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June 20th, 2010

Photo by Gianni Ansaldi

Peter has just returned from his first ever public reading, at Palazzo Ducale, for the Genoa Poetry Festival. He would like to thank Claudio Pozzani, Carla and Cristina, and the rest of the wonderful team for their kindness and craziness in allowing him to read (plus the surprises). He would also like to thank Max Marchini for his support and Franz Soprani for filming the event, part of which we will make available on the website for your delectation in the near future.

3 Responses to “Genoa”

  1. Maurice

    Yes, Peter, it’s attached . . .

  2. Carla

    it was just great to have you here and meet you and listen to you and talking to you.
    Please come back soon.
    I wish I could come visit and taste some of your wonderful minestrone!
    Thanks for sharing, a big hug.


  3. neil

    Traa laa laa, wonderful. The song of the sea goat shaking in their domes. Glad you beat them old devil nerves.


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