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Cat Food . . . againCat Food . . . again

Then & NowSave Progressive Rock

Ian McDonald interviewIan McDonald discusses King Crimson

BBC Special - I Believe in Father Christmas video2001 BBC Christmas Special

Greg Lake - I Believe in Father Christmas videoGreg Lake - I Believe in Father Christmas promo video

ELP - All I Want Is You videoELP - All I Want Is You video

Cher - Heart Of Stone videoCher - Heart of Stone video

Opus III - I Talk to the Wind videoOpus III - I Talk to the Wind video

Cliff Richard - Peace In Our Time videoCliff Richard - Peace in Our Time video

Celine Dion - Think Twice videoCeline Dion - Think Twice, 1995 World Music Awards

Celine Dion Call the Man videoCeline Dion - Call The Man, 1997 World Music Awards

Moonchild - Buffalo '66Moonchild - bowling alley scene from 1998 film, Buffalo '66

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