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The Purpose of Love
by Richard Gardner



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    THE ESTABLISHED APPROACH to learning is to investigate phenomena in a purely cerebral way. It is the conclusions drawn from these investigations only, which are taught as educational subjects in our schools and universities. So far no real attention has been paid to the quality, the state of mind and being of the investigators responsible. Yet it is obvious that the quality of opinion on any subject is directly related to the stage of evolution reached by the person giving his view. That is the stage of evolu- tion, not the degree of education, because education is merely absorbing the views and findings of others. Superior stages of evolution are related to: pleasantness of character, humility, receptivity, tolerance, courage and length and breadth of vision. As the evolutionary level of our pundits today is somewhat of an unknown quantity, two points should always be bome in mind: one, that all our views should be tentatively held, so that they may be adjusted to new light upon any subject, and two, that we should concern ourselves with ways of evolving our consciousness more rapidly, thereby becoming better, or even wonderful people, who would be a joy to know.

    It has become more and more obvious to me. when I reflect upon the origins of my thinking and my feeling, savouring the sensations, impulses and emotions coming through my body and mind, that these come from outside myself. It is possible to experience some impulse or feeling without carrying it through to action and in this way become aware of it as an external influence. It is like watching something else from above, objectively and impartially; thus being aware that it has an existence of its own. For example, we all know that one has only to say a particular phrase to one's mother or friend to start off a certain performance, it is like pushing a button that brings forth a mood and words. Should this person, instead of allowing the habitual mechanical performance to take over, stand aside and just experience those impulses wanting to be expressed on the usual track, they could become aware that these were coming from without and that 'the pressing of the button' put them in a frame of mind which allows the impulses through. Every single thought and action is a result of 'tuning in' to certain wavelengths, all forms of awareness are received; what we feel with, smell, dream, think, work and make love with and so on. People today do not realize sufficiently that we are the result of what we have fed on and received from without; impressions too are a kind of food. The words of Shakespeare 'We are such stuff as dreams are made on', have a very real meaning in this context. Savouring consciousness in the way described can become a transcendental experience and in this state we can be overwhelmed by the welter of influences seeking expression through ourselves. This state tends to detach us from the body, and on returning to it we can re-appraise the way the brain and other receiving centres cope with the material to be expressed.

    For those who may not have projected themselves out onto the maze of 'Wires' that make up consciousness, from which we appear to gain all sense and sensitivity, it is a fruitful experiment to think of one's self as a television set capable of selecting, receiving and giving expression to a number of channels. This is not dissimilar from the facts. The vast quantities of consciousness seeking expression through us, cannot be received or expressed nearly enough to relieve the tension caused in the atmosphere through the non-'earthing' of these channels without our co-opera- tion. We earth them by receiving and expressing them positively, by making love of a very high quality and by having true affection for all persons we meet; this means being 'open'.

    One aspect of consciousness which is not comparable to television transmission and reception, is that the consciousness we receive is not in its whole or perfect state. It is shattered and greatly mixed up, causing us great difficulty in forming an accurate picture or opinion of anything; in fact, to build such a picture or opinion takes years. Perhaps it will become obvious to us all that the greatest reason for living for each of us is the recon- struction of this shattered consciousness; but more of this later.

    It is abundantly clear to any observer that all that lives is the result of the fusion of two great dynamics; the dynamic female and the dynamic male. To understand these dynamics it is best not to think of them in personal terms; that is not just as men and women, dog and bitch, pistil and stamen, but respectively rather as the great dynamic that principally operates all things female, and the other great dynamic which operates all things male, making each behave and think in their respective ways. Unfortunately a great confusion now exists about the male and female roles of human kind, occluding the true nature of the dynamics that move them. This is largely due to the world being run exclusively by men who have outlawed true feminine expression.

    From my study of these two dynamics, I have formed the opinion that the male dynamic is emitted from the sun and the female dynamic is in the energy of the sky and greatly influenced by the moon. The pure state of the masculine is yellow in colour; the pure state of the feminine is blue, fusing to give green in primary life. The world is largely green in the spring. All of us, both male and female, have both dynamics. The female dynamic is in our bodies and subconscious all the time. To withdraw it is death. The masculine comes in when we wake and leaves when we sleep. In this epoch it is comparatively superficial and we can- not tolerate it in us for long periods, hence the need for sleep. The Greeks knew it as the fire of Prometheus.

    To return to the television, we can observe that it is operated by two dynamics. Let us say the feminine coming in from the mains, and the masculine coming down through the aerial. The controlled fusion of these dynamics gives rise to all that which any television can perform. We are operated by these same two dynamics in their finer, more vital form. Our performance is also controlled by the extent to which we can allow them to pass through us, and how much attention we give to their respective needs.

    We have for some thousands of years lived almost exclusively in a man's world in which all laws, customs and values have been geared to evolve exclusively the masculine consciousness in both sexes. Not only have the needs of the feminine consciousness been neglected, but they have been openly persecuted and put in many respects beyond the law. To continue the analogy, we are television sets operating with a very seriously inhibited main supply of energy. Consequently many 'channels' that we could receive with more energy, are denied to us. This is not only a serious loss to our happiness, but the most important reason for death.

    These two dynamics are irresistible and will always express themselves either positively by evolving us, when we understand them and live according to their very different needs, or negatively by our destruction in wars, revolutions and diseases, when their needs are not realized and catered for.

    The masculine (fire dynamic) is what we draw in and evolve by education, effort, work and experience from without. The feminine (water dynamic) rises into consciousness through day dreaming, imagining, sensing, feeling; making us aware of hunches and intuitions. Undoubtedly it is the most powerful force on earth and therefore the most deadly when blocked or frustrated. Matriarchy was based essentially on values which developed this now subconscious mind. When this submerged consciousness rises it educates and it rises best in sincere good feeling. The feminine is the knowledge we have below the surface, which needs various rituals and a sympathetic reception to bring it to our level of awareness. The establishment does nothing about this source of knowledge today. A free, flowing subconscious liberates us from hate; ever since we frustrated our subconscious needs by patri- archal laws, wars have continued to grow in intensity and destructiveness. The freeing of the feminine dynamic in us has now become the first essential for the survival of our entire planet.

    Another useful comparison with television is the manner in which the pictures are built up: they are constructed on 'frames' by a network of lines. We have the expression 'a frame of mind' and if one watches one's self building up ideas on any subject. it is not a dissimilar process to that of the television 'frames'. With both television and the mind the least error gives a distorted or incomprehensible picture. The building up of correct pictures or opinions in our minds is much more difficult and intricate for us than for television, because we are drawing on a shattered consciousness and what is more our female dynamic is greatly inhibited, denying us energy and information. As consciousness is not whole, the various states we get into only allow certain aspects of it to operate in us giving us many erroneous ideas. All this is happening to us mechanically until we become more aware of the nature of consciousness.

    In the hope that these short comparisons with television may have given the reader some idea of the nature and workings of the dynamics of consciousness, let us turn to dealing with it more directly. The Bible is of considerable value as a source of informa- tion about some of the history of consciousness. The examples which follow are confirmed in much other ancient literature from many parts of the globe and repeat themselves in all kinds of stories in one form or another.

    The doctrine of original sin is at the root of church teaching; this doctrine is based on the story of Adam and Eve. In effect the whole teaching, to be found in many religions, comes into being as the result of the Fall. Unfortunately they do not tell us what fell. Until we know that, we are not likely to know how to re-build. This rebuilding is what religion is really all about. I have referred to the fact that consciousness at present is in a shattered state. The evidence strongly suggests that it was consciousness that split into fragments at the Fall; these fragments are described later.

    In the beginning all is said to have been perfect, whole and without death. Then we did one small thing, 'ate the forbidden fruit'; and crash, all was changed! It looks as if in the beginning we were whole, that consciousness was whole and made up a network of perfectly balanced, integrated energy vibrations; the finest form of air, fire, water and earth, all of which are now subject to planetary influence. This structure must have been a very delicate web, requiring only one small act, at a critical point, to bring about an elemental cataclysm, separating the conscious and the subconscious minds. That is, the dynamics of fire and water were separated. At the same time it is obvious that some great and unfortunate change occurred to the genitals of Adam and Eve. Sex as we know it today was born and seems to have caused endless trouble ever since. (The original meaning of the word sex is cist, to cut apart.) The mark of the Fall was upon them and they covered themselves. No other hint of physical change is given, although there is reason to think they neither ate nor excreted before the catastrophe. This maybe is why we find rituals and fasts connected with food in every religion from totem worship to the present day. Eating has a fundamental religious connotation throughout the ages, and more than one saint has lived long without food. Sex and eating are closely allied in us.

    We can muse along upon what were the full effects of the Fall. From fairy stories it would appear that human consciousness deteriorated to an animal level. The prince or princess turned into a toad or some other animal, to be imprisoned there until recognized by a lover. Also there is the eastern idea that any mutation in human consciousness will affect the whole animal kingdom. There are esoteric schools which help their pupils to realize that certain animal characteristics are influencing their behaviour, and thereby the pupils can rid themselves of these. There is the story that when Dr. Jung went to South America a tribe there recognized him as being influenced by a bear. Interesting, as Berne (German for bear) is the capital of Switzerland and the symbol of that country. Darwin's work on the evolution of species suggests that we developed to where we are now through a series of animal forms. There is a very real consistency running through all these ideas, though the church and science have been at loggerheads about them for years. Science takes the view that life began as single cells in water and that after aeons of time these cells came together to form all the various creatures of the earth. The church says it was virtually a spontaneous and perfect creation. It may well have been so, but with the Fall the slow evolutionary process known to science undoubtedly began. It appears to me that the evolution of species began after the Fall and that religion developed much later as an intuitive means of evolving consciousness. There is a riddle here which a little more knowledge could solve. The clue is in the nature of time.

    Viewing consciousness in its own right, and our behaviour as a poor reflection of some of its aspects, we can see that civilizations are minor reconstructions of it. They have always fallen because they had not rebuilt it in a balanced manner, often collapsing surprisingly easily, and we have lost a vast amount of knowledge they had gained. It does not look as if we shall rebuild conscious- ness in any permanent way. without giving very real thought and informed attention to the task. When a civilization falls it takes a long time to rebuild consciousness again, and then it is of a different nature. Even now we have not yet reached the heights of human understanding attained by the ancient Greeks. Virtually all discoveries about the mind are given Greek names, the Greeks were far ahead with this kind of knowledge centuries ago. A detailed study of all past civilizations is most necessary to our task, though without judging them by the light of the modern mental limitation called science.

    Without doubt the future rebuilding of consciousness will depend greatly upon our approach to it and our real regard and considera- tion towards one another, for it is a task for all of us, because all of us are having trouble with it, knowingly or unknowingly.

    The very great tragedy of our culture has been that our Bible is almost entirely patriarchal. It contains virtually no sympathetic report of matriarchal civilizations, customs or achievements. For us the great times of matriarchy are a closed book and most of us are not aware that such civilizations ever existed. Let it be clearly understood that it has been possible under control by women in the times of Atlantis to evolve what has now become the subcon- scious mind to a height at least equalling, if not surpassing, the present efficiency of the conscious mind, which has been achieved by exclusively male domination for some thousands of years. Even now this consciousness is very superficial and easily extinguished by sleep, drugs, hypnotism, concussion, etc. One of our tasks is to get it to penetrate deeper within us. This will bring us extra- ordinary advantages in many ways and will come about as a mutation rather than a gradual growth. As we take a more serious interest in consciousness we shall see how to induce mutations.

    In our Bible there is a huge gap in the history of consciousness. We go from the Fall to the Flood with few clues as to what may have caused the Flood, or what connection it may have had with the evolution of consciousness at that time. If an equivalent disaster happened today and we burnt most of civilization off the face of the earth, later civilizations might well instinctively suppress the mode of learning that led us to cause such a catastrophe.

    With a little application to the study of some of the books listed in the bibliography, the reader can establish beyond doubt that the female dynamic of consciousness in its pure state is blue. It is the highest energy essence from which water is made and it surrounds the earth, the blue sky. Given this situation and the possibility of evolving either the feminine or masculine forms of consciousness unilaterally to their ultimate point, we can arrive at the following conclusions fairly safely: that after the Fall woman was the first to take control, feminine consciousness being the stronger here on earth, more especially as the sun appeared to be occluded by mist (water vapour) in those ages. Note reference to sunlight and colour after the Flood. The civilizations women built up were based on laws, customs and values that enhanced the growth of the now subconscious mind in themselves and in men. Their rituals of worship were mostly at night and directed towards the moon, the goddess and prime mover of water, the cycles of which control the months of pregnancy and all other growth. They must have done such a wonderful job with the evolution of the female con- sciousness that they brought it to the ultimate point where it touched the 'keystone' that links the vibration to water itself and turned all that vapour in the skies into an absolute deluge, covering all the earth and wiping out nearly all traces of their civilizations; ever since terrifying mankind of this form of con- sciousness, so far never allowing it back in its own right. After the Flood God assured Noah that it would not happen again, but the nature of fear being what it is, we have disregarded this assurance. The reason why it could not recur seems fairly obvious. The vast quantities of vapour that had been surrounding the earth, limiting sunlight and colour, had been brought down as water, leaving the sun clearly visible, introducing a new world of more light and colour (the rainbow), heralding the dawn of patriarchy. This is sometimes referred to as the dawn of con- sciousness, because these days we do not recognize the female form of consciousness.

    The ultimate point to which it is possible to evolve either the feminine or masculine forms of consciousness seems to be magical. Just as it is possible to realize that the female dynamic is blue, so it is possible to show that the masculine dynamic is the highest essence from which fire is made and that it comes from the sun, being yellow in its pure form. It is therefore not surprising, but quite logical, that now that we have brought masculine conscious- ness almost to its ultimate point of unilateral evolution, we are on the point of being able to set the whole planet on fire A hundred years ago people would certainly have considered flooding or burning the entire planet by the evolution of our consciousness a very considerable feat of magic. Looking at our history thus, there appear to be three 'keystones' in the construction of consciousness: the original one which was knocked out at the Fall; this separated a harmonious blend of fire and water into two opposing forces. Then we have a 'keystone' at the ultimate point of water and another at the ultimate point of fire. Let us hope we can change our way of life in time to prevent us touching the latter.

    In the Bible the Flood story is our greatest clue to femininity, its source of power and its sequel. One other interesting clue to the existence of feminine power and its values is the story of Solomon and Sheba. It is significant that it took such a long time after the Flood before a woman was given even this much men- tion. From this story one sees that Sheba made a very great impression on Solomon. Her way of life and the joyous childlike nature of her people (these values are later recommended by Jesus) made him wish to introduce some of her values into his kingdom. This so infuriated and undoubtedly terrified the old patriarchal prophets of his realm that he was forced to banish Sheba and her values, or give up the throne.

    Reading the history of the pharaohs of Egypt (see Egypt of the Pharaohs by Sir Alan Gardiner) it becomes very clear who was the father founder of patriarchy as we know it in the western world. One name stands far above all other pharaohs: Akhenaton, the offspring of a brother and sister marriage. In this world two opposites often produce the same effect. Whereas the union of male and female of very different blood tends to produce better offspring, so also can male and female of the same blood produce exceptional children, although we must bear in mind that in those days many tests were made of brother and sister before they were mated. The Egyptians obviously had a knowledge of these matters which has since been lost. Akhenaton broke away from the traditional Egyptian gods, who were remarkable for their heads of animals and birds. He was the first known man in our patriarchal epoch to worship the sun, saying it was god and composing a hymn to it, which is now known as Psalm 104. He caused a whole new town to be built, dedicated to the worship of the sun. He also had many pictures and symbols made of the sun as a god; in some of them he had himself depicted with his wife, receiving the divine rays in cups, which are symbols of the female.

    Humanity changes nothing more slowly than it changes its gods. So despite all the concentrated and dedicated efforts of Akhenaton, he failed to spread his revelation very far through Egypt. After he died it was not long before his sun town fell into disuse and eventual ruin, the people continuing to worship the old gods right up to the fall of Egypt. It was Moses who, very much later, put the revelation of Akhenaton into practice, and, as we know, he had to lead his people out of Egypt in order to do it. It was Moses who established the values that evolve the conscious (masculine) mind in our western world. Those ten commandments are the rules for evolving solar consciousness within us. That is all they are; they do nothing for the subconscious. In fact in many ways they are the enemy of subconscious growth. It is worth noting that these commandments are not repeated by Jesus. They could not be, because His teaching showed the way to evolve both forms of consciousness. Once this is realized, the world could be transformed very rapidly. The mark of patriarchy is patriotism; the marking out and holding of terrain. Moses spent much of his life doing this. The values that accompany patriotism are poisonous to the growth of the subconscious, therefore we find no patriotism in the teachings of Jesus.

    The three main reasons why His teaching has not been put into practice are: One, the point of His teaching has not been realized. Two, it involves constant work on one's self to improve one's own character in every way. Three, the Churches have largely propagated the values of Paul which are 'safer' and allowed them more dictatorial power. Unfortunately for us Paul is more a man of Moses than of Jesus.

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