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The Roman Calendar
Decline of Library of Alexandria
The routes of al-Andalus: Al-Andalus : Scientific Heritage and European Thought
Trinity Atomic Website - Nuclear Weapons: History, Technology, and Consequences

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Arthurian Artists
King Arthur and the Early British Kingdoms
The Britannia site - probably the best.
King Arthur Interactive Syllabus
King Arthur Fact, Semi-legend or Myth?
An excellent and concise account of the Arthurian mythos.
The Remarkable Metaphor of Merlin
Monsalvat - Parsifal
The Traditions of Glastonbury
The Isle of Avalon

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The Castle of the Crimson King

Castel del Monte
Castel del Monte in Computer Graphics
Frederick's Castles in Apulia
Frederick II and Castel del Monte
Das Castel del Monte
Vermessung am Castel del Monte
Castel del Monte e i suoi segreti
Castel del Monte
Castel del Monte
Castel del Monte
Le Dimore Filosofali
Castel del Monte

Costanza's Lament
Frederick II's Letter to the Inhabitants of Jesi
Federico II: Eighth Centenary
Federico II de Svevia
Federico II CD-Rom Frederick II Foundation - Jesi
ENJA Records - Michel Godard – Castel Del Monte ENJ-9362 2
Stupor Mundi ~ Federico II de Svevia
Fondazione Federico II - Palermo
Federico II - L'Intellettuale
Ma l'imperatore svevo fu conservatore o innovatore?
The Holy Roman Empire: The Hohenstaufens
Frederick II Hohenstaufen: A "modern" Medieval Emperor
The Papal Conflict with Frederick II Begun
The Imperial Menace to the Freedom of Religion
Di Turo - Manfredi di Svevia
Monadnock Review: Falconry, by Rilke
Friedrich II von Hohenstaufen (in Deutsch)

The sarcophagus of Frederick II
I Re Di Napoli
The Kyffhäuser Monument
The Kyffhäuser
Barbarossa : Die Legende
Die Kyffhaeuserseite

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Romantic Chronology
Romanticism On the Net
Poets' Corner
Kill Devil Hill
An Introduction to William Blake by Alfred Kazin
The Toils of Los: Complete Written Works of Blake with Illustrations and Artwork
E. A. Poe Society of Baltimore
Possessing the Ring
Green Goethe by Steve Chapman
Salon Books | The Rings of Saturn
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The Principle of Duality
Ye Olde Consciousness Shoppe
Thinking's Legacy and the Evolution of Experience
Historical and Philosophical Development of Cosmology
Philosophy, Cosmos & Culture
Stoa del Sol
The Nietzsche Aphorism Generator Teilhard's Gnosis: Cosmogenesis
The Four Cultural Ecologies of the West
Colour Order Systems in Art and Science (English, Français, German)
Big Sister is Watching You: Ayn Rand's Atlas Shrugged reviewed by Whittaker Chambers
The Private Sea: Chapter 13
Alan Watts Electronic University
The Eternal Philosophy of Chaos by Timothy Leary
Agape of the Eucharist
Eights and Philosophy
Tao Teh Ching
Rube Goldberg

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A Developmental Hypothesis Based on the Order of Jung's Psychological Functions:
The Genesis Model by Gerry Anne Lenhart

Psychological Types by C.G. Jung
Erich Neumann: Amor and Psyche
The Syzygy: Anima and Animus
Doorways, Divestiture, and the Eye of Wrath: Tracking an Archetype
Historical Synchronicity
Way of the Ego
Modern Cosmology as Psychological Metaphor
A paper on alchemy, ego, and the psyche.
 The Presence of Totalitarian States-of-Mind in Institutions
apart from . . . being schizoid
Screenplay Systems : Reel People
Temple of the Sacred Spiral - Session 11 - Jung and Paganism
Jung and the Re-Awakening of the Alchemical Process
Jung. Anima
Technician Archetype
Classics in the History of Psychology -- Jung (1921-1923) Chapter 10
Building a Bridge to Heaven: Notes on the Construction, Deconstruction and Reconstruction of the Tower of Babel
The Alchemy of the Renewal
Revisiting the Relationship Between the MBTI and the Enneagram The Apocalypse of the Self

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The Kubrick Site: 2001 and the Philosophy of Nietzsche

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The Pythagorean Tarot
An Interpretation of the Major and Minor Arcana on Pythagorean and Alchemical Principles
by John Opsopaus

Images of the Rider-Waite Tarot
ftp site including huge scans of all the cards in the deck
The Tarot
A concise overview of the Tarot.
Moonchild's Tarot Expressions
Includes brief commentaries on each card from many sources as well as scans of each card from various decks.
Aeclectic Tarot
More than 250 different tarot & divination decks rated and reviewed

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Ancient Mystery Religions - Jim Fournier
The Ten Oxherding Pictures
The Secrets of Zoroastrianism
The Ancient World
The Dionysian: A Virtual Shrine to Dionysos the Liberator
The Renaissance Orpheus
Calypso & Circe
Frazer, Sir James George. 1922. The Golden Bough Myth and Miracle by Robert Green Ingersoll
Myths and Myth-Makers: Old Tales and Superstitions Interpreted by Comparative Mythology - Section III
Myths and Legends
Revelation of the True Satan
Jesus Christ, Sun of God: Ancient Cosmology and Early Christian Symbolism
History: A Spiritual Analysis
Traditions about St. Thomas the Apostle
from jesus to christ: the story of the storytellers: the gnostic gospels
The Forgotten Books of Eden
The Gnostic Society
Jesus in Archaeology and History
The Christ Conspiracy
The Jesus Puzzle
The Whole Bible: New Testament History
The Fathers of the Church
Robert Graves on 666
The Origins of Christianity
The Patchwork Gospels
Mystery of Jesus: Mystery of Barrabas
The Genesis Factor
Unholy Mother
The moral behavior of the Christian God
Proof at Last
Bible Contradictions
Biblical Errancy
Positive Atheism Magazine
Controlling the Human Spirit: The Inquisition and Slavery
Two Masters: M.R. James and the Times Correspondence
Catholics, Heretics and Heresy
The Long Road Into Night
Landover Baptist: Where The Worthwhile Worship - Unsaved Unwelcome.
Philologos: The Witness of the Stars
The Sacred Breast
The Sacred Geometry Stories of Jesus Christ: Home Page
The Heavens Declare by J Preston Eby
The Gospel message in the constellations, zodiac signs and stars
frontline: apocalypse!
Bible Gateway
Ar Razi
The likely source of The Three Impostors
Rumi and the Mevleviye
Ibn Arabi's Life and Teachimgs
A Monument to the end of Time: Alchemy, Fulcanelli & the Great Cross
J. R. Ritman Library - Bibliotecha Philosophica Hermetica Volney, The Ruins
Extraordinary Popular Delusions And The Madness Of Crowds -- Chapter 1
The Lost Light
Ancient Wisdom
Axis Mundi Plan
Rudolf Otto Homepage
The Spiritual Exile - A website for the spiritual exile, Fellow Travelers page-Quotes
The Market as God

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world wide words
Brewer, E. Cobham. 1898. Dictionary of Phrase and Fable
The Skeptic's Dictionary
Anagram Insanity
My Virtual Reference Desk

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Bartlett, John. 1901. Familiar Quotations
Complete Works
Gravestone Quotes Epitaphs of Famous People Brain Candy Celebrity Quotes Collection

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Home of David Ulansey
The Pathology Guy
One Vision: Links
Links Beyond the Event Horizon of this Site

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Promenade the Puzzle : The Poetic Vision of Peter Sinfield
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