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11th October 2009 - Photo of members of King Crimson at 40th Anniversary playback added to Pics of Peter.
5th October 2009 - Exclusive Rope Burns Demo added to Audio & Visual gallery.
11th July 2009 - Video of Peter performing The Song of The Seagoat on the Old Grey Whistle test added to the galleries.
19th May 2009 - Excerpt from Franz Josef Haydn's The Creation added to Promenade the Puzzle: In the Beginning was the Word ~ Night Sounds.
15th May 2009 - New section exploring the word "Robbins" added to Promenade the Puzzle: Wilderness ~ Reels of Dream Unrolled.
16th April 2009 - Photo of Peter in his Garden in Spring 09 added to homepage. Three Blue Pots photaiku moved to SSOS gallery.
24th March 2009 - Old Friends Haiku added to homepage. Haiku for Sula moved to SSOS Photo Gallery.
22nd February 2009 - Three Blue Pots haiku picture added to homepage. Earthgate Haiku moved to SSOS gallery.
15th February 2009 - New splash page added which Peter designed with Joanne Roffey, SSOS Mailing list added to homepage. Look out for new site design coming soon ...
7th February 2009 - Photo of 2 Christmas Balls moved to SSOS gallery.
13th January 2009 - Edited Prog Rock Britannia link on homepage. BBC iplayer video no longer avaliable, but preview and snippets of Peter avaliable on YouTube.
3rd January 2009 - Link to the splendid & amusing "Prog Rock Britannia" shown today on BBC 4 now avaliable for one week on BBC iplayer added to homepage. (running time 90 mins) .
1st January 2009 - To celebrate the New Year Peter and Jo have added The Earthgate (a haiku and picture from Garachico) to the homepage.
The depressing picture of the Aldeburgh hut has been moved to SSOS gallery.

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