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“Grateful thanks are extended to Peter Sinfield for his much appreciated assistance with this reissue”. This credit appears on the last page of the booklet that accompanies the remastered, repackaged with bonus CD rerelease of my 1973 solo album STILL. It is disingenuous, it is a pink herring & presumably it is a ploy to make the reader/listener think that I oversaw and also fully approve of what is on the album’s 2CD’s and how they has been packaged. Well now, to put it
mildly, I didn’t and in its entirety I don’t. In fact I only found out by accident that my album, indeed the whole Manticore catalogue, minus ELP, had been licensed to Esoteric, an affiliate of Cherry Red records. The phone rang, it was Sid Smith., ” Hi Pete how are you etc… I’ve been commissioned to write the sleeve notes to the reissue of Still” …. pause…. “Really Sid, that’s nice tell me more.”
A while later… I did get to hear Ben Wiseman’s 24-bit recuts from the original 2 track studio masters and I must say they are most excellent. Everything is wonderfully enhanced not the least my er, occasionally rather slight vocals. I did not approve the final list of takes or tracks included or have sight of the artwork before I held the finished product in my hand. Given some say in the matter, since I dislike jewel cases, I ‘d have approached it very differently using textured card board, matt paper, softer colours, different photographs and a much more empathetic layout. Still- ahem what is done is done and I guess over all I still feel er, what’s the word? Privileged, yes that is it. . . .

Now the best news. To celebrate my 66th birthday today and so that you may better judge for yourselves whether to spend your cash on this ‘product’; available until New Years day we have put a number of free mp3 downloads from the so called other mixes on CD2 of the album up here on SSOS. Of course, being mp3s due to the lower bandwidth the quality is slightly inferior, though strangely on occasions, to my ears, it sounds superior to the actual CD’s. Enjoy! PjS 2009.


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  1. patthehat

    Happiest of birthday greetings, Peter! Or, as is said in these islands, “Hau`oli la hanau”. By the way, though I have held your work in the highest esteem since my high school years, (early 70′s) I have only just discovered this fine website and have spent this post-Christmas evening enjoying the many portals it has to offer. I suspect I will visit here often. Mahalo & aloha. ~ Pat ‘the Hat’ (Honolulu, HI)

  2. Gary Ogren

    drumpeace@gmail.com, ogreng@unlv.nevada.edu

    Happy birthday Mr. Sinfield! I noted from a King Crimson calender it’s your birthday and gooogled on my pathetic, underpowered computer to see if there was a means to wish you well. Your lyricism set an upper parameter for my own explorations in songwriting, so thanks! Fifty-seven on the twenty-third of December, I was reflective. I doubt I’ll be able to download the examples you’ve so kindly made available as my computer is an antique, not nearly as nice as a melotron. I liked the original recording and listened to it often and carefully all these years ago. Foolishly, I spend all my money on musical instruments rather than albums or computers. I’ll be pleased enough if these words meet your eyes, as truly I wish you well. Certainly I will explore your website as best I can. Indeed, HAPPY BIRTHDAY. For the benefit of other readers, I’m writing from Nevada. (I just realized it’s already the twenty-eighth of December in England by now, so unless you live in California, Happy belated birthday!)

  3. sancia

    Pedro, Happy Happy Happy Birthday. 66 on the 27th, 46 on the 9th. The day got away from me so tonight I bring it back to you. thank you for your beautiful words and strange poetic vision…I always seem to find something new about your work. You, being on this “beautiful sphere”, are a birthday gift to me.

  4. Koldo Barroso

    I’m sorry that the re-issue was produced without your supervision and I agree that it would have been really nice a higher quality sleeve rather than jewel case. Besides that, I’m really happy that this -at least in my heart- masterpiece is being re-issued. A lot of young people should know it and I’ll do my best to spread the word about it.

    Thanks for your generosity with the download gifts. They sound terrific!

  5. Elena

    Happy belated birthday, Fave Poet! The quality in these mp3′s is great, thank you for uploading them, it’s so kind of you! :)

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