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And now, after more than three decades, four of the original King Crimson members are reuniting under the collective banner of The 21st Century Schizoid Band . . .

Here you will find British composer Andrew Keeling's in-depth analyses of the first four king Crimson albums as well as works by White Willow.

And in more recent developments . . . Prelude: Song of the Gulls is presented completely free of charge (electronic download only) by way of introduction to his exciting new series. Prelude: Song of the Gulls contains 13,600 words, 15 pics (including some previously unpublished) and more than 80 resolution independent, multi-media, 'musical' illustrations.

The first CD in the series is "Larks' Tongues In Aspic" (also available for purchase from DGM). This is a much larger work covering the entire album and features a not-to-be-missed, full study-score and synthetic performance of LTIA Pt2

King Crimson:
In The Court Of The Crimson King
An Analysis by Andrew Keeling

British composer Andrew Keeling explores the musical brilliance of the Crimson King.

An extensive site dedicated to Greg Lake, Ladies of the Lake has made available several early 70's King Crimson/ Pete Sinfield articles from Melody Maker and New Musical Express.

- the UK based ELP fan magazine -

Currently dormant, Impressions is the definitive ELP fan magazine. Lavishly illustrated with lots of photos, each issue contains ELP news, interviews with the band, as well as many articles and reviews that will be of interest to ELP fans. In issue #6, Editor Liv Whetmore conducts a lengthy interview with Peter Sinfield entitled Behind A Throne .

Peter Sinfield answers 20 Questions on the Modern Dance website.

Ted White offers a thoughtful analysis of Still, Stillusion and A Land of Clear Colors . Just one of many intelligent reviews available at this site.

All Music Guide
This link takes you to their very informative Peter Sinfield page.

The label that reissued Still (as Stillusion) and will likely issue Peter's next album.

The Keith Christmas Website
Keith can be heard playing acoustic guitar on Hanging Fire and on the David Bowie album Space Oddity . His 1974 album, Brighter Day , was produced by Peter Sinfield who has said of him
"I do remember how many times you made King Crimson work so much harder as a result of having not only opened but near as dammit "stolen" the show!!"
Currently he is engaged in a duo with his wife Julia , a new blues project called KCBlues, and the reissue of several of his old albums and CDs.

Norway's premier purveyors/ perpetrators of symphonically inclined rock. In the words of guitarist Jacob Holm-Lupo, "White Willow is a band deeply dedicated to gnosis and alchemy".

As mentioned in Chapter seventeen, there is an extensive Islands page at Bronze by Gold . Devoted to exploring James Joyce's influence on many classical, avant-garde, pop, jazz, rock and traditional artists, Bronze by Gold is part of a much larger site, The Brazen Head . For those who want to know more about Joyce, this site, beautifully designed by the Great Quail, is the place to begin.

The Russificated Crimson King , a Russian only site outlining the contents of Vladimir Kalintsky's book of the same name, includes such intriguingly titled chapters as "Chronicles of the Crimson King", "Revelations of the Crimson King" and "Treasures of the Crimson King".

In The Court of the Crimson King
- The Hentai Version

A brief Peter Sinfield tribute page

There is another page discussing Still at the German only site Supper's Ready . Use the scroll down menu to get to the Peter Sinfield entry.

The official ELP Web Site.

Founded in 1991, The ELP Digest is a free, e-mail publication for ELP fans around the world. The website includes an archive, ELP news and much more.


Premiata Forneria Marconi
Thanks, in part, to lyrics and remixing by Peter Sinfield, PFM's Photos of Ghosts is one of the essential progressive albums. The PFM site contains a major dictionary entry on Pete Sinfield that well describes some of his contributions.

At the Bat Guano Museum of Art there is a page dedicated to Barry Godber (the In the Court of the Crimson King album cover artist). The page includes a photo of Barry Godber, a letter from Peter Sinfield and two additional versions of the painting by K.J. Kelly

Richard Gardner - Tammo de Jongh
The Twelve Faces of Humankind
A brief explanation of the images found on the cover of In the Wake of Poseidon.

The cover painting of Still, The Big Friend , is by an artist named Sulamith Wülfing. At the Sulamith Wülfing Website you will find a gallery including 215 of her exquisite illustrations.

Another Sulamith Wülfing page with several illustrations.

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The diaries
The guest book

Your Up To The Minute King Crimson News Source
An essential destination for King Crimson fans, Krimson News has been visited 96,000 times in the past year.

Where the Crimson aficionados congregate.

The Biffy Page
Home of Biffy the Elephant Shrew (Michael P. Dawson). Check out sound samples from Biffy's latest, The Brandnewbug Concertos (Crimson meets Zappa in Doctor Hoffman's Problem Child ) and a tasty selection of unusual European picture sleeves .
The Schizoid Man "available on any guitar" from Ed Roman's World Class Guitars. Scroll down to the fourth image.

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Fernando Higas has launched Liricas Progresivas , a site dedicated to the great works of progressive music. Of course, on top of the list is In the Court of the Crimson King and the later works of King Crimson. The site has the lyrics in English, a translation into Spanish and one or two pages of commentary on each record. Most of the material is in Spanish.

Two pages with in-depth analysis of Genesis lyrics:

The Path: Peaceful Shades of Green by Uwe Hoppe
The pastoral tradition in early Genesis.

Explanations about things in Genesis and solo songs

A page with links to numerous essays about the lyrics of Bob Dylan . If this subject interests you, Desolation Row, or The Waste Land's Main Street by Nicola Menicacci is a good place to start your exploration.

The Progressive Rock Bibliography
including Library References in Progressive Rock

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A few progressive review sites:

Dann Chinn's London based E-zine is well worth exploring for its excellent (and humorous) progressive reviews and many unusual links.

Strange Days is a Tokyo based magazine exploring British rock and Progressive rock from the 1960's to the present.

Tentative Reviews by Christopher Currie
New Sonic Architecture
Reviews By Henry Potts
Reels of Dreams Unrolled
Tommy's Forest of Progressive Rock
Unger's Wonderful World Of Progressive Rock
Wilson and Alroy's Record Reviews
Zoltan's Progressive Rock Pages

Progressive Newsletter
Over 1600 Progressive links
Progressive Rock And Progressive Metal - Special Links
Carlos Alberto Vaz Ferreira's site. Over 1800 links to progressive websites.

Delerium's Psychedelic Archives Delerium's Psychedelic Archive

Progressive Labels
Includes a chronological overview of all the progressive labels (including Island Records).

El Mellotron
A complete history on the origins and development of the instrument. The site's author, Manuel Perera Dominguez, is working on an even more extensive and complete history of the Hammond organ.

Strawberry Bricks The ProgressiveRock Timeline
A concise chronological progressive discography covering the years 1967 to 1979.

Hard to find new and used CDs, tapes and vinyl records
Bjorn Lynne - Free MIDI, MP3 and RealAudio

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Michele Vincent's international directory of Fantastic, Surrealist and Visionary artists.
The Book of Kells: Resource Pathfinder
Images of Mary and Jesus
A Fine Art Image Gallery
Religious Painting from the 13th to the 20th century
Art Concordance
An extensive collection of religious art organized by subject
Cappella Sistina
The Jacques-Edouard Berger Foundation : World Art Treasures
The Eighth Wonder of the World : Bomarzo
This is not a Medieval Woodcut
The strange case of Peering Through the Cosmic Sphere by Camille Flammarion
The Decadence 1870 - 1920
The turn of the century school of fantastic symbolism.
Stonehorse Atelier
The web's best Symbolist gallery.
Web Magick: Dreams of Decadence
The web's best Pre-Raphaelite gallery.
Classic Art Avagander
Pre-Raphaelite Painting
Midnight Muse: Goddess Galleries
Including Goddesses of Night & Darkness
Illusions Gallery
Elihu Vedder Art Gallery: symbolist
Colors of Stories: Tales Without Words Art Gallery
Art Passions
Visual Escapes
Surreal, Visionary, Absurd, Fantastic Artists today
Aboriginal Collections : Michael Robinson
Spanish Castle Magic
Nice splash page.

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The End of Europe's Middle Ages
Majesty of Stone: Cathedrals of the Gothic Period


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