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One could say many things about this book all of which may only serve to colour readers' minds before they start to read, thereby preventing them from making their own direct relationship with the material presented. It is only when we make such direct relationships with information in any form that we can have any idea of its true worth. The opinions of others about almost any matter tends to tell us more about them than the matter they are talking about, If we are not aware of this we can be very misled.
An important point could be made by saying that within these covers Freud and Jung are reconciled. That the first part is Freudian and the second part is Jungian, and that they compliment each other very well; something which those two masters did not appear to see in their time. But there is no advantage in saying this or anything else about the work, if the reader does not see it for himself.
What you think about this book when you have read it is of no importance. Nor will your opinions about it, however good, bad or indifferent, be even worth the energy of expressing. All within stands or falls by having nudged you into seeing something for yourself, or by having failed to do this. Metaphysical knowledge is of little value when it is not your own, when you have to take on trust, information from another that you cannot see for yourself. It has little power then and is not likely to take you very far. And when arguments start you are likely to become ever more confused, lost or angry.
Any part of this book then is useful and valid that shows you something you may not have seen before. That helps you understand for yourself something that you may not have understood before, because when this happens that information becomes your own and you can then use it to enrich your life.
The discoveries contained herein are all extremely simple and obvious once our eyes have been opened. If you think the work is a theory it is because you have not been using your own eyes, ears and inner feelings, but again only what you can see for yourself has any real value to you. The more perceptive may think of setting up a drama school that could cure 'all ills'.
We see the standards of the old fossilized regime crumbling all around us, so that there is an urgent need to establish a new and comprehensive culture. We trust that readers may realize that the work the presented here is an adequate blueprint for the foundation of a miraculous way of living.
                                                                                   RICHARD GARDNER

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