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Peter Sinfield welcomes us to his lovely East Anglian home for his sixtieth birthday party

The town council kindly decorates the High Street to honour the birth of the Crimson King.


Many willing helpers prepare 'new wave' tapas in Peter's elegant kitchen with its alchemical theme. (Real video 1.64 Mb)
  Peter has great pleasure in opening his presents. (Real video 5.98 Mb)
Birthday cake: Peter's new use for silver spoons.  
Mr. Keith Christmas and Mr. Mel Collins provide a very entertaining cabaret.
    Sound clip #1 (Real audio 1.79 Mb)
Sound clip #2 (Real audio 1.16 Mb)
Happy Birthday, Peter. Sound clip #3 (Real audio 1.17 Mb)
Neil Ingram SSoS Jan '04

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