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I am happy to inform readers, who cannot resist reading the following historical bickerette to bear in mind, all irony aside, that during the last year, DGM & Robert have made great efforts, pre-release, to consult with former members of KC with regard to the cuts, quality, covers & sleevenotes of forthcoming CD's. However, having been invited, & then commented upon some of their efforts, I am still awaiting my definitive copy of LOTR.          *PjS* Albdeburgh. Nov. 2002.

The thoughts of the Elfin Sinfield.

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"get it done, get it right, get along, get appreciation"

Dear Robert,

Let me begin by offering you a largess of thanks for taking the time (as we grow younger an almost priceless commodity) to let me and your readers know how you feel about, well ... me.

As you so rightly imply, criticism which does not rest on a fair foundation of accumulated experience, and accurate information is open to metaphorical accusations regarding dogs, lamp posts, maps and drivers etc.

Your history and achievement in continuing to create unusual music despite the slings, arrows, murk, muck and bullets of the outrageous unfortunates of the mainstream music business is, to say the least, well documented. Mine, as is traditionally the lot of a writer / healer / eminence grise etc, somewhat less so.

Pray forgive me as, once again, I intrude upon DGM's extraordinary erudite guest book (but where better) to clarify & rectify what I feel you to perceive as my continual, pointless negative, spurious & ungrateful attitude towards your good self & DGM.

I can do this best by reprinting some recent entries from your diary and then, with muted cough and hand raised attempt, as I often do at committee meetings of The British Academy Of Composers & Songwriters, where I work long and often, sans remuneration, on the behalf of the writing community against the "publishers", to offer a reason here and an explanation there for my behaviour.

In passing I also wish to make it absolutely clear that I understand perfectly well why you do not, or cannot normally, refer to a/the wider team for query or applause. If I were in your waders, I ask myself, would I behave in a similar autocratic fashion. On many occasions if I had the power of attorney to act in all situations and the confidence of all those who had appointed me, which sadly you do not, the answer would be ...yes.

However in particular situations such as - well the recut of ITCOTKC for instance, I hope I would be aware that in the case of something of such "symbolic" importance to GMI&P I would at least send out rufcuts , as you did to Declan I believe, and ask for time limited opinions which would be taken note of and relayed to the cutting engineer for his reference, to use or disregard accordingly at the final cut. One, this is merely polite.Two, you may learn something to your and other interested parties mutual advantage and three you would be left alone to continue your empire building and erm strategic alliances in relative peace with a wisp of a halo about your greying locks as opposed to the whiff of cordite pervading your Dorset, not very far from the ground, nostrils.

Now you are going to recut some more early KC I read... well I shall be watching my post box with great interest and have one ear to the window for the messenger.You see the problem is Robert that when it comes to record production .... how can I put this...Well it has been suggested humorously in some quarters...That you are to record production as King Herod was to the Bethlehem Young Mothers' club. I know , I can people be so cruel? Don't they understand? Bugger 'em! Let them eat cake -% !

Sorry. A foolish prank - silly- to 'quote' the aphorisms.. So here to make small amends are an earful from my pal Jon Green the web master of Promenade the Puzzle - a site dedicated to the erm "lyric" which: Robert, you say on Cirkus and no doubt elsewhere Yooo...ou, you say - oh...ouch, ouch, ouch and ouch - "sucks" ! More ...more!! : - ) Jon Green is at ( a website, which is, in my obviously (you'll see why), biased opinion (not the least for his fascinating discography) worth a visit.

Experience is something you don't get until just after you need it.
For every action there is an equal and opposite criticism.
No one is listening until you make a mistake.
Success always occurs in private and failure in full view.
Two wrongs are only the beginning.

Sunday 22nd. August, 1999; 10.21

"After entering the Diary yesterday, I visited the Guest book to catch up on visitor commentary & this morning I've read the recent ETs. Yow! Whee! Responses.

1. The DGM Artist Letter of Understanding.

This is freely available as a model for whoever finds it useful. However, you should be warned that a record company such as DGM is not a career option."

I most heartily agree having been very closely associated with ELP's Manticore record company and, which you are doubtless not aware of, having also run my own ethically based record company in Spain during the early eighties. Rob Ayling of Voiceprint Records gets it pretty well balanced. I don't say that just because he has my solo album "Stillusion" but because we share the production costs and split the profits equally.

I cannot help but wonder why DGM does not display (as far as I can see at this time) links to the other few but important small companies record or otherwise who share their ideals? Perhaps this is something you will address during the current makeover of the already excellent DGM site. Unless of course its company policy not to do such things ...and if so I'm sure, when you can spare a moment, you will explain as lucidly as ever, why it would be so.

"A record company is only worth the value of its copyright holdings in the records it releases. If you believe that artists own the copyright in their work, you will necessarily decline to increase the value of your company. This means you will not have anything to sell at the end of a period of work, and that your income will be mainly determined by the public's support for the music you release."

Point taken. However you will at least have had the pleasant glow of having ridden with the angels and even possibly 'own' a respected 'Brand' which in an 'era of disrespect' may, in the future, be worth a shiny shilling or two. There also comes to mind at this moment the adage " Keep a diary and one day it will keep you" - Plus your archive material (funny old squirrel that you are)- all that original artwork etc that you ... I am perhaps understandably lost for the correct verb here... "hold" , in trust? Is, as an aware intelligent gigster you must know, worth a fortune. Go visit ebay . A search there on "King Crimson" is guaranteed to arch the Frippalacious eyebrow.

"If you post ethical business aims you will be attacked whenever your conduct is at variance with what your customers believe / assume/ expect to be appropriate behaviour for an ethical company."

Nevertheless- - Amnesty Int'l, Greenpeace, Fairtrade, The HDRA, The Woodland Trust, The Imperial Cancer Fund and many lesser known humanitarian organisations (all of which I just happen to support) do balance their commercial arms with the overall wishes of their many members in a democratic and no doubt, when needs must, pragmaticl way ; and Robert as you are clearly aware, when weary of suffering the presence without prescience of the Flim- Flam-Man, in a , some might even say, dogmatic fashion. No doubt it is irksome; but I would humbly submit no big deal really.

"This is regardless of whether they are informed, or not, of the reasoning behind your decisions. So, be ready to deal with charges hypocrisy & venality. In time, when you have learned to live your life out loud, you may learn to turn this hostility to your personal advantage.This requires subtlety, perseverance, a personal practice, and a willingness to embrace a life of discomfort."

Don't it ever!!! People are not well made! (PJS' LOTU No.3) and a small percentage will 'attack' you whatever. However if you are really 'transparent' for example like the Triodos Bank (Yes! An ethical Bank) and truly reveal all the 'interest' made on money or positions of trust received, oft times in advance, from your customers for promised goods or services and how said money/trust has been used for the greater benefit of society,.Generally in my experience, one will arise from the merde smelling sweetly of lavender. (LOTU = Laws Of The Universe)

Of course it is very important to reveal and regularly publish ALL the figures. Otherwise - people, being not well made, as I have stated, will just possibly, if erroneously, think that you may have used their money/trust for personal ends. Shock...Horror!

The perpetrators of idealistic actions mostly really do mean well and talk gravely like knights in the armour which is very well polished. However their actions/omissions can be far more damaging than the deeds of obvious crooks like the infamous e.g. - EG (at whom the BONE is ever- pointed), who virtually broadcast the fact that they were bent. But were so arrogant as to appear to be almost relishing ...challenging the meek to enter the lists.This is of course common, corpulent erm I mean - corporate stuff.

2. The DGM / Microsoft Controversy.

"Many visiting Guests appear to have marginally more enthusiasm for Bill Gates & Microsoft than I have for SG Alder Esq. & the EG Group of Companies. I support anyone who, as a matter of personal conviction, feels they must withdraw their patronage from DGM because of our use of Media 4.0. This providing only that their action, proceeding from principle, is thoroughgoing. That is, they must themselves forswear all use of Microsoft products and all DGM products, most notably the download of Mexico City".

To lighten the tone of this epistle, clear the void and perhaps encapsulate why it is ironic that we are having this public spat, let me just throw in here the fifty or so words, that I wrote last week, to enlist members to support me in my bid for election to the main board of The British Academy of Composers and Songwriters.. . . . .

"Lucky but still angry songwriter/producer whose catalogue runs from King Crimson via Roxy Music, ELP, Cher and Bucks Fizz to Celine Dion seeks election to the main board of the Academy. Purpose - To continue the fight against the slash for cash policies of ancient music business dragons. Loves Jazz, Classical music and Macintosh computers."

In the name of "transparency" I have only one question re MS. Does, as is normal when dealing with Microsoft, your use of MS' Media 4 software preclude you from using any other media streaming software on DGM's web site and if so for how long?

As chair of the Academy's IT committee I applaud your efforts to advance and simplify the avenue between artist and audience. (You may recall this fact. Prior to my entry into the wacky world of different yet popular music I had spent eight years as a programmer and operator of HUGE mainframe computers. Indeed one of the reasons I left was my inability to come to grips with the mathematical marshlands of COBOL - Y2K what? Please this is 1966!). So with the benefit of my eons of IT(&come to think of it electronic music -. Ah the VCS3 there was a little rascal!) knowledge it is with fingers crossed that I hope you're idealism is not once again misused beta-suckerwise as MS shift their focus from software to content.Watch your back door baby! (OK Six Macs actually!)

"Perhaps the actions or gesture of one person, sitting at home & seemingly far-removed from influence & corridors of power, may seem to them hopeless or futile. This is not my view. A small act of principle, of decision (which is an act of will), is not governed by the World of Quantities. I refused to buy South African fruit during the apartheid regime, & Chilean wine before democracy. (I am also aware that, paradoxically, I may have been denying wages to the same people I was nominally supporting). Let's face it, this wasn't much of a protest and I didn't suffer a great deal of hardship as a consequence. But these were two tiny acts of principle which, along with many other tiny & larger acts, helped bring about democracy on two continents. (We'll assume that's a good thing). So, if you act on principle it will ultimately benefit us all."

You walk naively on very thin ice here Robert. Naturally, as a writer, among many other things, whose vocation is mostly politically driven, I agree with the above. ( Wait! Hark! Do I hear the words pretentious, hypocrite and whore sizzling into view?). I'll make it clearer - as a result of an over blown sense of injustice inherited from my communist, bisexual mother and Maria our German, refugee housekeeper, formerly of the Flying Wallendas high-wire troupe, I have always been a political banner waving creature.

And indeed I will reiterate, boldly and often, I have never written just for money... Influence, acclaim etc.? Yes ..but of course. I too am a human-flawed humanist. And also happy to receive due payment in due course to help further my ideals. Yes - and to keep me in the decadent comfortable lifestyle to which I am now, without any guilt at all, happily accustomed. . Where was I? Ah yes
thin ice... One merely mischievously wonders why, then and now, you own and play Les Paul guitars made in a country whose imperial aspirations and record on human rights , though very cleverly spun is behind the rhetoric truly appalling? (Gore Vidal.He say that ... don't yah love the man.. )

"Visitors are already well aware that the Venal Leader is also Heartless & Raging. Not only that, he doesn't listen to unsolicited tapes which a nice lady (new to the DGM office) suggested he would, and respond in a fulsome & generous fashion with detailed critique & encouragement. To this growing litany of well-described failings, Peter Sinfield's post to the Guestbook last week suggests that hypocrisy might be added to the list."

Only if you say so dear heart. I am now fascinated to know apart from venal, heartless and raging what else is on the list -is it like "The Twelve Knightly Virtues" only in reverse?

I will also add here ( in the name of transparency with a pinch of salt) an affection for G.B. Shaw's observation that

"Music is the brandy of the damned and hell is populated by amateur musicians "

.... and, without any doubt whatever, second rate plumbers.

"Peter quotes several Guitar Craft aphorisms & suggests that this 'gentleman doth protest too much'."

So unable to resist anything but temptation I did indeed --- which had absolutely nothing whatever to do with that which follows your delightfully disingenuous ampersand.

I admit to ignorance regarding the author of said aphorisms though I suspect they may be related to the wisdom of the man who said

"we must realise that nature loves us".

and often ` remarked -

" perhaps the computer is the most spiritual manifestation of our age! "

Unfortunately, as they randomly pop up, they remind me of similar erm, Christmas tree lights to be found in a small, blue, tome, next to the till in every good book shop. A hugely successful item called "The Little Book Of Calm". Written by an Australian chap; Who, it turns out, wrote it in a tin hut at the bottom of his garden where he used to go to escape the bedlam of his house and kids. It is also the perfect size to hurl at the television when offended by dumbed-down news items.

The remark about "protestations" was mainly in reference to your continual whining : "Cool Stool Blames Names" : then going on and on about how your misplaced trust was abused by EG and your praiseworthy but unsupervised idealism misused by The Alliance.

Firstly these are hardly novel events in the music business. I'm owed thousands of pounds by a dark-stain called David Zard for two albums I wrote for his artist Angelo Branduardi and heaven knows a small fortune from the numerous others who took me for a stroll up ye olde garden path. No- it doesn't happen anymore!

Secondly were it not for those parts of your life would you be, I wonder; I surmise from avid reading of your diary, as mostly happy as you appear to be now? By the way, the piece on Cirkus describing the perils of playing live is absolutely hilarious. More of that if you please. Life is too serious to be taken seriously .Cirkus!! ( Jacksonville another time.)

I must mention here that I recently purchased Cirkus the album.( Why that Name?). I dislike the cover, I do not approve the choice of early KC live tracks and find most, but not all, of the later material and not only on account of Bill Brufords' spot off drumming to be as tedious as a walk down Oxford Street. I found the jazz cafe track amusing. . . But hey what do I know? I love Mose Allison and Ravel On a technical point all its bells and whistles worked fine on my 20A Mac with QT3 installed but caused chaos on my G3 Power Book - up to date with QT4. It continually demands I regress to QT3.. Doh!!

"This is part of an ongoing critical correspondence, some of which has appeared in the Diary. Clearly, Peter is unable to attribute to myself the particular qualities most desirable in an Ethical Leader."

No Robert this is patently misleading. For, as you have said yourself, you have your flaws. You are not all-knowing. It is my opinion that you have a genius for many of your activities but as is often the case; I was going to say with 'creative people' but lets change that to 'people with influence' who are often unqualified, perhaps from being myopically bolstered by expertise in some areas, that they come to expect success in others. Which is fine unless, however well intentioned, though lacking the required experience, they rush in where angels... not only for themselves but also having assumed responsibility for the wellbeing of various aging stake/spear holders.

"A further protest too far for Peter might be this: to date the CEO of DGM has received no salary (please see warning to aspirant ethically-based independent record companies above). Peter seems to see in me hypocrisy, and perhaps by his quoting of the aphorisms, a failed idealism. Peter knows me from our work together between 1968-1972, so his judgment is a warning to those who might otherwise besuckered into ethical 'protestation'."

Ugh! This a puerile trick that I have seen you employ on other occasions and truly it is unworthy of you.
--- (How much did you get for the Hello Magazine spread with you and Toyah in the bath? ...see its easy? ) --- To project thus and put words thus..."suckered"...

Yes- Robert. Indeed we did work together from 1968-1972 but mostly I was too busy to get to "know" you more than necessary to fulfil my vocational vision. As indeed you were similarly disinterested in and seldom understood many of my lyrics or their sound patterns that in a naive shamanistic way added to the mystique and on a good day intellectual vigour of the emotional abstraction of our music. However, having said that, it has often been my experience that a quiet controlled friction often produces quite unexpected but interesting results.

"I have been unable to merit Peter's approval, or win his confidence, in many of my decisions & choices since c. July 1970. His recent posting therefore holds no surprise that my more recent decisions & choices similarly fail to meet with his approval."

wait for it............

And yet I have a large file of "Fripp Faxes" that date from the time when you discovered that EG had abused you right royally till Oh round about the period when you did a deal of sorts with BMG on behalf of the KC members and possibly separately for yourself. Forgive me if it is not so. I recall that we planned plotted and fumed frequently by fax and phone. I supported you in every way that I could; even offering to stand up in court and give evidence on your behalf should it be required. We initially talked to John Kennedy together you will recall...? Then slowly I was left out of the scheming of things And now its all settled ... is it?
Well it says so on the notes for Cirkus..
I suppose the intimate details of said settlement, like many of your dealings failed or otherwise, are not for the eyes of former but even now troublesome cohorts?

Furthermore as a painter and designer; You will surely allow me at least to question the merit and shared cost of some of the art work that enfolds my contribution to what is released under the brand name "King Crimson" which I believe, rightly or wrongly, I had a significant role in creating? The Calendar for example is a pustule. (Even as noted recently you didn't design it you surely must have approved it.) Mine went to charity yours, you reveal, is sitting on an ancient musical instrument..

"Another founder Crim, Ian McDonald (ET 605), sees revenge as part of the Diarist's character (Ted White recently discovered another version of this story). What does surprise me is that both Peter & Ian were, until fairly recently, both eager and/or willing to reform the original King Crimson with myself as guitarist, despite their insights into my character."

Well even I raised an eyebrow at Ian's possible paranoia. Still with you ..Well it has to be said there ARE tales, many I will save for the biography of five star sulking that would shame even the sulkiest of skulkers. If I and Ian had really wanted to pursue Crimson69, past a sentimental fancy, believe me I had and still have your replacement waiting in the wings. But as I told you recently. For me personally it is really far more interesting to attempt to write a play around a failed fictional attempt .
We shall see.

"I am also unable to deny the many & various failings which have been attributed to me, by Peter, Ian & many others. I don't believe that anyone who has spent 25 years sitting on the floor observing their inner processes can accept with any satisfaction what they see & learn of their nature. But since I see in others what I know most truly in myself, I accept the implication that what I have seen of my nature is that Fripp is deeply flawed. But to accept that, and lie down with it as an excuse for inaction, is a lifetime cop-out. (This concern lead me to Mr. Bennett & Sherborne House). So, I adopt Iago's dictum: "Assume the virtue if ye have it not". Even in an imperfect & materialist world, I choose to believe in Mother Christmas."

Indeed so! Which addresses nothing at all but your own concentricity and why not? However inaccurate the reference. See Guestbook! My oh my like knives CRIM FANS..

"I immensely dislike BMG Music, an institution I find artist-unfriendly, & my dealings with them in dispute failed to reflect the straightforward approach of Virgin (Ken Berry). Another hero: John Kennedy OBE, former artist-friendly solicitor is now head of Polygram UK."

I also vehemently dislike BMG. It may amuse you to know that Mr Paul Curran of said organisation recently canvassed me to vote for him in the elections to the PRS board. As opposed to canvass actively against him. Which, I explained to him in a recent letter, is my current position. I added that I would be delighted to support him with my 'Supervotes" if he would care to upgrade the royalties his company pays on the King Crimson catalogue that they administer. I further tempted him with goodies of a common sense nature; such as I had to offer, worth I might say several hundred thousand pounds to BMG, but only the cost of a long spoon to me. Sadly, no reply yet.

"Peter Sinfield ends his post to the Guestbook by leaving "to talk to the wind". This is an inspired poetic encapsulation of the Romantic side of 1960s idealism & the "alternative" culture: "dropping out". That's one approach. Another approach is to drop in. I recall that when talking to the wind "my words are all carried away" & "the wind does not hear". So, as a means of engaging with the world to bring about gradual & effective change, Peter's strategy is unlikely to succeed. Peter talks to the wind; DGM talks to Microsoft (and others), Virgin, Pony Canyon (and others)."

Tsk Tsk Robert... Firstly the line is ironic.. secondly the song is about alienation... Do you really imagine I could have gone from Ian's pal... to unpaid roadie... to part of and then co-owner of King Crimson by waiting for the wind to reply to me ....You have a large library. Is it a bit light on poetry and its uses.?I recommend Edith Sitwell's "A Poets Notebook", "The Art of War" & perhaps erm, Machiavelli. (No - not the poet Machiavelli the other one - clever Italian chap...eminence grise sorta fella - No not an elf as such.)

"Temperamentally, I'm with Peter (although I talk to trees, and they do respond). But by choice & conviction, I'm with DGM, KC & GC."

So oddly you are too. I talk to trees as well and also to the not trees. ( In your case may I suggest an early chat with the roots of Acer Planetoides "Crimson King")

The comments of both Peter & Ian, their insights into my flawed nature and the light these comments casts on all of us, paints a dismal picture of three members of the original Crimson; enough to suggest that the first KC was unlikely to succeed, artistically, aesthetically, economically. And yet despite the foibles, weaknesses, animosities & limitations of the members of that remarkable group, something exceptional occurred. Despite the people. I attribute this to the promptings of our Good Fairy, however (as adults) we might interpret the utter benevolence of that impulse which came into the lives of particular young men in a specific time & place."

Elf / Good fairy? What difference? If you ever dare to really look..OPEN EYES.- Boo!!

"So, do I have faith in those young men? No. Do I have faith in the "institution" which they founded? No. Do I have faith in the inexpressible grace of the creative current which acted through Michael, Ian, Greg, Peter & Robert & their "institution"? This is not a question which I have to answer. But to you, the reader of this Diary, I ask: what drew you to King Crimson? Why are you here?"

Mama Mia! Just get on with it will you. Do what you do do well!

"Will King Crimson, DGM or Guitar Craft make me hugely wealthy? Wildly unlikely, but where there is faith nothing is impossible. Will DGMLive's "strategic relationship" with Microsoft (more accurately, our use of their technology) make us hugely rich? Well, I hope so. David & Diane have both worked too hard for too long for too little. Their children anticipate their parents provision of food, housing, clothing & education. And for myself, I find no satisfaction in being the Raging Heartless Hypocritical & Vengeful Venal Leader of a company which is chronically underfinanced."

Ah Heartbreaking...Please just pay the royalties on time and get the product out...only joking.
As a bye the buy ... I recently bought "The California Guitar Trio" ... The Bach is very sterile and the old rock and Roll doesn't at all. Disappointing! It is my long held opinion that engineers seldom become good producers - discuss. (Entrepreneurs?

"This then turns to the moral & ethical questions surrounding money (cf. Jacob Needleman's recent writings)."

You, it appears, have the wheel El Capitano.. so steer where you will!

"My own position on money use has been posted before. Briefly, the unanticipated arrival of large sums of money is an opportunity which carries with it a responsibility. Members of ELP, Genesis & Yes have all earned hugely larger sums of money than I have as a member of KC.Peter Sinfield has also, as a succesful songwriter for Celine Dion, earned far larger sums than myself in recent years. None of this should be seen to imply criticism."

And not a great deal taken... I would just mention that I am not a songwriter... FOR .. Celine Dion - She just happens to have recorded a couple of songs that I wrote with Andy Hill. One of which, "Call The Man", has a middle eight that goes :-

Call the man... needed in the chaos and confusion from the plains to city hall
needed where the proud who walk the wire are set to fall.

Ho Hum . . .28 years same old sucky stuff! There you go.

This little ditty which has sold in excess of 25 million has made me a few quid. It would be foolish to deny it. However far far less than you imagine Robert. For instance half a million sales in SA garnered the huge some of...3200 UKP. For now I live happily alone in a 100,000 UKP flat by the seaside and drive a .....yes L reg 6000 UKP Honda Civic. I also have a few paintings, many books and some bakelite (ok what have you got - need rocking horse) - - Dear Robert - I am happy for you and Toyah that you have just sold your very beautiful country mansion for one and a half million UKP.

But henceforth please spare me the sniping based on what you imagine, perhaps until you read this missive, to be my life and I would also whisper in your ear ... you really do yourself no favours by displaying your ignorance of publishing in the real world. It reflects on your other activities you see? Shhhhh ....

"The unanticipated arrival of large sums of cash have meant for me:

i) Time & space; to pursue my education & discharge my responsibilities;

ii) The opportunity to support various ventures which otherwise may not have happened, or whose operations would have been prejudiced.

My personal wealth derives from the increase in monetary value of domestic property in the UK. I drive an L registration Vauxhall (GM obviously), I have never had a holiday with my wife (other than 3-4 day visits to various places) & my personal extravagance is my library. And home. Which, although isn't an 'investment', I am well aware is my only personal 'asset'.

This may attract criticism from those who see a little too much 'protestation', those who seize opportunities to vent their negativity rather than accept responsibility for their own feeling lives, as well as those who see genuine flaws in our position & offer positive criticisms to help us move closer to right conduct."

As I reach the end of this unfortunate "Oh NO I am holier than thou exercise" I wish to reiterate the hope that my remarks have not descended too often into the basements of negativity. It will be very clear by now how much I value MY hard earned reputation for integrity and that I use it as best I can to continue to teach, heal and even sometimes write a few words that will balance the careless foot that stamps upon the unseen butterfly.

"Positive criticism is clean: there is no "side" to it, no nastiness or peevishness which infuses the commentary. Two views:

1. Karl Popper's, that 'criticism is the cutting edge of rationality & the growth of knowledge' (Paul Levinson p.121). To which I add: but only when impartially offered with the spirit of goodwill;

2. The Robert Christgau approach to criticism: why allow facts to interrupt the smooth broadcasting of a fondly held opinion?

If an impartial critic wishes to form a judgement on the operations of DGM & its failing leader then better to do so on the basis of information."

On the basis of such that has been revealed I have written and now say - Amen.

If I'm invited, maybe see you at Borders on the 5th.

Whatever. May your cakes be creamy and your God walk with you,

Best wishes,

Peter Sinfield.

songsoup42 at yahoo dot com

SongSoupOnSea, Aldeburgh, Suffolk. 07.09.99

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