Thirty years on


Michael Bennett (May 07 2003 )

I bought a vinyl copy of "Still" based on the recommendation of a
friend of mine who owned a record store. He played the title track for me in his shop, and the blending of Greg Lake's vocals with Peter's on this track
stunned me into purchasing the lp. I have since bought it on cd, but like
the vinyl mix better. I hope one day it will be restored to the vinyl sound.
But the lp remains a favorite of mine. The word-pictures Peter painted
appealed to the artist in me. I liked his Sea-Goat song so much I painted a
picture of it. I have enclosed a scan of it for you. The runic lettering on
the fringe of his clothing spells out Peter's name and the word "Still".

Torsten Ehrlich (June 30 2003)

though i'm probably younger than the average pete sinfield fan i'm so in love with all of his poetry... even though his mother tongue is not my original language i'm so fascinated by the power and lightness of his words... the moods he sets... i wish i could ever write some lyrics - just to one song - able to compare with his works... i hope we'll still be hearing from you a lot...

Giorgio Fairsoni (June 23 2003)

Well... I bought Still the day it was published in Italy. It still (forget the pun) keeps a special place in my soul. Thanks, Pete.

Rick Ray (May 09 2003)

When this album first came out, I was the only one around to have it. I told a lot of people about it and word started getting around. I started seeing albums and 8 tracks at friends houses. One line really sticks out in my mind from that album, "gargoyles chewing on dead cigars" describing a man in a late night eatery, of which I could relate to seeing back then. I love 'House Of Hopes And Dreams', great song. He's a poet I consider great. This was an album the world should have really sat up and took notice to, but the best stuff usually does go unnoticed by the masses.

Cecilia Salord (April 27th 2003)

I'll never thank enough to this friend of mine who many years ago bought me the album Still for my birthday. I'm from Argentina and in those years when the militars ruled the country foreign music was not easily heard on the radio, so many great musicians were not known until a long time passed, so music stores had lots of low price albums because they were not easy to sell. Still was one, but as i had lived in England for some years my friend thought i might like it. Well, sure i did, and its poetry and music still move me deeply. Thanks Pete, thanks to the musicians who joined you and thanks to Daniel my friend...Cecilia

Andrew Keeling (21 May 2003)

Still is a magnificent triumph. It takes the softer side of KCI & II...the 'feminine' side of the band which was Peter Sinfield, and allows us to see quite clearly who was responsible for that. That's what was so strong about KC I & II: there was wholeness and that gradually changed from Red onwards. This isn't a criticsm of later Crimson it's just something I sense. At least, that's the way I hear, and see, it.

Still retains that colour and also adds PJS's other, wider ranging interests. So, he wasn't just a great lyricist but also knew about folk/jazz/country musics. And he was going to let these out as a way, maybe, to balance out the other side which was developing along the lines of LTIA.

The Sulamith Wulfing painting says it all.

Lovely album which has always been a friend through the years.

Thanks, Peter! That's one of the things music should be about.

Tim Schlueter (January 30th 2003)

I have reunited, after many years, with the love of my life; then as now "Still" welded our spirits together as closely as art, experience or event are able.
This is one world, Tim

Neil Ingram (May 27th 2003)

Still is the 'gold waterfalls of autumn wheat' across the fields of West Cranmore. Still is dream-time. Still is leaving the ice-man for Mediterranean sunshine. Still is stepping from the shadows to front of stage. Still is showing that you really can do it. Still is developing the craft. Still is the point of calm between raging ideas. Still is anger and depression transformed into gold. Still is alchemy. Still is being true to your friends. Still is showing feelings. Still is leaving the security of the front of house. Still points to the future. Still is thirty years old? Never. Still is timeless.

Jose (December 22nd 2002)

Still was the 2nd album I ever bought - accompanied by Under the Sky autographed a year early (73). Long may lyricism live.

JACLOR (October 11th 2002)

Hi Pete l know you since 1969 with the first KC and l have your only record Still on old vinyl and l have your book too. Your site is wonderful. l am Québécois Canada 50 years old and musician too. Many thanks for your poetry. l'm looking for other works of you lt's seem rare.

Nick Harding

My kids now listen to Still!

Lynni (August 30th 2002)

a masterpiece like a monet
- - -
--- cool ---
pete`s debut "Still": I like it so much! gentle sweet voice, (really): the songs are great stuff for a nightflight
cosmic ride.
(phu -- - - hot lyrics)
[ähem... I am 23. And I love you Pete;-)))
k.C never flow - without your lovely soul - - - (sorry, my engish is awful, come from germany)
You`re not a fool pete, h e a v e n i n s i d e y o u ~ thank you for you!!! bye Q8-)

Bill Jenkinson (Friday, May 10th 2002)

Song Of The Seagoat has got to go down as one of the most beautiful and poignant songs I have ever heard,and I fully intend to add your fine album,now titled Stillusion to my prized collection.

Warrigal (February 28th 2002)

I think "Still" was and still is a masterpiece.

Mark Pearson (February 9th 2002)

His choice of artwork on Still opened my eyes to the works of Sulamith Wulfing.

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