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Big lack of updates recently due to Peter concentrating on regularly posting on his Facebook page,which we hope many of you have been occasionally visiting to read his updates on everything music, food, art and garden. For those of you who’ve not, here is an important update featuring the rare demo of ‘Looking Through the Eyes of a Child’ which Peter worked on with Andy Hill and Albert Hammond. This is the first of a number of demos Peter will be uploading in the coming weeks and months, please do check back for more and join Peter on Facebook if you aren’t already doing so!

Premier of A BIG DEMO- Its 1988- Hammond, Hill and Sinfield had gathered at Comforts Place, Andy”s Studio in Surrey, to try and write a half decent song. This was the result. Albert wrote the bridge and everybody wrote the other bits. As far as I can recall I wrote the lyrics for the first two verses when we were together and then spent another couple of days working on the chorus. The demo, produced by Andy, has a joyous feel to it; not the least due to the great vocal delivered by Chris Thompson… Eddie Money’s cover of the song is not to my liking. He threw out my ‘Venice’ line {bit euro-intellectual for him perhaps} and he also changed ‘driftwood shoreline” to ‘rocky shoreline’ which was less fanciful poetic or something and better suited to his image. Doh! As I mentioned, in a post recently, it makes me more sad than angry to hear my children sorta disfigured, but it has happened so often I’m slightly inured: it is GREAT to hear the song as it was meant to be. [If, for scientific interest, you want to hear Eddy doing his thing go here- http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0LZttN4bM7w - as I said its not to my liking.) -PjS

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