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What's New

Christmas past

December 25th, 2009

While I work on putting together Christmas presents part II, here is a whisper from the past, a Christmas poem by Peter and a beautiful but little heard rendition of I Believe in Father Christmas by The Swingle Singers.

Merry Christmas,


Part 1 of Peter’s Christmas presents: video of A House of Hopes and Dreams added to galleries and YouTube, along with blurb written by Peter.


You probably think its fun to sing a song at 11.00 one evening in 1973 ‘live’ in an artfully bleak BBC2 studio. It isn’t… it isn’t fun. As if, due to inexperience and a dire lack of alcohol, you’re not numb enough – mind gone blank, close to vomiting – there is this HUGE clock on the wall which counts down the minutes then most terrifyingly the last twenty seconds to transmission. Jo, the web slave, has edited out the footage of THE CLOCK which actually appeared in the, not lost after all, clip from the Whistle Test; that Stephanie, the ex, cajoled from a grateful Prog Rock Britannia production gnome in return for her kindly input into said excellent BBC4 program. So- here it is, ripped and restored after hours of toil by J the Elf, from a peculiarly VOB-coded BBC DVD. Fum, fi, fo, & fee. Obviously its not the most cheerful song I’ve ever written. So what its all about Alfie? Well, upon consideration, here and now ha, I think it was ahem, a ‘reflection’ on teenage angst, love, lust & fear of rejection all couched in my occasional, (see The Letters), lit by gas light, gothic, where’s my lectern persona. Whatever- You can see the guys in the band really loved it!… (PjS 2009)

New haiku

December 18th, 2009


Come the Festive Tree
Lights of blue along each branch
Outline of a star.

3 new haikus have been added to the haiku page.

Who Believes in Father Christmas?

December 17th, 2009

His talent is boundless! Having mastered the Art of Calligraphy Greg Lake has applied his pen to create a ‘lithograph’ of the lyric of “I Believe In Father Christmas”.

It is on sale now at his recently reopened online shop. And thus it came about that I conspired with Jo the Elf, resident artist here at SSOS, to produce an alternative. Not a lithograph, as such, but a jolly ‘pictograph‘ of “I Believe in Father Christmas”. We admit that it is not as handsome as Greg’s but it is fun, it is downloadable, it is credited correctly and being free it is considerably cheaper.

Oh. Just one more thing. Some dimwit has written ‘a piece’ on Wikipedia claiming the song Ho! Ho! Ho! is about the commercialism of Xmas. I almost wish it were the irony would be a hoot, but its not.  It is in general about loss of innocence and in particular it pictures the last real happy christmas I spent in 1950 with my mother, our house keeping ex high wire walker Maria & a candle of hairdressers. PjS 2009.

New picture

November 24th, 2009

New picture of Peter working on his November haiku has been added to galleries.

November Phaiku

November 23rd, 2009

New phaiku called “November” added to galleries and haiku page.

New picture

November 4th, 2009


Picture taken by Peter of his winter garden 2009 added to galleries.

36th Gold Badge Awards 2009

October 29th, 2009

New “Pics of Peter” at the Gold Badge Awards, sponsored by BASCA (British Association of Songwriters and Composers) have been added to the galleries. He is pictured with his friends Gary Osborne (lyricist and chairman of the songwriters committee at BASCA) and Gary Brooker (founder of Procol Harum, who picked up an award at the event for his outstanding contribution to music)

An article about the event can be found on The Guardian website.

More pictures have also been added to King Crimson 40th Anniversary Playback.

Haikus update

October 21st, 2009

Four of Peter’s most recent haikus have been added to the Haikus section of Poems.

The new remastered CD/DVDs of ITCOCK, Lizard and Red, which celebrate 40 years after King Crimson’s live debut in Hyde Park, are available for pre-order at the DGM shop and on Amazon. Featuring extraordinary new mixes by Robert Fripp & Steve Wilson, as well as some unheard snippets and recordings.

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