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December 11, 2005 - New audio added to homepage: Jeff Beck playing the Adagietto from Mahlers 5th Symphony arranged and produced by Andy Hill.
Peter Sinfield's Christmas greeting, including The Swingle Singers' I Believe In Father Christmas, added to homepage.
December 2, 2005 - New photo added to homepage: Jakko, Peter, Ross, Perry and Sebastian enjoy Supper at Vijay's.
December 2, 2005 - Moved to Pics of Peter: Peter, Kennedy, Lexie, Idle & Linneker celebrate Spurs FA cup win.
November 10, 2005 - Added to Pics of Peter: an autographed photo of King Crimson at the Zoom Club, April 12, 1971.
October 20, 2005 - New photo added to homepage. To celebrate the signing of his new publishing deal with ZOMBA MUSIC - Peter humbly presents a picture taken to celebrate another occasion. There will be an interesting prize awarded to the first person to name, firstly the occasion being celebrated and secondly to name all the "Terrible Animals" in the photograph.
Unfinished Haiku in Blue, moved to SSOS Photo Gallery.
October 2, 2005 - New photo added to homepage, Unfinished Haiku in Blue.
August 8, 2005 - Link to Peter Sinfield article from Q Magazine Prog Rock issue added to homepage.
August 6, 2005 - Mp3 of Kevin Malpass & Peter Sinfield, "Songwriters at Work," added to homepage.
Mp3 of Andy Hill's "If You're Right" moved to Peter Sinfield: Works 1980 - 85.
July 10, 2005 - Two quotes added to Dark Night of the Soul: Wilderness ~ Reels of Dreams Unrolled, William James & Robert Green Ingersoll.
June 9, 2005 - New image added to Photos, Peter at Unsworth's house in Ibiza April 2005.
June 4, 2005 - Two new quotes (from Kantorowicz and Toynbee) added to Chapter Three: In the Court of the Crimson King ~ The Return of the King.
June 3, 2005 - New link added to homepage,
May 27, 2005 - New audio file added to homepage, If You're Right by Andy Hill.
April 19, 2005 - New photo added to homepage, Spanish Wheels.
April 15, 2005 - Audio & video of Steve Hackett's Court of the Crimson King added to homepage.
Johnny G's 21st Century Schizoid Man moved to Peter Sinfield: Works 80's.
April 7, 2005 - New images and links added to Peter Sinfield ~ On Songwriting.
March 28, 2005 - New quotes added to Promenade the Puzzle as follows:
Quote from the Gospel of Philip added to Islands: Side Two ~ Returning Home.
Quote from 1st Corinthians added to Islands: Side Two ~ Islands.
February 1970 radio interview with Peter Sinfield & Greg Lake added to Interviews.
Three new verses added to Haikus.
March 4, 2005 - Links to audio files of Johnny G's Delta Blues version of 21st Century Schizoid Man placed on the homepage.
Link to mp3 of Best of Dreams relocated to Recordings (Works: 21st Century).
New picture on homepage of Peter on his recent holiday: under The Gate, 'that all travelers passed through', before the volcano devastated the town of Garachico in Tenerife. (The photo was taken by Dominique, the manager of the magical Hotel San Roque)
Link to photo, At a moment of choice we hesitate, relocated to SSOS photo gallery.
March 2, 2005 - Images of the Cat Food / Groon promotional poster placed in the Gallery
February 4, 2005 - Video excerpts of C.G. Jung BBC interview added to Promenade the Puzzle as follows:
C.G. Jung on Consciousness video added to Islands ~ A Dragon Fig Tree's Fan
C.G. Jung on God video added to Islands
C.G. Jung on Freud video added to In the Beginning was the Word ~ Malkuth
February 2, 2005 - New images placed in the Gallery, four pages from the July 6, 1973 issue of Disco Express, a Spanish music magazine.
Page one, Page two, Page three, Page four
Scans courtesy of Koldo Barroso -
February 1, 2005 - Image of Castel del Monte in winter (courtesy of Marco Grisendi) added to Dark Night of the Soul: Wilderness ~ Reels of Dream Unrolled.
January 5, 2005 - Image, Bedroom wardrobe at SSOS, added to SSOS Photo Gallery.
Billy Livsey's holiday opus, Jangle Bolly, moved to Now Playing.

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