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Song Soup On Sea
Guestbook Archive 2000

Name: mike schneider (Homepage)
Country: usaDate: Thu Dec 28 20:56:28 2000
Comment: haven't had the time to really go through your site yet. it appears immence. will have lots of fun,here. i'm sure.

Name: Frederick Serafim (Homepage)
Country: CanadaDate: Thu Dec 28 19:11:02 2000
Comment: Christmas day I heard a very powerful voice say "They will survive the first wave."

Name: Frederick Serafim (Homepage)
Country: CanadaDate: Wed Dec 27 17:45:25 2000
Comment: Being both a King Crimson and Frederick II fan I
couldn't help but be impressed with the scale and detail of this site - so much so that I decided to expand and update my humble little website which offers a slightly different take. Thanks!

Name: Semiramiss Natagh (Homepage)
Country: Iranian in USADate: Tue Dec 26 04:23:54 2000

Name: Paul Carter (Homepage)
Country: usaDate: Sat Dec 23 16:42:12 2000

Name: Peter Sinfield (Homepage)
Country: Atlas!... Pin!.Date: Fri Dec 22 18:27:47 2000
Comment: Now this ridiculous... so much for cutting and pasting a jolly yuletide message to any kindly passing soul... You have the begining ... and you have
the PS - well not even all of that. The last couple of lines were..."Music, which as a result of politics, egos, stupidity and greed has been only fuzzily if ever credited to its true creators. We pass pianissimo but we know who we are. " Now I must ask Jon how to let you see the end of the beginning ;-)

Name: Peter Sinfield (Homepage)
Country: No thank you...Date: Fri Dec 22 18:16:49 2000
Comment: I am not offended by Robert's polite opinion below that the lyrics are only for 'fools'. In the truest and widest sense of the word 'fool' he is wonderfully correct. Similarly I trust he will not be offended if I remark that, in his ignorance, he is clearly unaware of all the music, melody, harmony and top lines actually written by the so called lyricists and record producers of the world. Music, which as a result of politics, egos, stupidity and greed has been only fuzzily if ever credited to i

Name: Peter Sinfield (Homepage)
Country: Star Fire LandDate: Fri Dec 22 17:14:51 2000
Comment: A few years ago during a typical, lively, boozy evening in the parish of St John's Wood, where I used to live at No.66 on the infamous road that is called Abbey, a wise 'graphologist' was invited by some good friends of mine to analyze their handwriting. ("He sought in graphology indications of capacity and disposition.")

I was told later by the hostess, that, as fate will have it, while refilling his glass, he caught sight of a postcard on the table. A postcard that I had rough-scra

Name: mike schneider (Homepage)
Country: usaDate: Sun Dec 10 20:18:56 2000

Name: Robert Hults (Homepage)
Country: USADate: Mon Dec 4 17:22:40 2000
Comment: The music of King Crimson has always intrigued me, layer upon layer of things going on musically, excellent melody, ect. I tip my hat to Fripp, McDonald, Giles, and Lake. However, and if I offend anyone please forgive me, the lyrics are for fools.

Name: Nigel Spider (Homepage)
Country: EnglandDate: Tue Nov 28 06:52:16 2000
Comment: Promenade the Puzzle analyses the early King Crimson albums with a vigorous circular motion hitherto unknown to the people of this area but destined to take the place of the mudshark in our mythology.

Name: Walter (Homepage)
Country: ItalyDate: Thu Nov 23 23:52:14 2000
Comment: Band italiana anni 80/90 di progressive rock con sound in stile seventy.

Name: Holger Laufenberg (Homepage)
Country: GermanyDate: Wed Nov 22 17:05:50 2000
Comment: Overwhelming. You're a fanatic - in the best sense of the word. Thanks.

Name: Tiago Webber (Homepage)
Country: BrazilDate: Thu Nov 16 16:03:15 2000
Comment: Great!

Name: Tiago Webber (Homepage)
Country: Date: Thu Nov 16 16:00:48 2000

Name: Frederick Serafim (Homepage)
Country: CanadaDate: Tue Nov 14 16:24:24 2000
Comment: Very interesting. And to think that I thought I
was the only one to equate the aura of Frederick in his time to the appeal of rock stars today.

Name: Karen (Homepage)
Country: CanadaDate: Mon Nov 13 08:09:49 2000
Comment: Impressive

Name: Jim Cramer (Homepage)
Country: USADate: Fri Nov 3 15:28:25 2000
Comment: I was a junior in high school 1970 living in
Kansas when I first heard King Crimson. A line
from one of my favorite Moody Blues songs expresses my thoughts about Fripp and Sinfield's
magical creations. "Are you sitting comfortably,
let Merlin cast his spell." I shut off the lights, crank up the volume, start with In The
Court Of The Crimson King, and journey through
space and time and the elements. Poseidon, Lizard,
Islands. Thank you.

Name: Shaun Savage (Homepage)
Country: EnglandDate: Thu Nov 2 22:44:05 2000
Comment: Wow! Fantastic! Love the web site. Acurate and useful information.

Name: kat (Homepage)
Country: Date: Mon Oct 30 13:53:52 2000

Name: James Curran (Homepage)
Country: ScotlandDate: Thu Oct 12 21:15:08 2000
Comment: Is there an early KC influence in my sax,flute and guitar playing?

Name: didik (Homepage)
Country: IndonesiaDate: Thu Oct 12 13:06:25 2000
Comment: Your invention by your kind of music is so impress me. How you create your music is so unbelievable. I have a dream how can I have an imagination like yours??

Name: Ryan (Homepage)
Country: usaDate: Fri Oct 6 15:00:30 2000
Comment: PRINCE WILLIAM will be the future King, as in the "ONCE AND FUTURE..." SEE my website for details. IN 2002, he becomes the ANTICHRIST.

Name: Jarek Piekutowski (Homepage)
Country: Polska (Poland)Date: Thu Sep 28 17:55:56 2000
Comment: You did a great job. I think there is no more to write about the Sinfield's lyrics.
Naprawde swietna strona!!!

Name: Richard Journo (Homepage)
Country: UKDate: Wed Sep 27 16:04:37 2000

Name: Betty Carmichael (Homepage)
Country: USADate: Sat Sep 16 05:21:32 2000
Comment: Thank You!

Name: frank widmer (Homepage)
Country: switzerlandDate: Thu Sep 14 22:21:49 2000
Comment: king crimson is a clever band and i enjoy there stuff really.

Name: The last place (Homepage)
Country: FortuneCityDate: Mon Aug 21 01:05:13 2000
Comment: Hi! We found your guestbook to sign. Please stop by and visit our homepage... The last place you would look on the Internet.

Name: Roberta Jean Swafford (Homepage)
Country: USADate: Fri Aug 11 01:00:32 2000
Comment: I find so many connections here and am delighted!
I am a K.C. fan since 1976, so this was nice to find, but I was really researching Hohenstaufen.
I'm also a keen fan of Joseph Campbell, so I could really get into your comparisons, past present and future, of the physical and meta-worlds.
I play a part in a Dungeons and Dragons group that meets every month, my fiance' Bob Potts is the Dungeon Master, and he has been running games for 30 years. He has a vast depth of material, and is

Name: Mikayel (Homepage)
Country: ArmeniaDate: Wed Aug 9 07:47:17 2000
Comment: FANTASTIC!!!!
The Greatest ProgressiveRock-inspired work I've ever seen. It would take months to research the other sides of Progressive Music I know and I believe that i will fing lots of new things for me.
Thank You.
P.S. Looking forward for Chapters 14 and 16.

Name: Daniele Calo (Homepage)
Country: Firenze - ItalyDate: Sun Aug 6 16:21:37 2000
Comment: You are very clever. I haven't see a Crinmo Page like this. It's a pity that the thing stops at "Island" (for me, the best album/CD) I hope to read from you again until "U.S.A. 1975)... non to mention the Discipline episode and the rooom next episode... Of course it ntook days and days to read all this: in the meantime I save all that on Hard Disk. Why? Because to read all in perfect tranquility,
Here Italy, 16:20 GMT, close communication.

Name: Ian Fleming (Homepage)
Country: EnglandDate: Fri Jul 28 13:58:12 2000

Name: Trevor (Homepage)
Country: YosayDate: Thu Jul 27 22:22:46 2000
Comment: Peter, Robert, c'mon already. How pointless your banterings. Lay down the bad blood and just find love. Make us smile again.

Name: Christopher Marengo (Homepage)
Country: U.S.A.Date: Thu Jul 27 03:25:37 2000
Comment: your analysis was fascinating,enlightening & riveting. The "Lizard" passages have been a revelation; I'm now really listening to this incredibly underrated album.

Name: LUIS TARANTINO (Homepage)
Country: ARGENTINADate: Wed Jul 26 22:20:39 2000


Name: Yoshifumi Nagata (Homepage)
Country: JapanDate: Sun Jul 16 15:46:26 2000
Comment: (1) Whenever I read this profound site & Pete Sinfield's lyrics I wonder what poet(or author) he prefers & has prefered. And what lyrics of ELP did Mr.Sinfield really write?
(2) On this summer end (29/Aug) I will visit London for the first time! Where Shall I, being Sinfieldian(?) and also Krimson enthusiast, go and see?

Your information(s) or advice(s) will be welcomed!

Name: David N ,Potter (Homepage)
Country: usaDate: Wed Jul 12 00:11:03 2000 Comment: I have been a long time fan of King Crimson
and Emerson,Lake & Palmer.
I found your site and it's very well done!
Thanks for the very interesting reading and facts about Peter Sinfield.
I look forward to be back to read some more, Keep up the good work. David N. Potter
Name: Andrew Keeling (Homepage)
Country: UKDate: Mon Jul 10 12:56:18 2000
Comment: Dear Jon,

Your analyses of the first four KC works, and beyond, are marvellous. I look forward to reading Islands in due course.

Thank you.


Andrew Keeling

Name: Zeder (Homepage)
Country: FranceDate: Sat Jul 8 08:08:24 2000
Comment: I've never heard of King Crimson , I was looking for infos on Frederick II and I found some interesting stuff here .

Name: Cengiz VARLIK (Homepage)
Country: TurkeyDate: Tue Jul 4 17:43:47 2000
Comment: Excellent job. I must print all the pages and read very carefully. The pages are full of intellectual articles and deepens my understanding of any particular Sinfield lyric. Congrulations.

Name: Jerem-y (Homepage)
Country: FranceDate: Thu Jun 29 17:22:06 2000
Comment: Congratulation for this Tribute siteweb for Pete.It's as good as his art.

Name: x@Nagata (Homepage)
Country: JapanDate: Wed Jun 28 16:12:32 2000
Comment: Excuse me, but I am really looking for the lyric by Pete Sinfield, "Looking Through The Eyes Of A Child" (sung by Eddie Money or Tommy Nielsen).
I do need it! Do you have that lyric or any informations? I will really welcome you!

Name: Renzo Sciutto Padilla (Homepage)
Country: PerDate: Wed Jun 21 22:20:07 2000
Comment: Beautiful site. Its a masterpiece, thanks.
Hasta pronto.

Name: pietro laurenzi (Homepage)
Country: italyDate: Sat Jun 17 14:36:43 2000
Comment: A phantastic site with a lot of interesting information.
Thank you for this.



Name: Yacco-JakkoJacinta (Homepage)
Country: JapanDate: Mon Jun 5 19:34:54 2000
Comment: sorry!
I can't write English.
But,This Site is one of my Favorite Web-Site.
I beg your pardon,I'm a poor writer.

Yours faithfully.

Name: ROB METCALFE (Homepage)
Country: englandDate: Fri Jun 2 16:26:00 2000
Comment: Keep up the good work...fascinating.

Name: Jac Loranger (Homepage)
Country: canadaDate: Sat May 27 23:28:03 2000
Comment: beautiful site thanks..

Name: Karel (Homepage)
Country: USADate: Tue May 23 16:41:59 2000
Comment: I was looking for a definition of salamander and came upon your page. Very interesting reading. I love the words.

Name: if (Homepage)
Country: JapanDate: Sun May 21 18:38:01 2000
Comment: (I'm sorry for halting English.)
Hello, I'm a Japanese fan of Peter Sinfield.
As a high school student, I got to love King Crimson because of the really nice lyrics.
I'm very glad to find this page.I'll come here again!!

Name: Frank Moliterno (Homepage)
Country: USADate: Sun May 21 05:20:19 2000
Comment: Great site. It'll keep me busy for several weeks.
Please maintain it.


Name: maurice (Homepage)
Country: usaDate: Fri May 5 04:39:13 2000
Comment: Dear Mr Green, Your site dedicated to the work of Peter Sinfield is a masterpiece. I for one sincerely hope that it will go some way to reminding Crimsonites everywhere (at least those of the spirit to read it) of Sinfield's inspiriting importance to one of music's most memorable endeavours. Two comments in passing, if I may: I am curious as to your linking Pythagoras to ITWOP, I would imagine him more closely linked to ITCOTCK; and well done with the link between Demeter and Dionysus . . . "fer

Name: Lou Salvaggio (Homepage)
Country: US of ADate: Sun Apr 30 01:44:16 2000
Comment: Each age has a world gone never to be regained. The world Sinfield's poetry described is lost.

Crimson has moved to many another plane, but I still wistfully hearken to the first four albums.

Name: michael (Homepage)
Country: USADate: Fri Apr 21 23:03:16 2000
Comment: Great site! Keep up the good work!! Check out some of my writing when you have a chance. . . ;)

Name: Martin Spohr (Homepage)
Country: USDate: Thu Apr 20 04:16:54 2000
Comment: I came across your site in a search for material on the 12 archetypes, originally beginning with a video I watched with Joseph Campbell "The Heroes Journey". I remebered that "In the Wake" had the 12 archetypes on the cover and found the name Tammo de Jongh. Then your site came up and it was like finding a gold coin under a rock. I've always loved those first 4 Crimson albums, but I never knew that each was assigned to the 4 elements. Your words gave new life to my study into mythology. I am a 2

Name: Manfred Terlau (Homepage)
Country: GermanyDate: Tue Apr 18 19:24:05 2000
Comment: Where can I get Keith Tippett's Centipede from 1970?

Name: Andy (Homepage)
Country: UniversityDate: Wed Apr 12 20:21:15 2000
Comment: Looking for websites maded by students.
My website is a Classified Directory of Notes and Exams for Students, Teachers, Investigators, Professors, etc.

Buscando webs hechos por estudiantes.
Mi web es un Directorio Clasificado de Apuntes y Exmenes para Estudiantes, Profesores, Investigadores, Intelectuales, etc.

Name: Vladimir Nemet (Homepage)
Country: CroatiaDate: Fri Apr 7 11:26:30 2000
Comment: One Wonderful Site !

Name: Jerome Lanewood (Homepage)
Country: USADate: Thu Apr 6 16:57:35 2000
Comment: Hello there,
Could anyone tell me if I can find on CD:
Earthbound and USA as my vinyls are wearing out!
Many thanks

Name: Danilo Potpara (Homepage)
Country: yuDate: Mon Apr 3 10:55:27 2000

Name: Mark Norton (Homepage)
Country: USADate: Sat Apr 1 23:45:15 2000
Comment: What a wonderful site! It's going to take me a while to digest it all!

Name: DAVID WILD (Homepage)
Country: USADate: Sat Mar 25 18:50:09 2000
Comment: E-mail VH-1 TODAY : shows@vh1.com
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Name: Peter (Homepage)
Country: USADate: Sat Mar 11 02:04:37 2000
Comment: Dear Jon,

This is so awesome. I've been looking for a site like this for a long time. I've been Crimso fan since 1971. Please tell me if you are writing new material for your commentary of "King Crimson Lyrics". Congratulations for a job well done.


Name: pete shaw (Homepage)
Country: ukDate: Wed Mar 8 23:53:46 2000
Comment: beautiful words Peter,

"Silent he lies, he speaks from his eyes, his functions he can't fulfill.
Afrown on his brow, he speaks to us now, a ripple but otherwise still.

He's always aware of his mirrored stare, and his Heaven is turned into Hell.
The Butterfly flies and in silence he lies, trapped by the weight of the Diving bell."

I still listen to "Still", there's something special about much of that album, but after all this time I'm still not sure about "Wholefood"!

Name: Andrew Keeling (Homepage)
Country: UKDate: Sun Feb 27 09:43:14 2000
Comment: The multi-levels of meaning contained within Peter Sinfield's words for the first four King Crimson records is an incredible revelation. I was struck by Peter's references to Jung which, alone, has great potential for further research.

Name: Piero PIazza (Homepage)
Country: ItaliaDate: Sat Feb 19 13:57:44 2000
Comment: Hi Pete!
It is a wonderful day for me: I found your homepage on internet. Since years I follow your poetry, the Crimsons, ELP and 'wholefoods...! I got your poetry pink book (autographed by you9 fron Jan (at Manticore) years ago and I still read it nowadays.
If you have time and wish to contact me, I am now, apart from musical experience, into breeding and I called my dogs 'Altaloma' (do you remember! Pr

Name: Jesse Pellegrini (Homepage)
Country: USADate: Wed Feb 16 02:52:55 2000
I noticed also another Richard Palmer James error which was' this night wounds time', said in the FAQ section of elepant talk, it is said that that statement was taken from a bunch of words compiled together. Actually I recall it was taken from a Shakepearean sonnet in which a couple stayed up all night waiting to assasinate the king of some country and the night was going so slow that they said 'this night wounds time'. So I think that should have been cleared up in the FAQ section, bu

Name: rich chunky (Homepage)
Country: usaDate: Tue Feb 15 02:07:11 2000
Comment: Pete Sinfield and KC have always fascinated me since the late sixties. Besides the music, its the lyrical content which makes this music so unique. Its a shame that Fripp and Sinfield can't see eye to eye. I mean....imagine the music if they did!

Name: kozy (Homepage)
Country: japanDate: Mon Jan 24 14:02:37 2000
Comment: beautiful web....

Name: J.Charles (Homepage)
Country: U.S.A.Date: Sun Jan 16 07:35:44 2000
Comment: I wanted to sign your guestbook particularly as a
strong fan of King Crimson, which I've been ever since "In the Court" was released here in America.
For me personally, 2 concerts I saw at the Shaeffer Music Festival-(in Central Park) in 1973 and '74 changed my life... for one thing those Crimso concerts heightened my love for playing and eventually writing strongly for the band I've been working toward

Name: amilious (Homepage)
Country: Date: Sat Jan 8 21:46:24 2000
Comment: great site

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