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Part 1 of Peter’s Christmas presents: video of A House of Hopes and Dreams added to galleries and YouTube, along with blurb written by Peter.


You probably think its fun to sing a song at 11.00 one evening in 1973 ‘live’ in an artfully bleak BBC2 studio. It isn’t… it isn’t fun. As if, due to inexperience and a dire lack of alcohol, you’re not numb enough – mind gone blank, close to vomiting – there is this HUGE clock on the wall which counts down the minutes then most terrifyingly the last twenty seconds to transmission. Jo, the web slave, has edited out the footage of THE CLOCK which actually appeared in the, not lost after all, clip from the Whistle Test; that Stephanie, the ex, cajoled from a grateful Prog Rock Britannia production gnome in return for her kindly input into said excellent BBC4 program. So- here it is, ripped and restored after hours of toil by J the Elf, from a peculiarly VOB-coded BBC DVD. Fum, fi, fo, & fee. Obviously its not the most cheerful song I’ve ever written. So what its all about Alfie? Well, upon consideration, here and now ha, I think it was ahem, a ‘reflection’ on teenage angst, love, lust & fear of rejection all couched in my occasional, (see The Letters), lit by gas light, gothic, where’s my lectern persona. Whatever- You can see the guys in the band really loved it!… (PjS 2009)

3 Responses to “The House of Hopes and Dreams video”

  1. lanzarishi

    Leaves me yearning for “back in the day” wishing there more Sinfield albums of that time as well as Giles/McDonald not to mention Tippett, Mel Collins……….blah, blah blah….

  2. patthehat

    Every song on ‘Still’ is a favorite, as well as the cover art. Amazing! The restoration on the video is pretty incredible as well. Kudos, kind sirs.

  3. maurizio - Trieste

    Ah, those times…. all of us with long hairs, splendid music, not stupid budget, a world with hopes and dreams!!!! And without managers and horrible television.
    Thanks Peter. Anyway, this is a beatiful song, with Mel Collins at his best.

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