art and musical wonderment. To this day, no one is remotely doin anything close to this, or as advanced in any way or shape. These guyz are of genious, of a different species. Visonary prophets. I, being a drummer, especially enjoy the licks put down by Mr. Buford. I'm a Bonham fanatic yet this guy does the same thing, in a way John was doin, yet in a different arena. Kind of like comparing Hendrix and Eric. No comparison. Just different. Both great.

God bless and Mahalo,
Tuesday, December 9th 2003 - 09:10:35 AM
Name: jerwhit
E-mail address: jerwhit@hotmail.com
Comments:I'm thinking of you and yours this holiday season, Pete. If you're interested, please read my last holiday message on the "old" Ladies of the Lake message board concerning the subject of tinnitus. And Slashdot.com's "Kurzweil Gets A Patent For Poetic Software" might just ring your bell, as well...Noel, jer
Wednesday, December 3rd 2003 - 02:41:07 PM
Name: Timothy Campbell
E-mail address: dreambook_com@tc123.com
Homepage URL: http://www.tc123.com
Comments:Wow, what a nifty site! I really enjoyed reading the analysis of "Red". I can only imagine how much more I would have enjoyed it if I actually understood more than 3% of what's written!
Wednesday, November 26th 2003 - 07:28:54 AM
Name: Neil Ingram
E-mail address: obviouslysixbelievers@hotmail.com
Homepage URL: http://www.21stcenturyschizoidband.com
Comments:Every yin needs its yang.

And you can't teach a new dog old tricks.


Sunday, November 16th 2003 - 07:42:14 AM
Name: Carl Green
E-mail address: carl@terminator.co.uk
Homepage URL: http://www.terminator.co.uk
Comments:Benny The Bouncer !
Such meaningful lyrics, I cant belive I found the line in the song that I couldn't remember after oh.........so many years :)
Saturday, November 15th 2003 - 10:36:22 PM
Name: Ollin
E-mail address: norsedude59@yahoo.com
Comments:O, how the seeds of wisdom often take eons to sprout and grow to understanding... Yeah, I said it and I don't regret it! Did I ever fathom after 30 years of digging on these mysterious sounds and cryptic, yet thought-provoking lyrics that I'd be here writing about them now. This site, and the theories abounding in it, are a Panacea to one drowning in a grey sea of bland mediocrity and crass commercialism. Who would have thought I'd ever find a source to help make sense of any of the lyrics found on the early KC and respective PFM albums, who's meanings I could only guess at? Thank you! The journey continue 30 years on, but now with more light to see the path ahead.

Keep on shinin' Pete! (I just listened to my BMG-issue of "The World Became the World" while following the chapter on its possible lyrical interpretations)

Wow. hehe... Wow.
Saturday, November 15th 2003 - 03:14:49 PM
Name: Ollin
E-mail address: norsedude59@yahoo.com
Comments:O, how the seeds of wisdom often take eons to sprout and grow to understanding... Yeah, I said it and I don't regret it! Did I ever fathom after 30 years of digging on these mysterious sounds and cryptic, yet thought-provoking lyrics that I'd be here writing about them now. This site, and the theories abounding in it, are a Panacea to one drowning in a grey sea of bland mediocrity and crass commercialism. Who would have thought I'd ever find a source to help make sense of any of the lyrics found on the early KC and respective PFM albums, who's meanings I could only guess at? Thank you! The journey continue 30 years on, but now with more light to see the path ahead.

Keep on shinin' Pete! (I just listened to my BMG-issue of "The World Became the World" while following the chapter on its possible lyrical interpretations)

Wow. hehe... Wow.
Saturday, November 15th 2003 - 03:14:59 PM
Name: JM Tschanz
E-mail address: jmtschanz@hotmail.com
Homepage URL: http://magon.zone-mondiale.org
Comments:The climate of those web pages gives (new) power to the music I listened which is refered to (and let's not forget discoveries).

One of the very a rare great moments of webdelightment.

I might be a "cousin!"

Long life to the field,

Friday, November 7th 2003 - 08:12:18 PM
Name: Larry Pennisi
E-mail address: cerdes@procolharum.com
Comments:Thank you for creating this. It is very likely, the most evolved site on the planet. I revel in here at the wonder of Sinfield and what a deliriously trippy level you have brought it to. Incredible material
Thursday, October 23rd 2003 - 11:26:20 AM
Name: Francis HENNE
E-mail address: francish@free.fr
Homepage URL: http://francish.free.fr
Comments:When younger i was always fascinated by Crimson's sometimes obscure references to literature and they may be part of my decision to study English and become a teacher. In the Dream Book, I read as I sip a good wine, it was great for example to associate "Islands" and Joyce's "Ulysses". You are now part of my favourite links.
Saturday, October 18th 2003 - 03:03:17 AM
Name: Lizzie Tomkins
E-mail address: liztomkins@hotmail.com
Comments:What a delight to find this site! I have so enjoyed reading lyrics from long-ago songs and quite forgotten all the time that has passed. Ahh! Those days of innocence before reality killed romance for ever! Prince Rupert has inspired me to make a painting and I have just ordered a lizard skeleton for the purpose! I remember once lending 'Under the Sky' to my school English teacher who much too my disgust returned it with chocolate marks on some of the pages!
Friday, October 10th 2003 - 04:59:29 PM
Name: Mark Saucier
E-mail address: kynoceph@yahoo.com
Comments:you're completely bananas, of course, but these are some awfully good bananas. A lovely website and certainly a bunch of interesting connections between mythology, esoteric thought, and early King Crimson that I had never, ever thought about.
Monday, October 6th 2003 - 08:32:14 PM
Name: Dirk
E-mail address: dirks@zeelandnet.nl
Homepage URL: http://www.nocodemusic.nl
Comments:Hello, I'm a huge King Crimson fan, even though I wasn't born in that time, my birth came MUCH later. Although I'm 'only' a drummer, my weak point is that I'm bad with words, fascinated, but I rarely 'see' what is meant with words. So -I have not read the whole site- I'm very fascinated with this site, it will keep me busy for quite some time, I can switch between reading this site, and reading Lao Tze's 'Tao De Jing'.
Anyone who reads this is invited to look at the site of the band I play drums in, we have a guestbook...
As you walk the road and the horizons change: carpe diem.
Monday, October 6th 2003 - 09:58:31 AM
Name: David Reymers
E-mail address: dave@webportdata.com
Homepage URL: http://www.webportdata.com/dave
Comments:Hi Peter.

Many thanks to you for the mystic poems of some time long past. They arrive at my ears today (KC on CD) as inspiring and hauntingly beautiful as yesteryear.

- Dave :)
Friday, October 3rd 2003 - 06:50:55 PM
Name: denise sisneros
E-mail address: DRS5131@YAHOO.COM
Friday, October 3rd 2003 - 01:44:21 PM
Name: Fabian T.
Homepage URL: http://www.menhir.dalweb.it
Comments:Wonderful Site Web! Great Sinfield, unsurpassable poet!
Saluti dall'italia,
Friday, October 3rd 2003 - 07:11:51 AM
Name: Karim
E-mail address: elsahafi@hotmail.com
Comments:Peace be upon you..umm, what's going on here? Are Crimson Muslim?
Thursday, October 2nd 2003 - 02:24:35 AM
Name: jerry l flanagan
E-mail address: jflanagan@hereintown.net
Comments:'God bless you Pete'and long live the krimson king
Wednesday, September 24th 2003 - 06:36:13 PM
Name: KoldKadavr
E-mail address: theautomann@msn.com
Homepage URL: http://www.reddINK.com
Comments:Nice site... however, I'm not too concerned with this world and what people think of me. They'll perish, too. Besides, much more important realities await thee. Both God and I want you in the Great Beyond. How do you get there? Belief in the Trinity and frequent confession; We know you can make it if you follow our guidelines in this Finite Existence. Sign the Guest Book, too. God Bless You.
Tuesday, September 23rd 2003 - 06:55:38 PM
Name: pi fl mo bl gg kc
E-mail address: darkside of king crimsons search for the lost chord on reflection of echoes
Comments:king crimson finds superbness by complexity
Monday, September 22nd 2003 - 01:06:09 PM
Name: Chris Cree
E-mail address: ccree@earthlink.net
Comments:I have thoroughly enjoyed my first three hours browsing about this site and am looking forward to absorbing the rest as time permits. Thank you, Peter, for your contribution to music.I would imagine that Stephen Stills was impacted by your alliterations as were many other artists that we were exposed to from the '60's to the present. All of the artists that have influenced one another during the history of music have contributed to the metamorphosed product that we have now. Peter, you have made a significant impact. Appreciate that fact!
Tuesday, September 16th 2003 - 04:13:47 PM
Name: judy dyble
E-mail address: judith.delabedoyere@tesco.net
Comments:Hello Peter,
I was just this minute talking to Stephanie who said to send a message to you. I must admit it was very strange (but fascinating) listening to all those GGFMD&S tracks that were on Metaphormosis and Peter Giles' stuff. Ooo-er! I'm not very good at this e-mailing stuff- being only a novice, but I hope you get this message.
Wednesday, September 10th 2003 - 01:09:04 PM
Name: Sally
E-mail address: sallyf@infinito.it
Homepage URL: http://books.dreambook.com/valepal/flute.html
Read my Flute Penpal Page!
Sign my Flute Penpal Page!
Wednesday, September 10th 2003 - 02:13:33 AM
Name: stella
E-mail address: munno_poo@hotmail.com
Comments:the dreambook is mystical :-)
Thursday, September 4th 2003 - 02:10:17 AM
Name: Tony Zisis
E-mail address: apostate99@yahoo.com
Comments:I just found this website today. Very impressive research. I finally decided it was time to find out what the lyrics to Court of the Crimson King meant. The song has a mystical quality for me, mostly due to the mysterious lyrics and now that I've found out what it is about I'm almost disappointed. That mystery was part of the enjoyment for me but I just had to know. I guess I just tasted the sweet and sour. Anyway, great website.
Monday, September 1st 2003 - 10:18:47 PM
Name: Bob Familiar
E-mail address: bobfamiliar@hotmail.com
Homepage URL: http://www.soundclick.com/pro/?BandID=74204
Comments:You are my all-time favorite rock lyricist, but I always suspected that you were much more than that in King Crimson. STILL proved that to me. I keep hoping that we will get to hear more from you- the "Amigos" clips show that there's already worthwile unreleased material waiting to be released. Thanks for letting us see/hear it. The prospect of new material from 21st Century Schizoid Band with your contributions is also very exciting, especially with "Let There Be Light" as a coming attraction. Thanks for providing this site (and thanks to Jon for starting it all with PTP).
Thursday, August 21st 2003 - 11:35:12 AM
Name: sergio
E-mail address: sergiovalerio@libero.it
Comments:sogno o son desto?
Monday, August 18th 2003 - 07:41:29 AM
Name: Sam King
E-mail address: scifisongs@hotmail.com
Homepage URL: http://www.webspawner.com/users/scifisongs
Comments:It's good to revisit lyrics that helped save my life when I was younger. I'm glad to see Mr. Sinfield alive and writing. Many thanks.
Wednesday, August 13th 2003 - 10:29:10 AM
Name: John Koziol
E-mail address: dibojon@aol.com
Comments:Time is the key. Time is the killer.

There's a sixteen year old me listening to music, and a Forty Nine year old me who has just bought that music on CD. Things get jumbled, just as they did when I was sixteen. Things get lost. Things get found. Time flows away, time comes around.

In a little way, as time flows past, I make my mark, fragile as bark, as a paper ship.

I cannot hold back time, I would have no real desire to do so. I have found that moving forward is the best way to look back.

A few years ago, leaving Manchester for the final time, a mile away from where I first was introduced to this music, these lyrics, I was sure I saw the friend, vanished for thity years, who introduced me to King Crimson. I was so sure I did not speak. But maybe, Nick, you'll read this and remember.

As for Glen, who floated a bit further down the river, maybe you too will know that time just is, and that every word spoken has meaning.

Peter Sinfield, I still don't don't understand all your lyrics, or what happened to everything after 1980, but then again, I know enough to say thanks for sharing your words.

Peace, a beginning, John Koziol
Saturday, August 9th 2003 - 05:25:42 PM
Name: Francesco Prevosti
E-mail address: amidachandra@yahoo.com
Homepage URL: http://www.lgpt.net
Comments:Still me, (previous message) to correct the homepage address,
where in the section called 'mandala'
I provide the astrological monthly calendar based on
indo-tibetan (syderal) astrology.
Thursday, August 7th 2003 - 11:40:42 AM
Name: Francesco Prevosti
E-mail address: amidachandra@yahoo.com
Homepage URL: http://www.lgpt.com
I'm from Italy, a practicing Buddhist since 25 years, who
got inspired and educated by Peter's lyrics and Crimson music
as a boy, and kept on listening to it all along.
I was pleased to discover this beautiful site with lot of
poetry and a bit of Buddhism too. I remember as a boy having read of Peter's wish to become a Buddhist monk. I was inspired by that and later I became a Buddhist monk myself for 13 years.
Monday, August 4th 2003 - 01:32:58 PM
Name: Jaime
E-mail address: Sozo125@yahoo.com
Comments:A wonderful site, I enjoy Mr. Sinfield's lyrics immensely. Thank you.
Saturday, July 26th 2003 - 05:30:25 PM
E-mail address: turtlecircusone@yahoo.com
Comments:A touch of words composed on parchment of old. That weaves a tapestry of inventive manifestations and divine inspiration. A tip of the hat to thee threadbared faded crimson toggerd jester, playwright of musical lettered science. Your collective opus of marvels are well admired. I am but thee elder of bungling masked apprentices in the casted shadow of your illuminant renowned esteemed glory.
Thursday, July 24th 2003 - 10:06:23 PM
Name: penston
E-mail address: penston@krimson-news.com
Homepage URL: http://artists.mp3s.com/artists/402/penston.html
Comments:Love the new picture, Merlin.

For all your k’vetching, you look rather fetching.
Wednesday, July 16th 2003 - 04:05:16 PM
Wednesday, July 16th 2003 - 12:03:31 PM
Name: jacqueline
E-mail address: blankslatesc@aol.com
Homepage URL: http://blankslatescriptconsulting.com
Comments:as a fellow cancerian and moonchild was a real treat to discover your website- much love to you and all -
Wednesday, July 16th 2003 - 02:29:27 AM
Name: Torsten Ehrlich
E-mail address: Lizard.King@web.de
Comments:hi there,

though i'm probably younger than the average pete sinfield fan i'm so in love with all of his poetry...

even though his mother tongue is not my original language i'm so fascinated by the power and lightness of his words... the moods he sets... i wish i could ever write some lyrics - just to one song - able to compare with his works...

i hope we'll still be hearing from you a lot...

torsten ehrlich, 22 years, east-germany
Monday, June 30th 2003 - 12:35:48 PM
Name: Steve Moore
E-mail address: Pgabe4@yahoo.com
Comments:Pete, I bought still here in Los Angeles on import back in the mid-late seventies and i have just bought another copy off Ebay and received it today. i was online loking for information on your drummer MIN. What's the story? Hope to hear and read more from you soon.
Thursday, June 26th 2003 - 06:29:31 PM
Name: Giorgio Fairsoni
E-mail address: fairsoni@iol.it
Homepage URL: http://www.rubberband.it
Comments:Well... I bought Still the day it was published in Italy. It still (forget the pun) keeps a special place in my soul. Thanks, Pete.
Monday, June 23rd 2003 - 02:28:36 PM
Name: Tom
E-mail address: tvzanten@post10.tele.dk
Comments:What can one say, after reading this collection of words and music which opens into such a large universe. Fantastic site.
As a 16 year old dutch boy I bought In The Wake Of Poseidon on sale. That was my introduction. Spent many, many days deciphering the words (finally a reason and motive to learn English), and this site confirms that one can spend many, many years puzzling and putting together.
Saturday, June 21st 2003 - 01:08:50 AM
Name: ian
Homepage URL: http://www.svgart.org
Comments:great site
enjoyed looking around

Friday, June 20th 2003 - 11:21:26 AM
Name: Rick Whitehurst
E-mail address: whitehur@earthlink.net
Homepage URL: http://mp3.com/surfwithvaldez
Comments:Rope burns is very good....very.
Wednesday, June 4th 2003 - 08:21:33 PM
Name: Tim Lukeman
E-mail address: nelkemerys@aol.com
Comments:A wonderful site! I've long thought that Peter Sinfeld's work was under-appreciated, so it's a pleasure to see it given the attention & exploration it deserves. I've always called the first four KC albums the Sinfield Era Albums; his words as much as their music were a crucial part of my formative teenage years. While it's common to look back from middle age & perhaps burnish the past a little too brightly, there's no denying that those were magical times, both reflected beautifully & shaped by work such as Peter's. Jon Green has done a superb job!
Monday, June 2nd 2003 - 12:03:50 PM
Name: Jack
Comments:"Faivre also suggests how much Hermes is still with us. Eclectic and highly mobile, a quicksilver interpreter in a network of signs he both uncovers and conceals. Hermes easily surfs our wired postmodern world, his science marking what Faivre elsewhere calls "the pathway of alterity, living diversity, and the communication of souls." Faivre mentions Court de Gebelin's dubious but suggestive etymology of "Mercury" which dips into the Celtic to come up with sign (merc) and man (cur). Hermes is a sign-man, a wandering glyph, a signifier on a stroll. As the thief who "steals things only to put them back into circulation," he is even a kind of DJ or collage artist.

Rather than seek mystical union with an unmediated presence, Hermes and his followers throw themselves into the tangle of signs, not as writers but as pluralistic readers."

from a review of The Eternal Hermes by Antoine Faivre
Erik Davis, Parabola magazine Winter 1995
Sunday, June 1st 2003 - 10:22:32 AM
Name: Axe Victim
E-mail address: tmko@juno.com
Comments:I don't believe there is even one soul living or past that could ever even possibly hope to grasp or understand what depth of influence and personal emotion that myself and my brother have shared through our life-long experience of listening to and being a part of the King Crimson/McDonald & Giles/Giles, Giles & Fripp/Quatermass/Love Sculpture/Kapt. Kopter & the Fabulous Twirly Birds/Chicken Shack/Syd Barrett/Steamhammer/Jimi/Gentle Giant/E.L.P./Clockhammer/Axe Victim/B.O.C./Uriah Heep/Seger System/Focus/Amon Duul/Doors/Beatles/Yes/ etc............. Place, Meaning and Moment in Time and Space
Sunday, June 1st 2003 - 03:37:43 AM
Name: Tobi
E-mail address: tobias.born@jack-l.de
Homepage URL: http://www.Jack-L.com
Check out "passport",
the album-debut of "JACK L." !!!
SEE: www.Jack-L.com
Friday, May 9th 2003 - 12:55:39 PM
Name: Ray Gannon
Comments:Thanks for this site. I had the pleasure and honour of meeting Peter when "Under the Sky" came out and he promised to send a signed a copy of the book for me (I already had the album!). It was the night of the LBC first birthday party - LBC was/is a London Commercial Radio Station - and he'd come in to be interviewed for the Arts programme. A few glasses of wine and good memories. A thoroughly nice bloke. Thanks - you've brought it all back :o)
Friday, May 2nd 2003 - 10:02:44 AM
Name: cecilia salord
E-mail address: cecisalord@hotmail.com
Comments:I'll never thank enough to this friend of mine who many years ago bought me the album Still for my birthday. I'm from Argentina and in those years when the militars ruled the country foreign music was not easily heard on the radio, so many great musicians were not known until a long time passed, so music stores had lots of low price albums because they were not easy to sell. Still was one, but as i had lived in England for some years my friend thought i might like it. Well, sure i did, and its poetry and music still move me deeply. Thanks Pete, thanks to the musicians who joined you and thanks to Daniel my friend...Cecilia
Sunday, April 27th 2003 - 03:58:52 PM
Name: Debbielee
E-mail address: wavefrequency@charter.net
Comments:Peter Sinfield is genius
Saturday, April 26th 2003 - 12:21:04 PM
Name: Justin Ayres
E-mail address: karmatrinleyeshe@hotmail.com
Comments:"The labyrinth exists for an intelligent wandering - not for seeking a way out." (G.W.F. Hegel, Lectures on Aesthetics)

But the labyrinth comes from the Labris - the moon-axe of the minotaur - the monster... and there is always a cut - even from this dreadful age-old son of the mother - the bull-dozer at the center.

"To whom life is an experience to be lived as deeply as possible-
"I am no different from you than your left leg is from your right but what unites us is-
"WHICH PRODUCES MONSTERS..." (Georges Bataille, Theory of Religion)

This world is a dangerous place
"its a dangerous place..." (King Crimson, Discipline)

your work is courageous,
In your world becoming world,

Tuesday, April 22nd 2003 - 03:41:12 PM
Name: shawkat
E-mail address: shawbarahim@hotmail.com
Monday, April 21st 2003 - 12:08:05 AM
Name: shakir hasnain
E-mail address: shakirhasnain@yahoo.co.uk
Comments:i cannot get over or get past the beauty which crimson epitomize. the lyrics the delivery the execution leave me fumbling for words. i trip over details and myself i hum i prolong i pause and i look up to the sky.
how beautiful a voice how otherworldly the whole truth.
there is something of paradise here and something which madness holds true to such disobliged words.
Saturday, April 12th 2003 - 04:19:12 PM
Name: stu kane
E-mail address: broxi1966@yahoo.com
Monday, April 7th 2003 - 12:43:31 AM
Name: Mark
E-mail address: mark@talkingwallstudio.com
Homepage URL: http://talkingwallstudio.com
Comments:Hello All,

Come visit my site at http://www.talkingwallstudio.com sometime and download a free screensaver full of talking wall studio images, including a colourful pair of Spanish lizards last seen running about on a snuff brown wall somewhere on the island of Formentera. Just click on "Free Stuff" when you get to my site.

Friday, April 4th 2003 - 01:35:22 PM
Name: lucy
E-mail address: lucy@lucyspage.com
Homepage URL: http://www.lucyspage.com
Comments:Hi, just a quick buzz to say how much i liked your site, keep up the good work, lucy :-)
Friday, April 4th 2003 - 01:33:18 AM
Name: jim fink
E-mail address: jwfink@hotmail.com
Comments:cool. wish i had more time to explore. will be back again.
Thursday, March 20th 2003 - 07:16:00 PM
Name: Mark Taylor
E-mail address: mark@talkingwallstudio.com
Homepage URL: http://www.talkingwallstudio.com
Comments:Neko Case:

Let me say this right up front. I do not like country-music. I'll listen to just about anything but. Nick Drake, John Coltrane, Miles Davis, The Cure, Stravinsky, Zappa, Bartok, King Crimson.

Neko Case is "alternative country" whatever that means. I heard a segment about this inspiring woman on NPR last week. Haunted by American dreams and full of endless gratitude. Neko open up things in me that were previously inaccessible. It's my turn to say thanks with my very first-ever poem (I don't know if it's any good but I think it's kind of cool):


Bradbury sips tea with the bare-naked heart
Of Tamworth-on-Arden reincarnated

In beautiful clothes woven from new sounds
Patsy Cline wears a barbed-wire dress
And Natalie Wood in wet lace
Elizabeth Smart stirs from angelic innocence
And finds beauty in a world of baby goats
Filled with two-headed pit bulls and monsterous appetites

Shocking cold blasts in from the dark Pugent Sound
Waiting for the bus to take me home
While Sneeky Pete juggles oranges for change
In the bowels of the Pike Street Market
An ocotillo stretches out its anxious arms
Beckons understanding from the cold desert stars
That crazy ol’ black lady with her over-stuffed cart
Still cruises Broadway from Euclid to Stone

Neko sticks a blade in my tin covered heart
And deep red juice oozes out.

© 2003 Talking Wall Studio (Mark Taylor)
Wednesday, March 19th 2003 - 06:28:17 AM
Name: Leon
E-mail address: napoleoncamfield@hotmail.com
Comments:Hi Pete - apologise for shameless name-dropping that is about too occur, but -

Went to see Bill Bruford's Earthworks last night & I bumped into Stephanie who told me to tell you how awesome they are - which they were. I shall also be bombarding John Mercer at Riverrun (my band are recording there) with same info, as he needs to see these boys in action!

I feel sick and ashmed of what I just did - sorry Pete.

ps - great lyrics my friend - some of my first words uttered (age 2 and a bit) were "21st Century Schizoid Man".

Monday, March 17th 2003 - 02:32:54 AM
Name: ;Rev. Dr. Rick Kuykendall
E-mail address: rkuykendall@minister.com
Comments:I am a Congregational minister in California.
I am interested in Tarot (wrote my doctoral dissertation on the Tarot) and the Apocalypse.
I came to your site via a search for Timothy Betts who wrote "Tarot and the Millennium".
Your site is very interesting.
I will visit you again.
Blessings, Rick
Wednesday, March 12th 2003 - 04:44:55 PM
Name: Gentlydwell
E-mail address: gentlydwell@lycos.com
Homepage URL: http://www.rivers2c.com/index.html
Comments:Song Soup On Sea & friends are cordially invited to visit the following website,
"Philosophy from a Sacred Hearth of Éireland"

This week's story is titled,
'The Prophecy of Alpha & Omega'

Good Health and Many Blessings.

Blessed be the bridge building!

Isle of Éire
Saturday, March 8th 2003 - 11:29:47 PM
Name: Peter Collins
Comments:Very interesting to find out what you've done since KC, and I have to admit I had no idea you'd put out a solo lp. I shall be making enquiries....
Thursday, March 6th 2003 - 08:09:44 AM
Name: blonde person
Comments:bruce cornflower, blonde person here - glad you're still around
Thursday, March 6th 2003 - 01:57:49 AM
Name: John R. Scott
E-mail address: jrscrimson@hotmail.com
Comments:i always thought pete sinfield was one of the best lyric writters for album rock music.thank goodness king crimson and him worked togher for 4 albums.
Saturday, March 1st 2003 - 05:13:47 PM
Name: sharon
E-mail address: sharon@myconnection.co.za
Homepage URL: http://books.dreambook.com
Comments:Very interesting
Friday, February 28th 2003 - 11:53:22 AM
Name: Clive
E-mail address: cb@btinternet.uk
Comments:As an insider, do you have any news on 21SCB? Are they still together? Would love an update.

Tuesday, February 4th 2003 - 02:00:18 PM
Name: john taylor
E-mail address: jobotaylor
Saturday, February 1st 2003 - 02:22:11 PM
Name: Tim Schlueter
E-mail address: kreutz.ka@pg.com
Comments:Dear Sir:
I have been hideously resistant to the Age of the Microprocessor but am now finally getting with the '80s. This by way of saying that this is my first-ever correspondence of its type. This is a wonderful site to behold. I have reunited, after many years, with the love of my life; then as now "Still" welded our spirits together as closely as art, experience or event are able.
This is one world,

Thursday, January 30th 2003 - 12:52:06 PM
Name: Frank Zappa
Comments:First voice: "Talk him down."

Second voice: "Come on down, John."

John: "OK."
Wednesday, January 29th 2003 - 04:25:36 PM
Name: radiocitizen
E-mail address: darkshark-subscribe@yahoogroups.com
Homepage URL: http://listen.to/brianeno
Comments:For everything about Brian Eno...
Tuesday, January 21st 2003 - 05:19:07 PM
Name: Nigel
E-mail address: nb2b@msn.com
Comments:Pete ... you were there all the time, I just never knew it!
Monday, January 20th 2003 - 11:24:30 PM
Name: jim fink
E-mail address: jwfink@hotmail.com
Tuesday, January 14th 2003 - 03:04:42 PM
Name: PorckyPig
E-mail address: clacesa@hhhh.it
Sunday, January 12th 2003 - 01:22:03 PM
Name: Pamella Wender
Comments:Thanks for all the great work you do.
Sunday, January 12th 2003 - 11:06:40 AM
Name: Jodes
E-mail address: Jodes635@yahoo.com
Comments:nice website. its different. great.

Friday, January 3rd 2003 - 12:51:35 PM
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