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December 25th, 2009

RT3 demo has been added to galleries. According to Peter, not many people know that he often walks around the house singing in a non-existant language. Whilst trying to decide what words to write to this piece of music (largely created by Poli Palmer) , its subject being, ahem, “A Stranger, in what continues to appear to him, A Strange Land”; he cannot decide whether to replace the vocals with ‘real words’ since he has grown to like it as it stands, I like it too, with the exception of the high-pitched women’s voice, which the FGO says┬árepresents┬ásomething like an annoying TV advertisement which you just can’t escape from. In a moment of madness we have put it up. and what is even more…. we invite your comments and suggestions. More ‘presents’ coming soon…Elf

7 Responses to “RT3 Demo”

  1. Elena

    I love it! :) it’s somehow orientalish…somehow gamelan-ish, but not completely. Probably it’s best left like it is now, with nonsense words. Like a dream.
    Hope you had a great Christmas, Mr. Poet, you one and only, fave of mine…
    Elena – Italy

  2. Maurice Cloud

    Wonderful! Well done Px2(Peter and Poli).Somewhat ephemeral in that it extends a hand to the listener’s imagination and invites horizons . . . Don’t mind the “high-pitched woman’s voice” one jot, it would seem incomplete without it actually. One question though . . . Should one look for the words in the “Lyrics” or “Poems” cabinet of SSOS . . ? Cheers, Maurice Cloud

  3. lanzarishi

    Oooh, very nice! As I prefer vocal-less music when the music is very beautiful I will save comment but at the same time it is very interesting and pretty but as a lover of your poetry/lyrics I can only say that whatever works for you, works for me!
    Thank you

  4. Rick Whitehurst

    It is a very beautiful and grandiose and somewhat ethnic instrumental piece deserving of vocals… perhaps in French. The high womans voice (which i suppose is in the backing vocals) reminds me a bit of the swingle sisters girl (cannot remember her name at the moment ) on “Fires which burnt brightly” and I like it a lot. The free form vocalising is interesting for a minute but may end up making this song one to skip over… to the next one with more substance. Sorry but thats my take on it. I think it needs some iteresting vocals ala La Folie.


  5. Bryan

    The music was delicious! Very flavorful with a hint of something more to come. I can hardly wait for the entre. Well done with a rare poignant after taste.

    Hungry forf more……..bryan

  6. John Emr

    Superlative! On to the long player…

  7. Koldo Barroso

    I can only think that the world “still” needs music like this: clever, fun, adventurous, organic and true.

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