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The Purpose of Love
by Richard Gardner


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    TO RECEIVE INSTRUCTIONS about the nature and evolution of consciousness, it is necessary to 'stand' in a certain position. Much will be revealed to, or understood by, more or less anyone who can put him or herself into a suitable frame of mind; which is to sustain an outlook of innocence. In these circumstances much can become clear without academic or established lines of study being necessary; knowledge will come directly. The Four Gospels were written to produce this very attitude. What follows is one more attempt to enable readers to put themselves in this position. The centre, the source and prime mover of all that exists is a magnet. This magnet has been variously called God, love, the life force, sex, the force of gravity, life and so on. It was named accord ing to the line of approach its discoverer has taken, or the bodily sense through which we perceive it. or the level at which we are considering it.

    For this miraculous all-pervading magnet to instruct us, it requires our very special regard. The perfect words to induce an ideal attitude in us towards it are, 'God is Love'. In my entire life I have never met anyone taking the slightest advantage of these most important of all words. Quite the opposite, any public display of love brings protest, the police, or even prison. In our time there is no greater taboo than God, although it is nearly two thousand years since Jesus told us what God is. We still have the vicious sun god of Moses. Useful in his time as he was, he is now a terrible brake upon our further evolution. Sex must be regarded with absolute purity by anyone seeking instruction from it, and instruction from sex can reveal the whole secret of the way the universe works. It will be found to instruct in relation to one's purity towards it. To start with, one's sexual fantasies can reveal much of great importance when they are treated with sympathy, intelligence and encouragement.

    Edward Carpenter said some very important words as the result of studying numerous religions of the past. 'Religions have three main and recurring constituents', he said, 'Sex, Blood-sacrifice and Planets'. Certainly the living, instructing religions of the past had these, and knowledge then was far more profound and connected to its sources in the cosmos than it is today. (In the Four Gospels it was three astrologers who came to welcome the infant Jesus.) These days no one seems to be aware of their connection with the elements, or that all knowledge has an elemental foundation, that it is in fact an alchemy of elements in their energy form. Carpenter gave much of his valuable attention to discovering how the Four Gospels were built, which is a very important contribution to knowledge, but in so doing he missed the extraordinary signifi cance of one word in them, a word that could change the previous negative constituent of religions for ever. That word is GOODWILL, especially towards all persons.

    Research will show that sex, blood-sacrifice and planets are, and have been, the basis, obvious or hidden, in all major religions. The absolutely stupendous discovery of Jesus was that goodwill could serve the evolution of consciousness better than blood sacrifice. For the discovery of goodwill alone. He deserves the title Saviour.

    However, this did not change in any way the other two basic constituents of religion. It changed only the middle constituent. Therefore we can say that until the time of Jesus we had to evolve our consciousness by rituals to improve and purify our sexual performance; make various blood-sacrifices, including humans, and study the effects of planetary influences and movements upon us to know how to cope with them and improve our lives by them. After Jesus the constituents of religion become Sex, Goodwill and Planets.

    One might well ask, what is established religion doing for any of these basic necessities for the evolution of consciousness? A point to make very clear here is that goodwill is a force, a pure, subtle and very powerful force, and once experienced, there is no mis taking it. When we are using it towards one another, it flows and sustains us to unimaginable heights, even to the point of bringing about a mutation in our consciousness, if only we used it more frequently, as in the novel Lost Horizon. Conversely, when it is not used, it builds up in the atmosphere and discharges itself in wars, i.e. blood-sacrifice. That is our relation to it. Used it builds us, unused it forces us into blood-sacrifice and causes many other lesser ills. One can feel the force of goodwill in two main ways; by deliberately seeking it and learning how to use it towards an increasing number of people, or by noticing the effect upon one's body and nerves when one is angry with someone. Anger is a complete cutting off of goodwill.

    Goodwill can be regarded as an absolute command of the God of love, or thought of as a force that must be kept flowing within us at all costs and in all circumstances. It is a very difficult com mand to keep, for there is no exception to the rule with our relationship with anyone, anywhere, of any age, race or sex. Let us hope we have now reached 'a degree of evolution where we are capable of such efforts!

    This force, kept flowing, increases our energy, happiness, intelli gence and vision, and would increasingly prolong our life span. However, it must be realized that this force is not negotiable. For example, say your mother or favourite child is being strangled and you cut off goodwill towards the strangler, you have cut it off in yourself and you will suffer accordingly. This is true of any occasion when you cut it off, for any reason great or small. It is obvious therefore that to evolve our consciousness we require the very best co-operation of the largest possible number of people. All growth depends upon atmosphere. People well disposed towards one another create an atmosphere that makes our further growth possible. As regards the cutting off of goodwill, the saying "The wages of sin is death' is absolutely true. This doctrine is no restric tion upon any positive thought or action, for as Saint Augustine says 'Love and do as thou wilt'.

    The first effort of anyone wishing to evolve consciousness is to discover what goodwill is: one will not have found it unless one experiences it as a force. Be certain that goodwill is not flowing so long as you are judging anyone, or treating anyone as less than your equal.

    All this sounds like impossible idealism to primitive people, but bear two points in mind; such efforts are necessary to save us from the fire we are building. Secondly, most religions have, or have had, some purification rituals whereby much of the harm caused by cutting off goodwill can be eradicated, thus facilitating its flow. Clearly we shall need these purification ceremonies for some time to come. A temple would be the right place for them, once the knowledge of how best to purify has been rediscovered. (The Greeks said there was no purification without drugs.) Also when goodwill has been properly identified, a temple would be the best place for teaching it. It requires a special place to be taught, because as we are no one can use it without weeping for at least the first few times they manage to 'turn it on' A temple would give the initiate a feeling of protection from ridicule and a sense of security while he or she was experiencing the dynamics of the universe.

    Anyone using goodwill for even a few minutes in his or her life-time will know what it is and experience it as a force after which he will be able to recognize it again in himself and in others. With the use of this force our perception of each other increases amazingly. This no doubt is how Jesus so often knew what people were thinking. 'Love one another' is supreme educational advice.

    At the present time much work, experiment, comparison of ideas and feelings will be necessary between us to identify this force hidden within. But once identified, it will be the greatest source of power we have ever discovered and it will be heralded as the 'new' great energy superseding all others. Anyone who has really experienced goodwill knows God. They have no further need to doubt or discuss. Jesus gives us the clue in these words 'Where two or three are gathered together in my name, there also shall I be'. (To make it clearer) 'My name is Goodwill and this is the power I bring you'.

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    All three constituents of the evolution of consciousness, which up until now humanity has called religion, are of equal and imperative importance. Next we will deal with another aspect of the primary magnet, love or sex, whichever name one prefers. It is all the same force, though perhaps experienced at different levels. It is a void that lies between two dynamic and unsympathetic elements, drawing them forcibly and probably reluctantly together. Then, according to how well or profoundly united they are on any given occasion, the male and female can transform each other. Where the human species is concerned, this uniting is of tremendous importance, requiring every known aid to assist an ever greater exchange of their dynamic essences. Once we begin to apply ourselves to regaining the knowledge to increase this exchange of male and female essences in lovemaking we shall be on the road to creating vastly superior human beings in two ways: one, the lovers themselves will be lifted to a higher plane of conscious ness as the result of a profound exchange of their essences, two, children conceived as the result of such ecstasy will be superior to others. When we begin to apply these aids to love, we shall undoubtedly find that where any given couple succeed in exchanging

    From Reproduction
    to Self-perfection

    their essences to a very high degree, no conception will take place. This is probably what is meant by the phrase 'We are conceived in sin'. The word sin is often used in the sense of falling short of an aim. The purpose of lovemaking is to gain immortality, when it fails we get conception. That is to say successful lovemaking would achieve a mutation in consciousness instead of conception. Love properly made becomes magical. In fact a transformative experience!

    The correctness of our attitudes and approach to any experience or event, directly controls the benefit we can receive from these experiences. Our real knowledge about any of the constituents of the events in which we are involved makes our attitudes more correct. Therefore where lovemaking is concerned it is as well to look at the genitals and try to discover what they are now, and what they might have been before the Fall. To start the reader's mind on a line of enquiry, let us suppose that the male genitals were something like an orchid. The Greek word for testicle is orchid. The male organ nowadays is a rather rough and crude affair, looking very much as if some misfortune had overtaken it, and bearing considerable resemblance to a toadstool. We can regard the orchid as the highest form of floral life and fungus as the lowest form. In fact fungus usually appears through decay; that is, it takes shape when something has gone wrong with the surrounding life upon which it grows. Children have been heard to say that the male organ looks like a mushroom. It is strange too, how many fairy stories there are in which toadstools figure. I have an idea that with the correct approach to lovemaking we would enter and re-experience the values of a fairyland. It can also be observed that the spawn of fungus is not very different in appearance from male sperm. Sometimes the spreading spawn even takes on a shape of an outline of a penis as it Stretches itself along under the earth. The rapid erection (growth) is another interesting aspect of the mushroom. In ancient Egypt there was a sacred mushroom rite (See The Sacred Mushroom by Andrija Puharich) which was said to allow the spirit to leave the body and wander at will. The mushroom was also said to have been a pain killer, and rites associated with it were believed to rejuvenate powers of royalty. In Mexico too there was a mushroom cult, where they called it The Flesh of God'. Researchers into this cult in Mexico have been rewarded by the discovery of a drug now used in treating mental illness, the forerunner of L.S.D. While thinking of these shapes resulting from decay and destruc tion, it is strange that the exploding atom bomb also takes the form of a mushroom.

    Whereas male genitals are connected with the land, female genitals appear to have much association with the sea. Their present shape is much like a scallop, and their smell too is not greatly different from that of shell fish. There are a number of books on the subject of the scallop as an erotic feminine symbol. In the famous painting 'The birth of Venus' by Botticelli, she emerges from such a shell. Artists often reveal great truths, frequently without realizing that they have done so. The onus is upon us, the observers, to see what the muse has revealed through their work.

    Perhaps it is not too much to assume that originally female genitals had some resemblance to one of the varieties of sea anemones. Some anemones have much in common with some orchids. So perhaps these genitals dropped from resembling the most beautiful of sea growths to the lowest that could still carry out the task of reproduction. A piece of grit in an oyster becomes a pearl, such is the creative power of creatures of this shape. There is every likelihood that an investigation into the true nature of the genitals would yield magical results. Even as we are now, no part of the body is more variable or unpredictable than these organs. Males turn into females and vice versa, but what is more serious at this time is that eight to ten children a day in Great Britain alone are being bom with genitals of no determinate sex. Are we falling even lower than we did at the Fall? Researchers are doing their best to discover what medical science can do to help in these matters. But the cause is not physical, it is mostly social. The deterioration in these organs is a direct result of the values by which we are living. Change these values to those which will keep us in tune with the great male and female forces in the universe and all will be well.

    It is clear that love and lovemaking will have to become once more the province of the temple, if we are to further our evolution. Great and public ceremonies will no doubt have to be performed for the satisfactory mating of couples, with music and many other aids to induce a great desire in all assembled that the lovers shall succeed with their fusion to the extent of a mutation. Marriage ceremonies will have to cease being mere words, and become public actions of the greatest importance. Some may think this humiliating, but that is dependent upon prevailing attitudes. In any case we have been humiliated and recommended humility ever since the Fall. Is there any major religion that does not preach it as a way of life to its followers? The Fall humiliated us in every way. It is little use our assuming superior airs while we still excrete, reproduce and smell like animals.

    Returning love to the temple could enhance the experience in every way. (Since it was put out of the temple it has been relegated to the lavatory.) It would put an end to the present trend among people of promiscuously copulating, which reduces love to almost nothing and blinds them to its enormous possibilities. In relation to magical lovemaking, promiscuity is not so much a moral issue as behaviour which impedes a successful result. The effect of successful love is an increase in one's identity. This identity cannot be granted from a female who is adulterated with the psychic imprints of other men. In heightened states of love a man can actually encounter the influences of previous lovers in the female with rather disastrous results. The meaning of adultery becomes clear in these circumstances, so also the phrase 'They shall become of one flesh*. The responsibility of the female in magical love- making is fidelity. The responsibility of the male improving every aspect of his character, honour and skills, in order to have more of the solar dynamic to give her. If he does not seek this improve ment, he cannot blame her for loving elsewhere.

    In the male and female there seems to be something like the broken ends of live cable. These tend to become 'insulated' by worldly cares, worries, opinion of neighbours, etc. But nothing insulates these 'cable ends' more effectively than guilt, preventing them from making excellent connections with each other in love. Feelings of guilt are one of the greatest of all blocks upon our progress. Guilt is a deadly poison; whoever instils it into children begins their death. It is well known that guilt, often manifesting in self-condemnation, lies behind most psychological disorder. Yet Jesus came hundreds of years ago to wipe out guilt. We have done little about eradicating it in ourselves and the church continues to teach and instil it in its followers. Thus we continue in our miserable ways, having gained little from the master we are sup posed to be following. Anyone who takes His teaching seriously is an embarrassment to everybody else.

    The church in the middle ages (See Sex in History by G. Rattray Taylor) was quite aware of the possibilities of magical lovemaking, but decided to impose a totally restrictive sexual doctrine. One can speculate on the reasons for this; was it because they felt men had not gained enough solar consciousness to embark upon this enterprise? Or was it because of the well established fact that male consciousness is terrified of the female, a theme which runs through so many myths: when the female offers her lover immortality, he invariably loses his nerve. In magical lovemaking both parties must totally surrender to the force working through them. This takes a courage that most males do not possess. Even in The Body's Rapture by Jules Romains, a modern story on magical lovemaking in which a magical result is achieved, the man loses his nerve and does not continue. This fear of fire for water must be tackled in us, if we are to advance.

    Before lovers can unite in any profound sense they must be purified from feelings of guilt, worldly cares and other restricting influences. When this has been satisfactorily performed their 'cables' will be bared and they will perhaps for the first time in their lives experience the life force, the great magnet. The cables are then given the opportunity of uniting so well that conscious and subconscious minds join at a deeper level, bringing about a mutation. Anyone who ever experiences the dynamic of jlife for even a moment will never again be complacent about the will of life or the evolution of consciousness. He will know the power of this dynamic and seek to serve it thereafter with inner guidance to help him.

    Older readers may not feel the great importance of ceremonies connected with lovemaking, but they must bear in mind that there is a time in youth when these are vital, and the resilience of youth is most suited to mutations.

    As sex contains within it the possibility of attaining immortality, little wonder it is fraught with such anxiety. It is true to say that when we reach for each other in love, we are reaching for life and could attain it if we followed the rules! The true fulfilment of it is really a matter of life and death.

    Only a word on evolving by celibacy is necessary as the church has interested itself in virtually no other form of mental progress, although Jesus said it was suitable only for the few. Evolving by celibacy seems to suggest that some persons, by strictly practising service to others, can unite the two forms of consciousness within themselves without recourse to lovemaking. Maintaining an inner state comparable to the sun shining on water and transforming it upward. This is neither an inferior nor superior method, merely a method for those it really suits. It is undoubtedly a safer method than magical lovemaking, by not incurring the risks of terrible suffering through infidelity, or a fatal accident to the beloved. The Secret of the Golden Flower is a good book to study for those who chose celibacy.

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    The third basic constituent for the evolution of consciousness is Planets, their influence and movements. Few honest people alive today would claim to have direct conscious experience of planetary influences. It seems clear to me that the 'channel' of consciousness with which we perceived these influences has become submerged in us. However, I hope that what follows will suffice to draw the attention of others towards the study of this great source of real knowledge and understanding, or should I say 'overstanding' because this is what the word superstition really means; com prehension of what works upon us from above. Since we have lost this knowledge, the word has deteriorated in meaning.

    To return to the analogy in chapter one, we are like television sets open only to a very few channels of consciousness at present. Yet there are many other channels around us and available to us, if we care to wake ourselves up sufficiently to receive them. A study of astrology linked with a study of the nature and behaviour of Greek gods and goddesses should convince anyone, who has not had his mind shut by 'education', that it is from the planets that these channels are emitted. Also what the nature of these emissions are and what powers, skills, understanding and extra life energy we may expect by allowing them in. The planets are undoubtedly the source of much of our consciousness. It is likely that in the beginning before the Fall, all these lines of consciousness from the planets were knitted into a harmonious web, giving us perfect conditions upon earth and making miraculous experiences possible. This is the web we must have broken inadvertently. It must have been this that fell asunder, creating all the enormous difficulties we have encountered ever since. We shall not rebuild this web without very considerable attention to the nature of planets and their influences and movements. What prevents us being more aware of planetary influences is that we are controlled, and have been controlled by so few of them for so long; together with the fact that air, the element of the intellect, gives the only recognized form of learning nowadays. But air is a detached and detaching element, therefore when it dominates our minds it detaches us from an awareness of the source of things.

    Some planets are quite unsympathetic towards others, so that if two persons met, one controlled by Mars and the other by Uranus for example, there is likely to be mutual antagonism. The mistake we make is to think that that which we have allowed to control us, is ourselves; this is not so. Behind the main planet and element that at present may be controlling us, lies our centre, or higher self. It is this that should be in control, but our social structure does nothing to help us strengthen our centre to cope with all the strong influences that surround it. At present most of us go through our entire lives without ever knowing our centre. Others touch it once and think they are gods, because it is of God, and they are so unfamiliar with their higher selves that they often have to be taken to a mental home.

    Since the rise of the Roman Empire (in the partial resurrection of which we still live) I see almost nothing in the values enforced by establishments of the western world that is not some aspect of the influence of Mars. Virtually anything which does not come under his aegis is persecuted, prosecuted or ridiculed. This being the case, how can we know anything about other planets when we are allowed the various aspects of only one? Such is the strength of planetary influence when one is allowed to dominate all others. What can we know of planetary influence while we are dominated completely by the masculine one nearest to the earth? Venus is feminine and nearer the earth, but she has ceased to influence society, she undoubtedly held sway before the Flood. G. B. Shaw very aptly asked 'Why don't the churches erect the god Mars above their doors since that is the god they serve?' If you visit St. Paul's Cathedral you will not find it full of dead saints but dead soldiers.

    The nature and influence of Mars is roughly as follows: he sets things in order, makes square shapes, e.g. Roman legions and rectangular achitecture. (We live in an increasingly square world.) He likes making laws and enforcing discipline and punish ments (attributes of the God of Moses). He represents the scientific form of thinking, masculine domination, the father. In unchallenged control he will regulate everything until it can no longer move, and when emotion cannot find its expression in peace, it seeks war for its release. He is patriarchal, therefore very good at war, and so long as he reigns supreme wars get bigger, better and more efficient. When too greatly controlling the individual, he influences him or her towards suicide, and he seems to be doing likewise with many nations at present. He was introduced by Moses under the name of Jehovah, whose attributes and performances are markedly similar, and with ups and downs his influence has been growing ever since, despite the fact that Jesus offered us a far more worthy God some nineteen centuries ago. How slowly thought and realization come to our dim minds! We need much help to be awakened.

    A real study of astrology can at last free us from the deadly grip of Mars and we can begin to develop more strongly the lines from other planets, putting Mars in his proper place at last.

    Today it is obvious we know just about all there is to know on how to evolve 'channel Mars' through ourselves. Our whole educational system and set of values by which we live aid almost exclusively his influence regulating our thinking and seeing, and preventing us developing in other directions. At the moment he seems to be blinding us to all other possibilities, to such an extent that we know virtually nothing about how to develop other channels, for example Venus or Mercury. Even to suggest other influences is to invite ridicule from a Mars controlled world. Yet it is very clear from Greek literature that the ancient Greeks did know something about developing a number of other channels through themselves. Greek literature is the finest, most instructive and inspiring in the world. We can be sure it could not have come into being unless the people of that time were drawing much more strongly than we are upon a considerable number of planetary influences.

    It is not only true to say that the Greeks were the 'backroom boys' of the Roman Empire, bringing forth the knowledge and philosophy that made it possible, but also that they have been the chief inspiration of many of our major poets. Moreover, I see no advance in religion, philosophy or psychology since their time; in these respects we are still well behind them. Therefore I can suggest no better source of information on how to develop channels of consciousness from other planets, than a careful and unbiased perusal of their history, religions and literature. I feel much of the guidance we need will be found there, to start us on the road to expanding consciousness. There is really nothing in this book which is not expressed in ancient Greek literature in one form or another, be it poems, plays, 'myths' or history. I should like to say that I have had psychic experiences which have led me to think that at least some of the 'myths' were not imagined, but are reasonably accurate descriptions of actual events, which many people of that time could experience. It seems that the growth of Mars has since cut us off from these experiences.

    It may help a reader with a Mars controlled mind to look at the planets thus: first we have the sun, a central core of many kinds of emissions. The scientific mind knows about many of the more mechanical ones, although up until now the scientific approach seems to have blocked the realization that the sun also emits consciousness. Religions have known this for centuries and hold rituals to mark the sun's journey through the year. Christmas, the rebirth of the sun, Easter the first quarter, then white sun (Whitsun), midsummer and harvest sun. Solar consciousness does not seem to reach us direct, but arrives here after having 'bounced* off the various planets in our system. It seems, then, that according to whichever planet it has bounced off, so it is modified by the character of that planet before it reaches us. Greek gods and goddesses give us great clues as to the nature of a number of planets and their influences upon us.

    We can only receive and understand that to which we are open, that is that with which we are in sympathy. That to which one is not in sympathy one cannot receive comprehensibly, and is frightened by its phenomena.

    A short description of the nature assigned to Mercury (Hermes in Greek) should make the situation clearer. Mercury was (and is) the winged messenger of the gods. He was said not to be able to resist the temptation of slightly altering the message he was given, in order to tease the mortals and create confusion.

    Mercury is the nearest planet to the sun and may well be his principal messenger, i.e. relay station. We can compare him with Telstar, the television's artificial 'planet'. With very great precision Telstar was made to relay emissions from one continent to another, and has apparently succeeded, although had there been a slight fault in Telstar the emissions transmitted thus would not have been accurately received. The emissions received and relayed by Mercury are infinitely more alive and delicate, so that slight faults in him could have earned him his reputation as a mild liar. The god reveals the characteristics of the planet.

    At present we have vast 'silent' areas in our brains, which seem to have no function. Undoubtedly these areas are intended for use by more channels. Strange how much like bowels the brain looks, yet how little it is used to digest and integrate the information it receives. When this digestive process is used much apparently con flicting information is received and a superior view ensues.

    It was in the temples of Greece that the knowledge of planets was brought to its highest point. The search for more conscious- ness will bring us back to the temple once more. To receive certain channels, various, at present socially unacceptable, rituals and values need to be practised, under the guidance of an adept of either sex. The time for best receiving planetary influences are related to their position. All these positions need to be studied and kept current. Luckily we have computers now to help with the intellectual side of the process. Though do not think that the evolu- tion of consciousness is an entirely intellectual pursuit. It is often quite the opposite and it is much more to do with feeling, sensation, life, movement, dancing, excitement, singing and joy. Jesus says in the Dead Sea Scrolls 'Give heed unto my dancing'. And when dancing with His disciples, remarks to onlookers, 'Ye who dance not, know not what we are knowing'.

    Let us hope enough has been said about the three basic con- stituents of the evolution of consciousness to make it clear that all three require a service from a temple. That is a real service, where we can receive much and leave a great deal better than we entered. A temple seems to be the only possible place for the deposit of learning, practice and research necessary to all three: Sex, Goodwill and Planets.

    It is indeed a great task, this great and ultimate alchemy, but can we expect to evolve into goddesses and gods without making the greatest possible efforts in all directions? So far mankind has reserved comparable efforts for making war. Have we not now reached a sufficient level of evolution to put such efforts into becoming deities? A far more worthy and exciting aim and one desired by God. Jesus prepares the way with the words 'Those who come after will be greater than I'.

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