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SSOS Photo Gallery

Winter Aconite 2013
Dan & Laura Aldeburgh Summer 2012
Peter's Winter Garden 09
Haiku for Sula
Earthgate Haiku
Yellow Tulips & Sage
Considering Ingredients
Thorpness Mere
Garden, July 29
Spring at 157
Garden in Spring 2008
'Writing holiday' in La Laguna, Teneriffe
Trouble Sleeping
The view from Peter's Study window. (A detail)
Unfinished Haiku in Blue
Peter at Unsworth's house in Ibiza April 2005
Spanish Wheels
Under the town gate at Garachico
At a moment of choice we hesitate
Bedroom wardrobe at SSOS
Carnival at SSOS
Recline to answer
Acer Planetoides (Crimson Kings) in setting sun
Dames Violet
Cutting the pedestal
The kitchen
Aldebourgh Christmas
Stone road
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