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The Purpose of Love
by Richard Gardner


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    A NEW AGE is dawning; the signs are there for those who are awake and care to see. In many places research into the human psyche is going on; as a result we shall have a superior set of values by which to live, giving shape and meaning to our lives. Discoveries about the nature of consciousness begin to show us more realistically what we are and what we have been doing in relation to consciousness itself. All this is most promising, and, when made more generally public, could show a real meaning and purpose of our being alive. Those involved in this work find it most exciting.

    In this book I will try to show the reader something about the nature of consciousness, confining myself chiefly to its two dynamics. A true knowledge of those dynamics reveals more about the fundamental essences of life than any other single study; the understanding of them is really a matter of life and death. It is little use telling people about something they cannot experience for themselves, hence I intend to put my readers in a frame of mind whereby they could become aware of the two great dynamics of life. This book will be best read with the idea of discovering what effect it has upon one's mind and vision. When an appropriate frame of mind has been brought about, we can go on to study our subject in more detail. We will leam more about ourselves, our individuality, our true level in the scale of evolution and what is necessary for us to move to further growth. This work will be largely visual and draws upon our associate thinking process. All the mysterious forces and influences playing upon us constitute a great riddle. Old myths frequently convey this concept and how by solving the riddle we were released from death. It requires no academic qualifications to leam from life, only open eyes, ears and minds.

    Part Two sets out in a series of simple diagrams the twelve segments of consciousness with which we have to cope and integrate. The study of this subject will reveal you to yourself as no other knowledge can and each individual can contribute more to the development of the subject. It stands in constant need of more minds to enrich it. In a sense one could compare it with a blue print of, say, an ocean liner; the liner cannot be built until many skilled and unskilled workers have come together to work upon it. In this world what is true is usually the opposite of what people popularly believe, or think they believe. For example, most people think they are afraid of death and want to live long. Since I have been giving talks on how we could achieve eternal youth, I find that there is nothing people seek more earnestly than they seek death. I know now what Jesus meant when He said 'Leave the dead to bury their dead', and also what Freud meant by the 'death wish' he discovered in his patients.

    Do bear in mind that everlasting life will change everything. It does not mean just going on as we are for ever, that indeed would be an alarming thought. Our bodies, minds and environ ment would all be changed as death is conquered.

    If, as you read on, you find the further transformations referred to rather hard to believe as we are at present, just remember the great changes that the evolutionists tell us have occurred in the past. In relation to what has already happened, the changes envisaged in the future are comparatively small. For instance, we are said to have started as single cells in water that every now and again came together to form one creature after another. Almost like a fairy story, we are said to have passed on up through one animal after another to arrive at where we are now. All this without our knowledge or co-operation at the time. Little wonder then, that great promises about our future can be made, now that we have the knowledge and ability to co-operate with the process, if we wish. Whatever way we look at it, the miracles of yesterday are still greater than those of tomorrow, however wonderful we are to become!

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