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Blossom on the Tree

May 11th, 2012

Paola and Max asked me, late last summer, to write a short poem as the basis for a piece of music to appear on Paola’s next album. After a while I was pleased to be able to write back to Paola. “I have had this in mind for sometime and managed to finish writing it this morning. Its a sort of double haiku with a chorus line & it is based on a picture taken of my garden just when I started to remodel it in 2003. I have been saving it for a special occasion.” I think the music …which they then ‘painted’ around my words is exquisite and I told them so; mentioning that, with my producer’s hat on, I personally would have made the piece a little less of a ‘crescendo’ and a little more of an ‘aqueduct’ with perhaps a hint of breeze to ripple the branches . . . Caught! Before I knew it, despite a case of laryngitis, I was recording a few arches and pillars for them to drop into the track. It seems to have worked quite well (which is good because I am now in the middle of doing a handful of similar vocals.) I will admit I wasn’t sure about Angelo Contini’s trombone at first but I am now thrilled when I hear its deep texture. The bass of Franz Soprani, who shot the footage of me reciting in Genoa, is a smiling, bouncing ball: a delight. Which leaves…um…oh yes the video. Well no wonder Francesco Paolo Paladino won the prize for Short Movie at last years Cannes Festival his work is magic. It is technically and visually a perfect enchantment. I am very proud to have been part of this interesting project with its overtones of ancient and modern. Bravo to all and I hope we can do another before too long. Now here are the credits and finally the words … the seeds. – PjS

(Taken from the forthcoming album “Milioni di Lune”)

Paola Tagliaferro: Voice, kalimba, noises
Max Marchini: guitars, bass, noise, sound project
Peter Sinfield: voice
Angelo Contini: Trombone
Francesco Paolo Paladino: nose sounds & occasional voice
Franz Soprani: Bass guitar

Dust clouds the mason
As he grinds the pedestal
Back against the stairs.
(Blossom on the tree)
Caught by unseen eyes
In the garden of a dream
Blossom on the tree,
Blossom on the tree

© Produced by Max Marchini & Peter Sinfield for Owl Productions Ltd

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  1. Maurice Cloud

    The trombone is perfect. Quite lovely all ’round actually. Well done!

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