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Maybe So

1982 'en directo' VIDEO with Boz, Mel, Giles, Tench & Hinkley.

A Real Mother For Ya

Boz playing with Giles and though hard to see; Boz smiles v. large 3/4 way through... a very rare moment.

The Cycle

Gary Brooker as ever a delight. He came over, my former next door neighbour, just for the hell of it. Wonderful for me as I'm a big FAN!

I appear in a silly hat in both of their tunes playing on I) 808 Handclaps 2) 808 claves.. HEY how many people would invite 3 great singers on to their program? But I considered that though I was the er, link, 'The program' was the most important consideration. And anyway I got to play band leader, approve the songs & prance about a lot in the tradition of band leaders. Oh, & sing.


Tim Hinkley

Bobby Tench

But, not on SKY (although I had co-written it; words and tune anyway... early in my transition period with the gig piano player Tim Hinkley. As you notice it is rendered delightfully, with many a quick glance at the lyric sheet on the floor, by my talented, and much overlooked, pal Bobby Tench. (You might care to check him out on classic "Humming Bird" albums with Jeff beck?)

I do not use as an excuse at all that the Band had only two days rehearsal on this set before we flew to Barcelona to do the gig. For despite occasional hilarious errors it has a fine over-riding, & rare spirit. I am ever proud I had the opportunity and privilege to persuade it all to happen!

- PjS

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