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Cadence and Cascade

"Christianity gave Eros poison to drink-- he did not die of it, to be sure, but degenerated into vice."

--Nietzsche; Beyond Good and Evil

"Eros, for being the son of Poros and Penia, reveals himself perpetually unsatisfied and restless, dearth in constant search for completeness, a subject in search of an object. He is psykhopompůs like Hermes and he shares with Dionysus an inexorable living energy. He is a pure life instinct, an inner force that seeks to eroticize the relations in order to preserve what is proper to life.

Eros is Dynamis, the force that mobilizes the return to unity.

It is through the transcendental function of love that Reason and Emotion can communicate, surpass outdated positions and find a new space..."

- Nous, Ananke and Eros

"Cadence and Cascade
Kept a man named Jade;
Cool in the shade"

Cadence and Cascade is an allegory. Cadence (a regular, measured, ordered rhythm) is the formal structure of the Logos (Thinking) and Yang. Cascade is uncontrolled energy, Chaos, Eros (Feeling) and Yin.


"The urge to unite, get involved with other people rather than with ideas or things.
The image of Eros captures this as does the image of Venus."


"The image captured by the god Mars, the god of war. Yang is also the image of the Logos. It is cognition, reflection, consciousness, understanding."

- Yin and Yang

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Jade has a meaning significant to the temperance theme of the album.

"Jade is balancing, grounding and strengthening."

- Jade

Jade (balancing stone)

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"Therefore the Sage wears rough clothing And carries jade inside."

- Lao Tzu

jade pendant by Clem Mellish

Yang and Yin kept a balance. And so the "man named Jade" is Hermes, the Egyptian Thoth.

"His hieroglyphic name Tehuti is usually explained as meaning 'He who balances'. Heinrich Brugsch (Religion und Mythologie) and E. A. Wallis Budge (The Gods of the Egyptians) interpreted that to mean that Thoth was the 'god of the equilibrium' and considered depictions of him as 'Master of the Balance' to indicate that he was associated with the equinoxes - the time when the day and the night were balanced."

- Zecharia Sitchin, When Time Began

Just about any duality one can think of will correspond to Yin and Yang: Eros/Logos, Female/Male, water/wind, etc. In Cadence and Cascade , Peter Sinfield is referring to all dualities, and the ultimate goal of the album (through balancing the forces of Yin and Yang) is the transcendence of all duality. Along with its message of sacred sexuality. what Peter Sinfield is offering the reader/listener, with Cadence and Cascade , is a representation of the Yin Yang mandala, perfect balance.

Portraying an idealized state in which the elements are working together in balance and harmony, Cadence and Cascade represents a counterpoint to the "strife" of Pictures of a City , wherein people are no more than commodities. As a song about the playfulness and relatedness of Eros, Cadence and Csscade is also very different from its counterpart on the first album, I Talk to the Wind . Told in the third person, Cadence and Cascade describes the inter-relatedness of people and the elements. I Talk to the Wind , told in the first person, is an inner dialogue wherein the narrator does his best to minimize or deny the existence of "the other", Eros or the Feeling Function.

"While his audience played."

"The feminine principle can be seen as Mal'akh, the shadow side of the Father God, once he has left the original void. The dark or shadow side was already there in the beginning as Proverbs 8: 23-31, speaking in the feminine voice of Wisdom, says:

I was with him forming all things: and was delighted every day, playing before him at all times; Playing in the world: and my delights were to be with the children of men. (Proverbs 8: 23-31, p. 649)

The personification of Wisdom as the Father God's playmate and co-creator of the world is the Goddess archetype, who is with God from the beginning. Psychologically speaking, she can be seen as the personification of the undifferentiated feeling function (the silent Goddess)"

- The Genesis Model by Gerry Anne Lenhart

"Purred, whispered, "Spend us too:
We only serve for you".

Again, Yin and Yang only serve the balance. Inevitably, one leads to the other.

"Sliding mystified
On the wine of the tide"

As this song is an allegory, "mystified" can mean, temporally, "failing to understand" and, spiritually or psychological, "in a state of mystical awareness". One might say that Cadence and Cascade reflect both the poverty and the plenty of Eros. Similarly, "the wine of the tide" represents both (or either) physical intoxication (the illusory quality of physical life, getting caught up in the moment) and (or) spiritual intoxication.

"Wine...through Sufi usage, is a symbol of mystical communion with God--spiritual intoxication."

- Choice Wine:
The Kitab-i Aqdas and the Development of Baha'i Law

"Stared pale-eyed
As his veil fell aside."

On the earthly level, this passage describes a prelude to sexual activity but, spiritually, the "veil" can conceal the face of God, or the Self.

"Sad paper courtesan
They found him just a man."

However humans in the fallen state fail to perceive the divine nature of their activities.

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"Caravan hotel
Where the sequin spell fell
Custom of the game."

"Several hundred years ago, it was the practice for merchants to travel in groups of up to about twenty and this was done for reasons of safety. If you could not get into the town before the closing of the gates at sunset, then you had to camp outside the walls, and be at the mercy of brigands. This state of affairs existed in old times in all European countries, including England. Such a group of traveling merchants was called a caravan, and on arrival in town they looked around for an inn or KHAN in which to stay. The caravan "hotel" was called the caravan serai; the word SERAl is Persian for mansion hence the name, Saray Hotel. These old inns were quadrangular in shape. and always had an inner courtyard where merchants could gather with their donkeys and bundles of precious goods. It was like going into a small castle, and once inside, the merchants had safety and seclusion."

- The Aniquities of Turkish Nicosia

The "sequin spell" is our enchantment by material reality, a "spell" which becomes more powerful the farther we travel (caravan) from the source, the psychological unity of the womb, infancy and early childhood.

"Cadence oiled in love
Licked his velvet gloved hand
Cascade kissed his name."

Once again, we can see the spiritual possibilities of this passage. Cadence (Yang) simultaneously mistakes an object for God and recognizes God in an object while Cascade (Yin) loves the name of God which is, at the same time, only a symbol. The name and the object: both "veil" the truth.

"Sad paper courtesan
They knew him just a man."

Eros and Strife ~ Peace: A Beginning

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