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What's New


April 12th, 2010


This new picture, taken by Peter last winter, called “Mandarino” has been placed in SSOS photos.

Music for Impossible Cutlery

March 21st, 2010

And now for something completely different… a short abstract piece which Peter recently “composed” and entitled Music For Impossible Cutlery.. plus its accompanying  cover art which he “made” this morning, has been added to the Downloads page.

A month of no updates… oh dear, but we do have some exciting news for you. Peter is to be appearing at the Genoa Poetry Festival in Italy, this June. Dates to be confirmed soon.

Some of you have probably noticed that we are in the middle of updating the Song Soup on Sea gallery, the section of the website where you can find a miscellany of media related to Peter’s life and work.

Though not all the pages are up yet, we now have a gallery of videos.

Also the error on the comment box, about which which a visitor kindly notified us, has now been fixed. Expect more updates shortly…


Here is a mysterious animation by Michele D’Auria to the song Promenade the Puzzle, which is Peter’s favourite lyric written for PFM, also notable for the fact that our friend Jon Green used the title when he began this website way back in 1998.

Song Soup on Sea thought you might like to know that having been out of stock for 3 weeks over Christmas, the extended version of Still is now back in the shops. It has been joined by PFM’s album ‘The Manticore Years Anthology’ and to celebrate this we have uploaded some more tasters for you, namely, an alternative version of ‘The Piper’ from Still, and Live versions of ‘Four Holes in the Ground’ and ‘Celebration’ from PFM. 

Peter is quite busy working on digitizing many years of demos from his work with Andy Hill, including a recording of the two of them (after several glasses of wine) finishing off Think Twice. Also expect a revamped photo gallery soon.

New haiku

January 25th, 2010

A note to myself
The glass at the table’s edge
Unfallen water.

New haiku added to Peter’s haiku page.

A Road More or Less Travelled

December 31st, 2009

If you wonder what makes a poet smile, frown or just ‘take notice’, here is a collection of ‘Pointy Sticks‘ that Peter has collected over the years…

“Grateful thanks are extended to Peter Sinfield for his much appreciated assistance with this reissue”. This credit appears on the last page of the booklet that accompanies the remastered, repackaged with bonus CD rerelease of my 1973 solo album STILL. It is disingenuous, it is a pink herring & presumably it is a ploy to make the reader/listener think that I oversaw and also fully approve of what is on the album’s 2CD’s and how they has been packaged. Well now, to put it
mildly, I didn’t and in its entirety I don’t. In fact I only found out by accident that my album, indeed the whole Manticore catalogue, minus ELP, had been licensed to Esoteric, an affiliate of Cherry Red records. The phone rang, it was Sid Smith., ” Hi Pete how are you etc… I’ve been commissioned to write the sleeve notes to the reissue of Still” …. pause…. “Really Sid, that’s nice tell me more.”
A while later… I did get to hear Ben Wiseman’s 24-bit recuts from the original 2 track studio masters and I must say they are most excellent. Everything is wonderfully enhanced not the least my er, occasionally rather slight vocals. I did not approve the final list of takes or tracks included or have sight of the artwork before I held the finished product in my hand. Given some say in the matter, since I dislike jewel cases, I ‘d have approached it very differently using textured card board, matt paper, softer colours, different photographs and a much more empathetic layout. Still- ahem what is done is done and I guess over all I still feel er, what’s the word? Privileged, yes that is it. . . .

Now the best news. To celebrate my 66th birthday today and so that you may better judge for yourselves whether to spend your cash on this ‘product’; available until New Years day we have put a number of free mp3 downloads from the so called other mixes on CD2 of the album up here on SSOS. Of course, being mp3s due to the lower bandwidth the quality is slightly inferior, though strangely on occasions, to my ears, it sounds superior to the actual CD’s. Enjoy! PjS 2009.


New haiku

December 27th, 2009

Lots of announcements about songs, here’s a new haiku on the subject of… 

Crescents of onion,
Zucchini and tomato
Old man’s birthday soup.

RT3 Demo

December 25th, 2009

RT3 demo has been added to galleries. According to Peter, not many people know that he often walks around the house singing in a non-existant language. Whilst trying to decide what words to write to this piece of music (largely created by Poli Palmer) , its subject being, ahem, “A Stranger, in what continues to appear to him, A Strange Land”; he cannot decide whether to replace the vocals with ‘real words’ since he has grown to like it as it stands, I like it too, with the exception of the high-pitched women’s voice, which the FGO says represents something like an annoying TV advertisement which you just can’t escape from. In a moment of madness we have put it up. and what is even more…. we invite your comments and suggestions. More ‘presents’ coming soon…Elf

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