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The Purpose of Love
by Richard Gardner

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    The lists of attributes of each of the twelve channels that follows is only a 'snapshot' of each of them, bearing in mind that the more we evolve any of them the more attributes we shall discover. They are designed to arouse the interest and co-operation of those desiring to go farther with a subject upon which our life depends. This is a subject that must invite as many souls and minds as it can to contribute towards its completion. Each individual will be able to contribute to some aspect of a channel that others have not seen. Consciousness is like a shattered jigsaw puzzle at present and all are likely to have at least one small piece. It is a game that makes us very aware of our 'blind spots' and narrow self- interest.

    As will be noted from the diagram, each channel is associated with a month of the year; with Air and Fire starting the cycle at the top on the 21st December, the date of the birth of the Sun into the new year. (Christmas festival, the joy of welcoming more light upon the Earth and into our minds.) In other parts of the world where the seasons occur at different times, one would adjust the dates accordingly.

    Instead of listing the attributes of the channels in the order they appear on the circle it may be more effective to list them in pairs of opposites as follows:

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    Air and Fire
    The Logician
    Bright Sunlight

    Analysis, mental agility, intellectual. A quick detached form of thinking that can interpret facts any way he wishes. Inventive- ness, insight. To be blinded by science, self-deceit. Often de- ceives young men. Artificial and facile when not integrated with instinct and intuition, so is often mere clever manipulation. It sees only what it can identify, and is interested in brilliance rather than truth. A clever advocate who thinks he can out- wit everyone but can do little. Ruling God of this age.


    Earth and Water
    Mother Nature, Dormant
    Fertile Soil

    Integration, dullness, selectivity, growth. To see the wood rather than the trees, wholeness, to be natural, digestion mental and physical, the organic, crafts- manship, cooking, digging up old remains in the earth, racial memory. A mother is activated by this in times of pregnancy, and it is, as with most feminine channels, largely submerged in us. Governs many instinctive movements of the body. The consciousness that put mouldy cheese on flesh wounds long before the discovery of peni- cillin. Techniques like witchcraft for evolving it are outlawed in our time.


    This pair need each other as do all opposites, but if they do not love each other enough to allow the other, they cannot integrate and their quarrels tend to run thus: He 'You're so dull and slow, why don't you wake up? Always pondering over everything, why can't you answer quickly? You take so much into consideration you never know your own opinion. Trying to do everything by hand, don't you know we have machines now? Why can't you change with the times? Always waiting for something to happen, so muddle headed, leaving it all to God and nature.' She replies 'You're so bright and intellectual, always changing your mind and wanting to alter everything. You don't understand anything. None of your ideas are down to earth. Nature means nothing to you, all you want to do is destroy it.'

    Her great qualities are craftsmanship, understanding and integrity. His, a quick defining analytical mind. When they come together, mind and instinct are harmonized, revealing many secrets of life.

    All conflicts can be reconciled by one of the four open states. These are The Child, The Slave, The Fool and The Observer. In this case Fire and Water the Fool would be the most effective reconciler. This means that if the conflicting parties could genuinely switch into Fire and Water, their conflict would be dispelled. Also if a third party joined them who was habitually in Fire and Water he or she would have a harmonious effect, just by virtue of the way he or she is, not by anything he or she might voluntarily try to do.

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    Fire and Air
    The Joker
    Warm Wind

    Superficiality, quick wit, deceit, trickery, joking, teasing, resili- ence, chatter. It is uplifting and prevents stultifying seriousness. Wilde said 'Life is much too important to be taken seriously'. Cynicism, seeing how far you can go with people, taking the rise out of them. We call talk 'hot air' when it is nonsensical or bluffing. We also refer to a great chatterer as a windbag. Insensitive, with a real sense of the ridiculous.


    Water and Earth
    The Enchantress
    Rivers, Seas

    Depth, enchantment, taste, magnetism, sincerity, appreciation, telepathy, visions. It is a longing for more light and life, sirens drew sailors to their doom in their desire for the light and fire that the male should give. Large portions of this consciousness are submerged in us at present. The poet, dreamer and artist have access to some of it. Intuitive sensing, fortune telling, and the magic in witchcraft are activated by it.


    Allowing is the beginning of loving. When one tries to suppress the other, little real love is manifesting, and their bickering runs something like this: He 'You're always down in the dumps. Everything that happens to you is another chance to be sad. You're so mysterious and prevaricating. Why do you always sit and wait for me to move? Why do you take everything to heart? You and your superstitions and intuitions, why don't you liven up and take no notice of them? I'm tired of you and your blues.' She replies 'You're nothing but an empty headed cynic who thinks he can quip his way through life. You cannot feel for me or anyone else. If you touched your own feelings you'd scare yourself to death, but you are too superficial to try. My intuition has stopped you making many a mistake.'

    As with the previous pair one of the open states could reconcile them, if they could get into the Observer, or be in the presence of a person using it, harmony could ensue.

    When living in harmony she supplies information from the depth of her intuitive knowledge which comes to her in pictorial form, and he lightens the material with his wit. Continual dullness destroys any subject. Together they can harmonize the presentation of intuitive knowledge.

    These four are equally well opposed by putting Air and Fire with Water and Earth and Fire and Air with Earth and Water. Successful marriages are made by these channels exchanging their consciousness and integrating them. This is an aspect of magical lovemaking. Business partnerships are also more effective by opposites complimenting each other.

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    Air and Water
    The Patriarch
    Ice and Snow

    Reflection, purity, stillness, silence, precision, rigidity, preservation, accumulated knowledge, crystallized conviction, dogma, making up one's mind, hygiene, writing, interpreting signs, deadness, historians and priests. It is a storehouse of inert knowledge without the warm, practical application of its opposite. Formal, cold, conceited. critical, intolerant. Often hypocritical in our time. Without it one cannot make up one's mind.


    Earth and Fire
    The Slave
    The planet itself with fire in
    the centre. A Forge

    Labour (a woman in labour is a good representation), farming, mining, building, crudity, tolerance, matiness, informality, practicality, herd conformity. To be moulded and conditioned by existing situations, to put up with them, submission, giving in, resignation, sociable, clubs, unions. Not as submerged as the watery channels except in its desire for physical contact and erotic dancing.


    For either to expand they need each other. If they do not appreciate each other's qualities this kind of conflict arises: He 'You're so easygoing. You have no sense of occasion. Always chatting to the neighbours. You never present anything well. You have no clear opinions. So untidy and rude. I can't take you anywhere.' She responds 'You're so stuck up you can't listen to anyone. You think what you know is fact, and what others know is only theory. It's all a world of ideas you have, nothing down to earth. You can't even mend a fuse, might get your hands dirty. You're so cold you can't make friends with anyone. If it wasn't for me you'd be alone in an ivory tower. I keep you in touch with the world.' The Fool could reconcile these two.

    In co-operation he can form true clear precise ideas that she can put into practice, and her warmth prevent his opinions becoming dogmatic, thus allowing new ones.

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    Fire and Earth
    The Warrior
    A Volcano
    Force of Will

    Aggression, destruction and creation, fights and struggles, brutality, self-assertion. Persons possessed by these elements find it almost impossible not to try to dominate every situation they are in and all others around them if they can. They often will not go to places or parties in case they cannot impress others there. Hardness, effectiveness, impatience, intolerance, inability to listen. It is impressive, egotistical. Fire always strengthens the ego; militarism, enforcement of law, competition. When properly controlled, excellent for getting things done. In its most positive aspect it is the pioneer. One cannot be truly male without it.


    Water and Air
    The Child
    Total Receptivity

    Passivity, impressionability, love, surrender, softness, wonder, innocence, imagination, vagueness, sweetness. These elements in isolation take no action, they are to do with atmosphere, impressions about places, pretty things, flowers, animals, children's stories, fairyland. This open non-reactive state carries much power and is a perfect state for learning. Loss of ego as one's awareness blends with the surroundings. This consciousness quickly atrophies in us because we fail to take the advice 'Be as little children'. When the child dies in us we can no longer really experience anything and the metaphysical world is closed to our vision and we no longer believe it exists. This is one of our most serious losses.


    When stuck in their roles unable to love enough to fuse, we hear the following: He 'You're so spineless and wishy washy, can't stand up for yourself. So precious, always listening to everyone, have you no will of your own? You think a butterfly is as important as a motor car. You're soft, never know where you are going, or what to do for best, so lazy and vague about everything. The way you listened to that fool so and so last night made me mad.' She retorts 'You're a brute, you don't care about anyone. You ride rough shod over everyone. You think there's no one like you. Nobody can negotiate about anything with you, always your way. You're always so definite about everything, yet you don't really know anything, and most of what you do know you got from me, though you'd never admit it because of your ego.'

    When these two co-operate it allows him to receive information before he takes action, otherwise he acts with blind force. Without him she is a mere ineffectual dreamer.

    The Observer would reconcile this conflict. Bear in mind that many of us are composed of two conflicting archetypes (see next page) and often the performance we habitually use is that of a reconciler between our inner conflict. If for any reason a person is prevented from using his reconciling behaviour he would be in danger of becoming neurotic.

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    Air and Earth
    The Observer

    Observation, an open mind. objectivity, non-commitment, in- difference. A lifeless type of consciousness that knows the components of everything, but the spirit of nothing. (This type of consciousness is too much encouraged in our time.) Patience, calmness, serenity, concentration, systems, independence. Those constantly using these elements develop dried up faces where one can almost see the bone structure of the skull. Its positive aspect is an ability to see anything as it really is, freed from negative or positive emotion, like or dislike, or any kind of moral judgment.


    Water and Fire
    The Actress

    Exploitation of the emotions, warm or strong feelings about a person, place, ideas, things, occupations: Enthusiasm, a 'worked up state', gives vent to feelings, lets off steam, tempers, moods, loves, hates, jealousies. The elements with which we become attached to anything and therefore dependent, hopes, drama, passion, very much alive: Little intelligence goes with these elements on their own, intelligence always goes with the amount of Air in any channel. One of the less suppressed feminine channels, although tends to be known by hysteria in our time, instead of by its valuable enlivening qualities and self-expression.


    With insufficient integration their complaints run somewhat as follows: He 'You're always so worked up you can never quietly tell me anything. Always exaggerating everything, your experience is larger than life. I can never get a true picture about anything that happens to you. You shout about injustices to coloureds and starving in India and so on, yet you don't know anything about the true situation. I'm worn out with your constant dramatics.' She replies 'I'm sick of your lack of feeling, you're so callous. No enthusiasm for anything. You know nothing about how I feel. You say you love me, but are incapable of showing it in any way. You might as well be dead for all the reaction I get out of you. So you see it all clearly, yet have not the spirit to do anything about what you see.'

    The Slave, practical application and acceptance would reconcile these. The true marriage of these two would lead to enlightened and compassionate action in the world of human affairs. They could bring mind and emotion into harmony.

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    Fire and Water
    The Fool
    A Geyser

    Letting one's self go, abandon, exuberance, carelessness, liveliness, unconcerned, mime, amusing actions and reactions, storminess, movement, dancing, joy, forgetting one's self and joining the fun, turbulence. To be stimulated by whatever strikes us as stimulating or entertaining. A state of giving off lively energy and being colourful, eccentric, irregular, flamboyant. Inspiration can take place in this state. This is a much suppressed consciousness in many parts of the modern world, due to the preponderance of its opposite.


    Earth and Air
    The Old Woman
    Dust laden air. A Desert

    A consciousness that exploits people and world resources. It has indeed created deserts by over-exploitation. The elements of industry and commerce. Gathering in, accumulation, banking, miserly greed, taking care. It is to do with making use, the useful, a beehive type of consciousness, a one track mind, a collector. It gives a feeling of independence, self- sufficiency. (This is totally false as there is no such thing.) All twelve channels carry their particular way of deceiving us. A good consciousness for planning and taking care of things. The only encouraged feminine channel.


    These obviously cannot live without each other. Without him there would be no life, without her there would be nothing to live on. They are usually found at loggerheads and their rows run thus: He 'You're always counting the cost and watching every little thing. (Note when a man does this we call him an old woman.) You're so dull, why can't you let yourself go? Always the same old routine every day. Even an unexpected visitor shakes you. Everything has to be planned. Can't you let things happen? How can the gods do anything for you when you don't allow anything to happen? Can't we have a change? The house is full of old junk, can't we throw it out? She answers 'You can't take care of anything. If it wasn't for me we would have nothing. You're always jumping around making a fool of yourself, knocking things over. You're so irresponsible. Always upsetting the routine of the house. You just don't care about anything or anyone.'

    The Child, Water and Air which brings grace can reconcile these two. In true co-operation they can bring about that delicate balance between holding and releasing which applies to all life's functions.

    The negative effects of all channels arise through them gaining dominance over the amount of other modifying elements in a person.

    A marriage where one channel wins outright over the other is a tragedy, turning the partnership into a tyranny of meaningless constricted existence.

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