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The Purpose of Love
by Richard Gardner


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The Elements

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    ALREADY MUCH HAS BEEN SAID that is controversial, terrifying, disgusting and nonsensical to Mars controlled people and establishments. What an unfortunate and troublesome block it is for people not to realize that their aversion to progress is largely the result of their terror. Our Lord, whose teaching is so thoroughly ignored, told us to go without fear. It is the only way we can go. Our progress is retarded in relation to our fear. This is as true today as it has always been.

    This, the most controversial chapter, I leave until last. The end product of the evolution of consciousness will be eternal youth, eternal light and the ending of time. The return to eternity in Paradise. Eternity is not endless time, it is a dimension beyond time. Time is best thought of as arising out of a break in a circle caused by the Fall. Eternity would be the closing of that break. (1) Sex is an energy that arcs across this gap. In love, time is greatly changed. All this means that we are to evolve to become gods and goddesses, that is the prize. We can be certain that such a prize will demand all we can possibly do in all directions. On the road to this goal we can afford to ignore nothing and no one. We need to be awake. We shall find in the final analysis that it was that which we ignored that killed us, however silly or insignificant it may have appeared at the time. The way to Heaven is through the jungle and what we ignore in the jungle is likely to destroy us.

    What I have discovered about the way leaves me no happier than it is likely to leave the average reader. In fact the farther I go the more I regret that we ever touched that apple in Eden. Nevertheless, if people can be awakened to our great task and its rewards, we can afford to hope as never before.

    Now to mention what will probably be the most controversial, because it will give rise to most fear. This book opens with reference to the evolution of water and then fire consciousness. It is very clear that what evolves one, retards the other. That as we are, we cannot evolve both simultaneously in any one person. To evolve either, the one being evolved must be dominant. I see no way around these difficulties than the creation of two separate and completely independent establishments. The rules, regulations and values of one having neither authority nor influence over the other.

    One establishment would have to be feminine, governed exclusively by females. They would completely disregard any advice, opinion, desire or knowledge from the masculine world, given in any way whatsoever, or for any reason. This is what purity means! Women would develop the powers of the Enchantress, what bliss for courageous men!

    It is worth pointing out here that values like honesty as at present understood, truthfulness (in the sense of sticking to the 'facts'), self-sacrifice, discipline, effort or patriotism, are not only values which do not help the evolution of the subconscious mind (feminine water consc.) but actually arrest its development and positive expression. This being so we are faced with very great problems in relation to our present establishment. Once we begin evolving both forms of consciousness side by side. our whole structure and mode of life will have to be very greatly changed. The women will be committed to one set of values, the men will be committed to quite an opposing set, the teaching of both will be centred in the temple, at different times. The leaders of the women will be feminine. The leaders of the men masculine. The women learning how to draw more and more essence from the male. The males learning how to gain more and more solar energy to give her. The result will be that the female becomes increasingly pure 'water' and the male increasingly pure fire. When the pure dynamic forces meet in love the result will be ecstasy beyond our wildest dreams, leading to the transformation of both sexes.

    To a world so heavily dominated by the non-vital element air the above sounds impossible. Nothing is impossible once we decide to do it. The intellectual should look at the world around him. Everything he sees has come into being by the mixing of two opposing and unsympathetic vital elements, fire and water. In the garden one sees the work of these two in their most familiar form, sun and rain. If either of these two is in excess nothing grows. Within us the two forces are at work in their conscious form. As they are so different in their nature and needs, the one cannot grow under the domination of the other. What is good for one is bad for the other, whichever one we allow to control us will create laws and values to protect itself, thereby destroying the other one.

    The situation is made more difficult by the fear fire has for water, which makes it almost impossible for men to find the courage to surrender some real control to women in their own right. As I have said the colour of solar (fire) consciousness is yellow. It is no coincidence that that is our colour for cowardice.

    Conscious evolution is a great task. Have you the heart for it, or do you think it is better just to exterminate ourselves without ever having tried to live?

    I am tired of the remark, 'If everyone lived there would be no room for Us'. All evolution is a sorting out process, only the best will make the grade. Jesus has already said 'Many are called, few are chosen'. In this task we can promise the individual no more than we can when we go to war, but we can promise the worthy everlasting life.

    With regard to the two establishments,(2) one cannot delve far into our past without coming across some reference to them. They are mentioned respectively as worshippers of the planet (the moon) and the other group as worshippers of the sun. They were always very unsympathetic towards each other, and delighted in the other's misfortunes. (See books by Horbiger, H. S. Bellamy, George Thompson on early Ancient Greece.) Today we have the saying in Spanish 'The moon is the sun of the gypsies'.

    Looking back into history it seems that almost every known endeavour that humanity has made to strive for more conscious- ness, started from a 'secret' society, whether it was among the tribes in 'darkest Africa' or in the catacombs of ancient Rome where the early 'Christians' worshipped. (Christians in inverted commas because no society has yet been formed to practise the values given by Jesus.) It is probable, therefore, that the evolution of consciousness may begin in the same way, starting with a small number of persons with sufficient present inner development, or innocence, to see its enormous possibilities and how it affirms the promise of religions and justifies the yearning of our hearts. It will not be found at variance with the great teachings and more knowledge will only serve to confirm it as the way to our perfection. It is obvious that the way to Paradise is not a solitary one. It seems that if we want happiness we can only reach it by seeing that others are happy. It is important that anyone who may find the way to happiness must tell other people before they themselves can enjoy it. To find the way is easy compared to showing it to other people. When one has found the way, explaining it is rather like trying to interest stone age man in the marvellous refinement of the mechanics, metallurgy, power units and design of modern space craft. We never seem to have had faith.

    Paradise will undoubtedly be much like a beautiful fairyland. Therefore it is only logical that as consciousness evolves the description of it and its values reads increasingly like a fairy story. This creates another serious problem in our time, because the 'official' attitude to fairy stories is to dub them 'escapism' (what- ever they mean by that). We have much work to do to remove these destructive and stupid attitudes that are preventing our young from seeing. Education has no right to inflict opinion; it should confine itself to informing only. The time for fashions in thought is past. Our young should be educated with the idea of leaving their minds open and clear to focus their attention upon anything at all. When sympathetic attention is given to anything under the sun positive results can be gained from it. Another way of saying this is, 'everything responds to love'.

    Any readers who have had their creative instinct aroused should contact friends likely to be interested in the subject, have them read this book and/or Evolution through the Tarot and meet for discussion in goodwill. Comparing feelings, ideas and knowledge between persons freed from ridicule, personal remarks and a desire to dominate, can be surprisingly enlightening and a very good beginning to the task. In such talks reservation will get you nowhere. So choose friends with whom you can be most free. I have found that real knowledge is not so much experienced as something new, but as something remembered. In congenial com- pany we can stimulate one another's racial memory in which will be found many secrets about our past, and the past of our planet.

    To reiterate the most important aspect of all. Unless readers shift their attitude from a closed to an open state of mind and heart they cannot begin really to see, hear or feel anything of vital importance to our evolution. Unfortunately there are no adequate words to drive home the importance of making this change.

    To be in contact with the source, and change from the god Mars to the God Love, one must have complete sympathy and respect for love in all its forms, and have a complete freedom from negative or unpleasant thoughts, words, actions or attitudes towards love and lovemaking of any kind, anywhere, any time, in any cir- cumstances: so long as the love may be mutual. Exercise no judgment over love and you will begin to understand as never before. Also this attitude is purifying, thus releasing more energy to all who adopt it, all advantages are enhanced of course by association with others making the same efforts. Unless readers take this advice seriously and do their best to practice it, they will receive little real value from anything else in this book. This attitude is the first essential for understanding the nature of the evolution of consciousness. Repent means to re-think, the above is a suggested repentance.

    People often ask: 'Where does Jesus say God is Love or Sex?' The questioner always seems to expect some answer involving highly intellectual jugglery with words. This type of juggling can change the meaning of any sentence into anything the juggler may desire. No such juggling is necessary to discover what God and the Four Gospels are revealing. All you need do to discover God is to practise goodwill. When practising this you not only find that it is impossible to sustain any anti-sexual attitudes, but the feeling gradually grows within you that goodwill and sex are quite possibly the same force. Once this force called goodwill has been experienced it is no longer a matter of intellectual discussion any more than if you put your hand on a live electric wire. After touching such a force, intellectual speculation about it sounds like a lot of nonsensical babble.

    Jesus could not have been any more open about the nature of God than He was. He was living in the time of the Jewish anti- sexual and anti-female church. If He had been any more direct. He would not have been heeded at all. Nevertheless the instructions He gave revealed the nature of God to anyone who cares to act upon His advice. It was not necessary for Him to say more. If we want to understand everything we need only constantly try to follow His teaching, and 'All shall be made known unto you'.

    Nothing seemed to bother Him less than extra marital relations, but His condemnation of hypocrites and money grabbers knew no bounds. These two types are sustained by the church today. The preoccupation of the church has been to prevent people from loving properly and fully. What a miserable, deadly doctrine! This is what we are paying for now.

    It is easy for the church to instill guilt about sex. We are naturally predisposed to this guilt, as our genitals are a mark of the Fall. But Jesus came to remove this guilt, for so long as we have it, there can be no mutation in consciousness through lovemaking nor a return to Eden. We must keep clear of guilt.

    The question is also asked, 'Is Jesus then a return of the ancient feminine form of worship?' The answer is 'Yes, but a very high quality of that worship, plus the way of the masculine also*. The Four Gospels take into consideration all our past, all our future, all that is female and all that is male. They dismiss nothing, except those who stand in the way of our development.

    In the Old Testament the female was ousted and the values by which she grows did not return until the advent of the Four Gospels. To be reintroduced the female consciousness had to appear in a very exceptional man. It is worth noting He had no earthly Father and significantly enough was hated by all (establishment) men. He warned His disciples that they too would be hated by such men. The whole story recalls the old war between the planet and the sun worshippers. We must respect and cater for these powers in order to evolve. No single standard of ethics is any longer sufficient for our growing needs.

    We have the word lunatic for persons whose subconscious minds have got out of hand. We need now the word solatic to describe the self-blinding intelligence of the conscious mind, that calls truth superstition in the negative sense of that word.

    What is female in religion is that which teaches the body and emotions. When the body, emotions and mind are instructed, magical results are possible. The body is not only ignored in this respect today, but outlawed. Try bathing in the nude and see how long you can stay out of jail. D. H. Lawrence referred to the feminine as the outlawed consciousness. This lack of respect and knowledge of the body's potential and emotional power ages us and kills us at present.

    Without the body there would be nothing for us to work on or with, it must be our first consideration. It requires respect and understanding. It has a vast quantity of consciousness which is available to us when we consider it properly. After this comes the education of the mind. Such an order of approach will produce some worthwhile results and greatly lengthen our years of youth. It is the body and emotion that created us, and the force that creates can sustain us indefinitely once we live in accordance with its nature.

    Much emphasis has been laid upon the body, because evolution will have many profound effects upon the structure of its cells, refining them towards becoming immortal. This aspect has been well explained by the physicist Thomas Fry. We can regard our ourselves today as 'caterpillars' who have the possibility of transforming into 'butterflies'. This process is the opposite of psycho- somatic ills of the present.

    I earnestly pray that there may be a sufficient number of courageous persons, unblinded by conceit and superficial knowledge, to investigate and try what they have read here.

    No darker or more threatening time could ever have existed in human history than exists now. If persons cannot be found to Do something to save the situation, then the hell to which we daily contribute our taxes will be only our just reward. We can be absolutely certain that if we do not change our god from Mars to Love it can only be a matter of a fairly short time before our present fiery god triumphs over the face of the earth. The church has very logically honoured 'Our glorious dead' as they put it, in one war after another. These were the human sacrifices on the altar of our technical progress; the altar of Mars. (Look at history to see all the progress that has come out of wars.) This sacrifice by the million, which is now made vicariously, was performed in a more honest way in earlier times, when persons were sacrificed on the altar of the church itself. No true Christian church would honour people who deliberately broke the will of God when He said 'Love one another'. If we are still too cowardly and lacking in faith to try love, we can hardly expect much more grace from God. He has done all He can for us within the limits of free will.

    To what fiendish, tyrannical and diabolical proportions this god Mars has grown! Every day we are helplessly drawn along to continue making the power of fire increase in the full knowledge that it will wipe out everything. What an extraordinary circumstance for people to find themselves in while they regard themselves as reasonable! However, this very circumstance carries with it great cause for hope. It shows how very powerful gods are. We serve our present reigning deity, not by shouting 'Mars!, Mars you are marvellous', but by our established set of values. Through our constant adherence to these. Mars can continue to increase in power and influence, drawing us helplessly towards the fire he represents. Therefore if we at last elect the God of Love, we shall in a little while find ourselves being drawn inexorably towards Paradise.

    One has only to read of any of our religious endeavours in the past to see that we have always gained something positive from whatever totem, goddess, or god we chose to elect. It is now more than nineteen centuries since Jesus recommended the God Love as the ultimate God. He told us that our survival depended upon our acceptance of this God. Now at last after all these years we can see He certainly was not exaggerating the gravity of our situation. The time has not only come, but is long past, when we should have elected this God. To survive we must change gods now, and this calls for great courage. We never have changed them without suffering and sacrifice. It seems the old god never gives up his throne easily, but this would be an endeavour that would lead to life. Serving the present one we can see only leads to death. The election of the God Love will effect everything; laws will have to be changed, many values completely reversed, customs radically altered, ways of thinking drastically changed and many other changes effected. As we begin to evolve more rapidly we shall find laws and customs have to be continually changed to cater for the new needs of new beings. We shall be kept very much awake all the time. Gods are changed by changing the set of values by which we live. Jesus gave us the values, the PRACTICE of which will put us in the presence of God.

    How uncanny it is that we never learn from, or heed the most overwhelming evidence of approaching catastrophe, when the avoidance of that catastrophe involves living by a new set of values. We cling to the ruling set of values as if our life depended on them, even when we can see they are going to kill us. The most alarming symptom of the fear of change at the present time comes from those reassuring each other that everything will be all right. How terrible this is, when the best accredited brains say exactly the opposite. The same kind of people were undoubtedly reassuring each other that there would be no Flood. The influence of these people is most deadly.

    Another piece of incomprehensible nonsense goes on at the moment. People are 'treated' for feelings of insecurity. In our present circumstances anyone suffering from feelings of security must be bordering on idiocy and should be treated at once!

    To sum up, the key to evolution is finding the correct attitude to employ in any situation. Essentially the only thing that can be wrong with anyone is their attitude. The more correct your attitude towards any person in whatever situation you may find yourself, the more that person or situation can enlighten you. Also the more likely you are to receive another 'shot' of consciousness and put it into context and relate it to other knowledge. Any time any of us can do this we experience a tremendous thrill.

    It is clear from a study of past religions that religion was the ultimate knowledge in any given age. That knowledge usually comes intuitively to a person or group who establish the religion, then at a later epoch the people begin to understand the meaning of what they had previously been doing and saying as religious ritual. What was a religion becomes a subject for study and application. Oscar Wilde was very aware of this process when he remarked 'Religions die when they are proved to be true. Science is a record of dead religions.'

    It is time we turned the teaching of the Four Gospels into a science or more accurately an alchemy for evolving consciousness, because for this enterprise their instruction is exact. One great benefit derived from turning a religion into a comprehensible subject is that the fanaticism and separating effect of blind following is lost and thus we would create a safer world in which to live. There is no doubt that the Four Gospels will provide the instruction for the last religion to become a subject, because practising the teaching will bring us back to Paradise. There will be no further need for religions of blind faith.

    Our task would now be so much easier if anyone had ever taken Jesus seriously and made a real attempt to put the teaching into practice. We are so far from the values suggested by the Four Gospels that anyone trying to practise them would be very quickly advised to see a psychiatrist. And, even more alarming, the psychiatrist would quite likely be satisfied that such a person was in need of treatment.

    Another less pardonable reason for the atrophy of religion these days is the lack of courage on the part of the priests, who see much in the church that is anti-Christian, yet are not prepared to risk their reputation or livelihood by denouncing these pagan values. Following the Master demands courage and anyone without it should not pretend to represent Him. He died for the cause of truth, but priests will not even risk their status for it.

    The evolution of consciousness is the most important of all subjects and leaders must have courage, even unto death. Without it there can be no progress. We have not reached Paradise before now, because we have not had the desire, the courage nor the will to do so.

    My uncle, the late Professor Samuel Angus, D.D., Ph.D., D.Litt, who occupied the chairs of divinity and philosophy in Sydney University, was prosecuted for heresy by the faculty. (See Truth and Tradition by S. Angus) He won his case and his findings have since been accepted. They were an earlier move along the path suggested by this book. However the constant strain of threats of further persecution sent him to an early grave. This shows something can be done by one prepared to sacrifice himself in the cause of truth. The only cause worthy of such a sacrifice.

    How much any of us can contribute to the solution of the mystery of life is related to the receptivity of the minds we are addressing. The more those in our environment can receive, the more is likely to arise from within us, to the extent of expressing thoughts and ideas we never knew we had, because it allows our subconscious to come to the surface. Today we judge persons only upon what they have inducted, being quite unaware of how much is locked up inside and given little opportunity to express itself.

    The total quantity of consciousness in persons should be well considered, because they may be far more knowledgeable in their subconscious than in their conscious minds. Jesus says of the Kingdom of Heaven, 'He who is first shall be last and he who is last shall be first'. Perhaps even on the way to the Kingdom this might begin to be true. When both forms of consciousness are taken into consideration we might find a great re-assessment of persons, promoting those now unknown and demoting others in 'high places'. Looking back over religious experience in the past, one cannot help but think that in those earlier times, when our water consciousness was more within our grasp, we really could communicate with gods through this now submerged consciousness. The value of this form of knowing cannot be over-estimated.

    We know that the supreme efforts of Moses did much for the evolution of masculine (fire/air) consciousness in our part of the world. Although this evolution has been such a lengthy process, extending over thousands of years (with many ups and downs). there is no cause for dismay about the colossal amount of time involved. We have been evolving in the dark, like monkeys on a typewriter who after thousands of years have produced something readable and comprehensible. Now that we begin to know what we are doing, results can be very rapid indeed. I have an idea that when a way is properly organized, complete mutations could be attained within the first twenty years of a person's life.

    Success or failure of an attempt to conquer death depends on how well readers realize that the state in which they keep them- selves is of paramount importance. Keeping ourselves in an ideal state is self-instructing; all the important facts of life become known to us. Such a state is not really difficult to maintain, it is only the reigning god that makes it so. One must remember what life was like before we were seven. It is Mars that demands age, not the God of Love.

    Imagine the far reaching effects of a world directed towards life! It would be transformed overnight, with animated people interested in everything, because everything can yield some clue to immortality.

    The opinion that the Four Gospels are an allegory is increasing. If that is so, their importance increases a hundredfold. They cease to be a doubtful record of a minor historical event, and become a device for expanding consciousness and revealing the secrets of life. The Tarot and I Ching belong to this same category.

    The short list below gives some idea of the two opposing sets of attributes, activities and values that aid the evolution of the conscious and subconscious minds respectively. In the centre are three main ways of joining them to create a mutation.

    Masculine, Ruled by the sun.
    Conscious mind (at the moment)
    Dynamic Fire
    Out of control, solatic.
    To Do
    Courage - releasing
    Establishing facts
    All that is gained by exercise of the will
    Feminine, Ruled by the moon.
    Subconscious (at the moment)
    Dynamic Water
    Out of control, lunatic.
    To Experience
    Courage - holding
    All that is perceived by feeling
    Joining together (mutations)
    (1) Goodwill
    (2) High quality lovemaking
    (3) Recognition . . .

    In the sense of anyone's full value and potential being recognized. If Jesus had not been recognized by John the Baptist He probably could not have developed His powers and we would never have heard of Him.

    (1) There are reasons for thinking that this break is at the magnetic north of our planet. On the chart in Part 2 it would occur between the Observer and the Logician. The point of the ending of the old year and birth of the new.

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