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Crimson in Formentera

December 29th, 2010

Thankyou to Pedro Martin for sending us this photo of sign on a street by the Formentera seaside, placed last year, for which Peter was touched to see in his inbox. We wish our visitors a peaceful and brave new year with much love from Song Soup on Sea and we have more updates for you very soon.

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  1. Maurizio

    I went to Formentera in 1992 with my bike and I could see little creative atmosphere, but I have a skin disease and when I could I do the sun cure.
    However, even after all this time I understood very well the poetic inspiration that could have contributed to compose Islands (Les Islettes joining ideally Formentera to Ibiza) and Formentera Lady. In 1977, the Italian students movement had opened the doors to creativity of the arts and desire in the aggregation among the younger generations relegating to a minor role politics: and then it is well undestand, even for an Italian, that .. . during a Hyppies party between the Mola Lighthouse or Cap Berberia and S. Francisco a girl dancing to the sound of a guitar or a flute accompanied by some tabla percussion, is irresistibly moving in his sensual clothes gypsy flamenco. And fall in love with her could be dangerous.
    It would be nice, I wondered, if it were possible to know something more of that holiday that you had to do with the whole band (I suppose) between 1969 and 1970, (when in Formentera there are not traveling cars… and even the Spaniards did not consider that island a Spanish land).
    Never place has so inspired me in music as Formentera and the surrounding islands, the sea and its immaginary Hyppies people. And this is more true today when, under heavy manners, the free camping is forbidden and the island has become a tourist destination for low level Vip Italian broadcasters and not very sexy Italian cheerleaders whose unique activity is dancing like Madonna at the private television sometimes combined with a cashing job in politics.

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