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December 31, 2004 - For your New Year delight we offer on the homepage, "The Best of Dreams" 2004. Co-written with Kevin Malpass. This version of the demo was sung by Chris Thompson
December 2, 2004 - Added to Interviews: a link to Peter Sinfield's interview with
November 19, 2004 - Links to Michele D'Auria's magical Flash movie, Promenade the Puzzle, added to homepage and Works 21st Century.
November 14, 2004 - A new cartoon courtesy of Prospect magazine placed on the home page.
October 31, 2004 - Mp3 of the Jakko/Sinfield collaboration, Imagination Day, moved to Recordings 1990-92. A concomitant entry has been added to Lyrics.
October 25, 2004 - In a last ditch attempt to influence the US electoral process. . . we offer a political cartoon courtesy of Prospect magazine and a fair and balanced little ditty writ by my friend Eric Idle.
October 5, 2004 - Image of Kali and the Kali Yantra added to Dark Night of the Soul...Night Enfolds Her Cloak of Holes.
Image of the Sri Yantra added to Big Top: Spiral.
21st Sept 2004 - Peter ironically discovers that the dream inherent in the 1992 Song "Imagination Day" has 10 years later become reality - Peace One Day.
09/14/04 - new entry added to Lyrics 1982-Present and Works 1990-92, Imagination Day.
09/13/04 - Added to the SSOS links & lists pages: a link to Michael Quinion's site, World Wide Words, international English from a British viewpoint.
09/09/04 - A new feature at SSOS: the SSOS Photo Gallery.
09/03/04 - "End of Carnival Lantern Procession at SSOS" photo by Shaan Berry using Peter's, "I don't know, it has a mind of its own... ", ancient, Poloroid Camera. With kind thanks to Philip Kernohan for the scan.
September's Little Known Sinfield Song was found in a box dated 1992! by El Jakko, who co-wrote, recorded and sung it; under the title 'Imagination Day' Mix (Not Final). Jakko says... "Sound's much like I remember it, however. Not a Crimson or Schizie track. I'd need to screw up the chords somewhat." Peter says... Indeed! & The lines, "For you know who..." & "When dreams come true" - Of course should be reversed. One day they will be ;-)
08/23/04 - Pete Sinfield quote from June 2, 1973 Sounds article added to Islands : side two ~ A Flower Lady's Daughter.
08/22/04 - New image added to the Gallery: Pete Sinfield in concert (scanned from an unspecified French music magazine)
08/20/04 - Two new images added to the Gallery: Sounds June 2, 1973 and Sounds March 16, 1974.
08/11/04 - New image added to the Gallery: New Musical Express January 8, 1972.
08/09/04 - "I took this photo of a small nude sculpture, which rests on the main staircase of the delightful Hotel San Roque , in Garachico, Teneriffe; where I spent a short 'thinking holiday' in Febuary 2004." *PjS*
08/06/04 - August's rarely heard Sinfield song (added to homepage) : A House of Hopes and Dreams from the 1999 Japanese limited edition re-release of Still (20bit K-2 SuperCoding).
07/17/04 - July's rarely heard Sinfield song (added to homepage) : No Bad Thing by Julien Clerc
06/30/04 - Added to Works 1990-92:
Audio files of all 7 Sinfield tracks from Julien Clerc's 1991 album, There Is No Distance, + two tracks in French.
Link to a review of Tommy Nilsson's album Follow the Road.
Audio file of I Believe In Father Christmas by Human Drama.
Audio file of Walkaway by David Foster.
Excerpts of two versions of 21st Century Digital Boy by Bad Religion.
New entries added to Works 21st Century:
21st Century Prog Rock Man by Daevid Allen's University of Errors
Epitaph by Greek jazz saxophonist, Dimitrios Vassilakis
06/29/04 - New entries added to Works 21st Century:
Zundoko-Bushi (w/ excerpts from 21st Century Schizoid Man) by the California Guitar Trio
Another entry of Zundoko-Bushi (w/ excerpts from 21st Century Schizoid Man) by the California Guitar Trio
New entry added to Works 1998-99:
Train To Lamy (including 21st Century Schizoid Man homage) by the California Guitar Trio
06/28/04 - New entry added to Works 1993-94:
Epitaph by Love like Blood
New entry added to Works 1998-99:
Epitaph by Final Virus.
New entries added to Works 21st Century:
Moonchild by Crane Orchard
Dream Illusions by Freiband
Pictures of a City by Eclipse
I Talk to the Wind by Adachi Kyodai
Moonchild by Iditarod
The Letters, An Unconventional Italian Guide to King Crimson (various artist compilation)
Islands by Italian art-pop diva, Alice.
06/04/04 - Hello dear visitor. I took this photo of the wild, stepped, back 'garden' at SSOS, from my study window, on a recent May afternoon. (The pedestal now supports a water feature; driven by sunlight a copper pitcher dribbles water into a bowl of polished pebbles. A regular clientele of birds stop by for a quick drink and a nervous splash... Its a constant smile to watch them.) In the near future, for your further delectation, we will be posting a few more pics of SSOS or er, "A Poem In Four Walls" as I, in my more fey moments; with its many carefully designed, extensions of me, I am still soft-amazed to call my HOME. *PjS*
05/25/04 - New image added to Gallery: splash page from May 1977 Peter Sinfield article in the Spanish Music magazine Popular 1.
New entry added to Interviews: May 1977 Peter Sinfield article (3 pages) from the Spanish Music magazine Popular 1.
05/18/04 - New image added to Still ~ The Fallen Sun: by kind permission of Louise Ingram, The Song of the Seagoat.
05/10/04 - New entry to Works 1980-85: Concerto by Angelo Branduardi.
05/09/04 - Image added to Islands ~ Dark Harbor Quays: Mundus Elementaris.
05/03/04 - New entry to Works-1980's: Formentera Lady by German band, Gaia.
05/02/04 - New images added to Gallery:
Sounds - February 23, 1971
Record Song Book, cover - January 1, 1972
Record Song Book, article - January 1, 1972
In the 80's
Birthday Party - December 29, 2003
04/07/04 -
The Bridget Letter is now prefaced by Neil Ingram's thoughtful introduction.
03/27/04 -
In April of 1969, Peter Sinfield wrote a letter, more of a time capsule really, a fascinating snapshot of life in the early days of King Crimson. Having recently disinterred this document from oblivion in her attic, the letter's recipient, Bridget, has graciously made it available to the readership of Song Soup On Sea.
Submitted here for your approval: The Bridget Letters.
03/03/04 - Image by Gustave Dore, A Saintly Throng in the Form of a Rose, added to Islands: Magnum Opus.
02/24/04 - Added to Islands: Earth, Stream and Tree, a cite from Dr. Mark Epstein's book "thoughts without a thinker" .

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