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Song Soup On Sea
Guestbook Archive 2001

Name: Bill Van Wyck
E-mail address: wvanwyck@msn.com
Comments:This is my first visit to your site - certainly not my last. Thank you.
Monday, December 24th 2001 - 09:23:41 AM
Name: Matt S
E-mail address: perceptionsonore@hotmail.com
Homepage URL: http://www.mathieusoucy.cjb.net/
Comments:I salute you for your work Mr. Seinfield, i been a truly
fan of King Crimson since the first time i listened to it.
Epitaph and Moonchild still captivate me every time i listen to it because of the words on it. Your lyrics are a precious gift for a music lover and player like me!

There's some artists that cannot be imitated or copied by anyone, you're a member of that club.

Matt S - Quebec, Canada
Friday, December 21st 2001 - 10:52:00 AM
Name: Brian Desmot
E-mail address: brian@itecsonline.com
Homepage URL: http://www.itecsonline.com
Comments:I would like to share a story with you..

When I was 9 years old and living on a sail boat with my mother father and sister, I used to have reoccurring nightmares from listening to the crimson king. The nightmare back in those days, and due because I was only 9 years old, were simple but frightening. The dream was that covered myself with my bed sheet in my bedroom while I could hear a Fox slowly walking around in my bedroom with a heavy breathing sound searching for me.

I have not had that dream in over 10 years, nor have I even heard the music from the CK. I am 22 years old now, and for some reason remembered the tune from "I TALK TO THE WIND". I downloaded the song, and played it last night while I was about to go to sleep. Sure enough, I had a nightmare.. not the same as I did when I was 9 years old, this nightmare was much more complex and dark, but it had the same effect. I woke at 4am with sweat beads running down my face.

The power of music to revive memories and dreams long forgotten puts me in awe. I am so disappointed that music has turned into a frenzy of young girls in skirts and vehicles with 20 inch rims.

In any case, peace and love to all who remember.
Brian Desmot
Tuesday, December 18th 2001 - 09:41:57 AM
Name: jrpaint483
E-mail address: jrscape@hotmail.com
Comments:i found this site by typing "peter sinfield" into a search engine, today december 16th, 2001. the site is fantastic and well done. thank you for posting it for the people who appreciate lyrics that reach above and beyond the norm of what music has sadly become since the death of radio. (as i once knew it.)
Saturday, December 15th 2001 - 10:02:07 PM
Name: Peter Sinfield.
E-mail address: songsoup42@yahoo.com
Homepage URL: http://www.songsouponsea.com
Comments:When the black dog howls at my door you have no idea, as indeed you should not, that it is often most amazing glowful to read the charming, calm, quiet comments posted here regarding my early works and of course Jon's exploration and vast illustration of them. Thank you. Blessings, *PjS*

If I actually kept a diary. (i.e. apart from my lyrics) 2 weeks ago it might have said.

Recently returned from 3 days of happy madness in London. Thursday- I did a BBC2
interview for "I Love Xmas". A program to be shown on Xmas eve. I rambled for
more than an hour which should mean at least 3 minutes of my ho, ho waffle is
aired. The questions were wide ranging and well researched but I had to keep
remembering to include them in front of my answers. . . Q: So Peter who are the
'they' that said "There would be snow at Christmas and peace on earth? A: (2nd
take) - "Sometimes people wonder why the song IBIFC starts the way it does
with the lines...etc etc. and perhaps to find the reason you have to hear the last
line of the song, which I think people often miss, as the 60 piece orchestra and
30 piece choir reach a vast musical crescendo of hope for the future. And the line
is, "The Christmas we get we deserve...." as in, 'the government we get ..' and all
of those gray figures who again and again convince us to keep on dreaming while
their actions continually erode our innocence and grind down our amazement. . ."
Or words to that effect ... somewhere else I recall saying something about the
song was written in many layers and is actually all rather confusing. But, If you
look at it closely; Christmas is a very confusing Festival. There was much more.

Think I did OK. At least Amnesty get some dosh - Which is nice. & I get an unedited
copy of me at my oft noted, ahem, supercallmehalfamysticendlessrambalacious.
No time to be nervous...late, walked straight in and sat on the blue chair beneath
the 'tell us all' lights! You see, my best friend Nick visited, dragged and drove me
from my seaside womb (to break a mounting 21st Thyroid Man phobia!). To do the
above, appear at Sid's book signing and not the least see his new restaurant in
which I have, I am sure wisely, invested a few hard earned pounds of my pension.

The journey should have been a calm two and a half hourish drive. Hah! It was four
and a half hours of storm, rain, roaring monster trucks, jams and one lane///three
lane conesville hell. I have always been a very nervous passenger. You understand
now why the interview was in comparison relatively unstressed. One more thing.
Nick, in need of brunch, suggested that we stop briefly somewhere, as he put it.
'clean and cheerful', for a bite to eat. Which we did. MacDonalds are not famous for
their charitable deeds. So it was pleasing, as I prodded my food, to notice they, at
least it so appears, employ the sight-impaired to design & decorate their furniture.


On Friday - I signed hundreds of a new bio/book . . *In the Court Of King Crimson*
(+ albums, CD's, ...etc) with its author, Mr. Sid Smith, and four other distinguished
exish members of said infamous ensemble (plus a near as... P. Giles). We sat around
a small table, in a hot, claustrophobic nook of Helter Skelter's book shop.Though JW
since he arrived late, for he had been rehearsing, had to stand as he scribbled. No
chair for him! Nor as such for the many kind and patient souls who queued for our
all too brief attention. I say that but since I was a 'surprise' signer . . .although a
couple of people had copies of my old book ...hmm... very confusing? If smiles and
bright eyes speak louder than words, despite the discomfort, the shop was bathed
in a beaming uproar. To be sat at the table was a privilege. I am sure you could see,
despite my constant flow of bad jokes, the other chaps were also very happy and I
hope if you were there, and are reading this, you were as well. Yes its hard to tell
with Sid ;-) at least so he says in his diary. Now comes the curse of the follow up!
I apologise if I seemed to flee a bit rapidly.. I was rather overwhelmed, in need of
some air and ... well.. Phew.


Although I wouldn't tell Sid directly, since he is but an enormous Geordie Jongleur,
the book is actually rather good. There is even a photo of myself and dear Stephanie
on our wedding day, with whom plus others Sat'y night I ate, as you do, a fine curry.
The restaurant menu was eight pages long. The 'menus' in Sid's book are very much
longer. As I read its initial chapters I experienced a familiar thought. Namely, that
metaphorical or not, trousers with elastic waist bands are an excellent invention.


Ironically and sadly in passing I mention that George Harrison was often a patron
of 'Vijays', our chosen eaterie. - "May his curly slippers rest forever on some comfy
footstool in the shining, peaceful place which he was absolutely, beauteously sure,
would be his next, "its alright...", destination. Now he has heard the dark-hooded
conductor, lean on his scythe and murmur ,"THANK YOU MR. HARRISON, ER, GEORGE.
FAVORITE OF MINE." (apologies to Terry Pratchett) - What? OK. The restaurant
is in Willesden Lane on a corner 100 yds from Kilburn High Rd . .The food is from
Southern India. No tandori but magic Masala Dosas. Suggest booking which even
though we did, we still had the mild torture of watching others eating for1 hour.


During and in between all the above were chance meetings with friends old & new.
Fires rekindled, sins forgiven, dreams replenished, memories rewound, cars in wild
weather, callers cut off, Sum Dim Places visited, and the longest list of Fawlty
Flaws ever complied about a, so called, five star hotel. Including the shower that
was not, as I thought, off, but still running with liquid ice... catching my back and
as I leapt 3 foot, thrusting out the flailing hand, sprayed the whole 5* bathroom.
The mini bar full of lukewarm beer & yea no bottle opener. The air conditioning control,
with numerals, that having stretched on a chair to read, were Illegible. Leaving me to
guess whether in five minutes, I would be the occupant of a pink curtained sauna
or bit player in a cheap remake of Scott of the Antarctic. The list goes on, but I not.

This here epistle is a big thank you to many people and some in particular who in their
different ways, gave and took, to and from, knowingly and/or not, over 3 important
extraordinary days and nights. And finaly it is also my pleasure to sign off with the
hope that YOU receive er, somewhat more than "The Christmas That You Deserve." :-) .

Hasta La Futura,


(Written 15th December 2001 at a rather chilly SongSoupOnSea.)
Saturday, December 15th 2001 - 12:15:34 PM
Name: eric olague
E-mail address: leoselzter@aol.com
Comments:Always loved your work what else could I say that has'nt been told to you. Those first four albums take me places. A medevial stting for the first. Ancient Greece and a Pirate ship for the second. an eatern feel for the third. Except for the Bolaro's tale in which I used to feel I was in a black -n- white playing jazz in New york to the sadness of the insane clown of Big Top. And finally somehere remote in the late 19th century with the right girl for islands. I once painted a fiery comet set to Sailers Tail using of course Napthal Crimson. Well thats it hope ypour doing well. Sincerly Eric J olague
Thursday, November 29th 2001 - 04:57:20 PM
Name: Serge Girard
E-mail address: sjc_girard@hotmail.com
Comments:Very beautiful site! Congratulations...pity it didn't exist in the early years....

Still have joy in playing 'Moonchild', 'I talk to the wind',... as covers for my own group.

I wish you all the best and thank you very very much!

Serge Girard (47 years ,Belgium, Crimson lover since 1970)
Monday, November 26th 2001 - 12:00:39 PM
Name: Brian Kerr
E-mail address: briank68@blueyonder.co.uk
Homepage URL: http://www.morarcourt.com
Comments:Saw KC in Glasgow's Green's Playhouse when I was 14 and was only feet away from Mr Sinfield who was in box on the right of the circle operating lights etc. I love all the early stuff and it has survived the test of time. Lizard is probably my favourite album, with Cirkus my fav track. Is Stillusion, which I suspect is the re-release of the original 70's album on CD, readily available? I have not seen it in any Glasgow record shops.

All the best Peter

Friday, November 9th 2001 - 05:00:42 AM
Name: Thomas Gäfvert
E-mail address: thomas@gafvert.com
Comments:Aaah This is amazing. I've loved your music ever since i heard "In the court..." for the first time on my radio. I'm over 50 now and trying to get hold of a copy of "stillution". I wish you all the best.

Thomas from Karlstad Sweden.
Wednesday, November 7th 2001 - 03:30:12 PM
Name: Robert berwick
E-mail address: loonyrob@eagle-access.net
Comments:the first time i heard court of the crimson king i was 16 now i am 45 and i still wonder at is's deapth and having found this site im even more awed by peter
Saturday, September 29th 2001 - 06:45:47 PM
Name: kent brosveen
E-mail address: matthewkind@hotmail.com
Comments:Is there a working script from which the dream and the illusion is played?
What do you think about the statements that claim a relationship between Frederick II and KC?
Is it true that the primary impetus for your vision was to
clarify the boudaries and functions of insight and imagination.i.e. imagination with a lowercase i.
Friday, September 28th 2001 - 05:32:47 PM
Name: jerwhit
E-mail address: jerwhit@hotmail.com
Comments:Pete, I hope that all is well with you, and also with Jon. I trust you are preparing some sort of response for us and we shall hear from you soon...In good faith, jerwhit
Wednesday, September 26th 2001 - 09:36:01 AM
Name: oldman
E-mail address: oldman@pathfindermail.com
Homepage URL: http://expage.com/antwerp
Comments:great site. my compliments on a job well done.
Wednesday, September 26th 2001 - 05:55:18 AM
Name: Michael Townsend
E-mail address: dads@att.net
Comments:I was searching for some KC/Fripp related material and decided to check this site - much to my surprise I discovered that you're (the site at least) based in Aldeborough! I lived there in the latter half of 1976 - lived in a house called "Stanny." Pretty posh. I was a waiter at the White Lion, too!

Anyway, I remain a fan and am glad to see you're still going strong in this time when magic is becoming so increasingly scarce. Carry on...and give my regards to the Life Boat!

Michael Townsend
Portland, Maine USA

Tuesday, September 25th 2001 - 12:39:20 PM
Name: Vonorn
E-mail address: vonorn@bellatlantic.net
Comments:Well Peter I must say when I read the lyrics to Crt of the Crms Kng and 21 st szh schoid man.. In light of these ghastly WTO bombings...did you you have prophetic dreams?are you related to any past shamans who could look in the future thru sleeping visions.
IMO it seems you were seeing forward to these days of.. happy family one hand clap..only the hand holds a hand grenade now.
Peter your work has always been a great inspiration to me...so my friend, I live about 20 miles from ground zero and I plan on sharing your words, with folks who are taking this as if this is just another day, in a bit rumpled and dusty New York...not seeing, they have to crawl a cracked and broken path. Well I hope we can make it, and sit back and laugh, but I fear tomorow the world will be crying...I can here the weeping of the lost souls as far as 20 miles away the silence of the dead is deafening. thank you for streching my young brain many moons ago.
Peace Vonorn
Wednesday, September 19th 2001 - 05:43:02 AM
Name: Dan Turner
E-mail address: dlturner@bellsouth.net
Homepage URL: http://www.geocities.com/kgdean.geo/turner/michael.html
Comments:After all the years, I find myself returning to some quiet, gentler days of a quieter, gentler youth. I found a great deal of comfort & youthful awe of the world in your works of that time. As an impressionable young lad they will always be with me.

I find the balm that I need by returning to those times, music and lyrics of "Peace-An End." I wish more impressionable young men and elderly gents would take the time to listen to this tune.

It always did me some good. Sorry it took 30 years, but thank you Mr. Sinfield.

Dan Turner
Conyers, Georgia-USA
Sunday, September 16th 2001 - 01:53:31 PM
Name: josh
E-mail address: tokestar_420
Thursday, September 13th 2001 - 12:01:53 PM
Name: Daniel Kerr
E-mail address: dankerr@xtra.co.nz
Comments:I recently purchased CIRKUS - the young person's guide to (live) king crimson. I loved it and I am currently building my collection. I am 18 years old and a big fan of TOOL. I hope more youngsters are allowed the opportunity to experience the legend.
Where is the art in music now? Must I look to the past to find creative, exciting, thinking music?
Sunday, September 9th 2001 - 04:23:30 AM
Name: jerwhit
E-mail address: jerwhit@hotmail.com
Comments:Greetings to Peter, Jon and to all Dreambook Readers:
I hope everyone is enjoying good health and is able to make the most of it. I'm pleased you added a discussion forum; I'll need to learn how best to make use of the editing possibilities the forum offers. In the meantime, I invite you all to read "the very long post" (diatribe, actually); and related correction located in the forum section on the newly launched "Ladies of the Lake" website(homepages.about.com/valseven/ladiesofthelake).
I hope that my comments contribute to the overall discussion found on this website, and I welcome any additional comments, either by e-mail or through the forum or guestbook (please note that e-mail is subject to accidental deletion!) Peter, you seem to lead an interesting and rather introspective life (sure beats the heck out of defending the Empire, eh?). As you know, this isn't the first time I've contacted you. This time, however, I seasoned my words with the savory herb of good will and I hope the results therewith are more to your liking. Bridgebuilding, anyone? (I always wanted to learn how to play bridge).......
Friday, August 31st 2001 - 12:19:11 PM
Name: David Trujillo
E-mail address: sicotik27@yahoo.com
Comments:king crimson always kings
Tuesday, August 28th 2001 - 10:16:19 PM
Name: Peta Lee
E-mail address: peta@petalee.com
Tuesday, August 28th 2001 - 05:18:50 PM
E-mail address: BOBLEN@.prodigy.com
Comments:Congratulations is one of the most beatiful thing that i ever had read in the net I hope you to let me Know about others works like these.
Monday, August 20th 2001 - 06:59:08 PM
Name: Don
E-mail address: raincoater@my-deja.com
Comments:Great site. Finding a site like this is heartening and reminds me of what the Web is and should really be about. Thanks for sharing your labor of love.
Sunday, August 19th 2001 - 11:29:06 PM
Name: Juan José Aja
E-mail address: juaja@hotmail.com
Comments:amazing. Someone carves in his soul and shatters the orb he finds inside it, just to give each piece to everyone. Thanx for making the light that reveals a world apparently hidden in the words and music; it was there,the whole time. We shall learn to listen, soon. thanx for your patience, both of you.
Tuesday, August 14th 2001 - 03:07:35 PM
Name: Andrew Keeling
E-mail address: agk@onetel.net.uk
Comments:Reading back the previous 'signing' (the bit about the
eternal abode) sounded pretty final. It wasn't meant
Friday, August 10th 2001 - 01:35:39 AM
Name: Andrew Keeling
E-mail address: agk@onetel.net.uk
Comments:Just re-visited PtP after some time away. Incredible
transformation, particularly with the addition of the final
chapters. Keep up the good work, Jon! Question: what next?
Hello, Peter! I hope that we'll begin to climb in due
course - maybe, even, the tree to the eternal abode? - and
for potential bread the next stop, on the upward path, is
Friday, August 10th 2001 - 01:29:21 AM
Name: mikee
E-mail address: polarpiggsll@aol.com
Comments:promenade the puzzle-what a wonderous piece of writing!!!
keep it coming.
Tuesday, August 7th 2001 - 07:54:32 AM
Name: Anthony Perrin
E-mail address: anthony.perrin@btinternet.com
Comments:Dear Peter
After many years of listening to (and being amazed by) your
lyrics (and being a big fan of 1970s PFM) you can't begin
to imagine my amazement when my ex girlfriend, and still
one of my dearest friends, turned out to be your niece. Yes
Joanna, daughter of Robin and Jackie. It was a wonderful
surprise and she certainly is a special lady. I love the
site and send you my very best wishes.
Friday, August 3rd 2001 - 05:09:35 PM
Name: Carter Kaplan
E-mail address: kplnf@aol.com

Where are ya, man? Drop me a note?

Saturday, July 28th 2001 - 09:27:15 AM
Name: Peter Sinfield
E-mail address: songsoup42@yahoo.com
Comments:Hi Joshua,

Artist- Chayanne: Album - "Atado a Tu Amor": Track "Soy Como un Nino"

(The sweet Spanish adaptation is by the much esteemed - Luis Gomez Escolar.)

You can hear a snatch of it on Amazon.com (search for above artist and album etc.)
And even read a translation of the adaptation. (.... 'Spanish Whispers?') at
< http://www.chayfans.org/lyrics/atado/como_nino.htm>


Thursday, July 26th 2001 - 07:49:14 PM
Name: joshua
E-mail address: wildriff@hotmail.com
Comments:Hi folks,

I live in Mexico City and recently heard a Spanish-language
version of "Looking Through the Eyes of a Child" at a
popular bar here.

Does anyone know the name of the band/artist that covers
it, and what the name of the song is in Spanish?

Many thanks!
Sunday, July 22nd 2001 - 09:58:07 PM
Name: john trygar
E-mail address: trygar@kiski.net
Comments:The only guarantee in life is change.
Monday, July 9th 2001 - 06:00:50 AM
Name: Cleophas Revelation
E-mail address: videos@holy-secrets.com
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Saturday, June 30th 2001 - 08:56:50 PM
Name: Christopher Leadem
E-mail address: cleadem@msn.com
Homepage URL: http://communities.msn.com/freelit
Comments:Dear Peter Sinfield:

Grew up to your lyrics, tried to e-mail you, no response. Oh, well. If you and your readers would like to read my best novel---"Ariel," about the fall of Rome and the onset (onslaught, really) of the Dark Ages---you may do so by visiting my free website at http://communities.msn.com/freelit

Keep writing,

Christopher Leadem
Sunday, June 10th 2001 - 04:51:07 PM
Name: rich chunky
E-mail address: rchunky@aol.com
Comments:Jon has really put together a masterpiece. Thanks for all your hard work and endless research. I myself have always regarded Peter as the #1 poet and lyrist of all time. Lets hope that another alblum with Lake and even artist like Mel collins get together and perform their magic. Peace.
Friday, May 25th 2001 - 08:36:39 PM
Wednesday, May 23rd 2001 - 01:46:15 PM
Name: kitty343534353
Tuesday, May 22nd 2001 - 03:50:56 PM
Name: Neil Ingram
E-mail address: neil.ingram@tesco.net
Comments:Well, as I live and breathe. Which are more important to me, my lungs or my heart?

Peter and Jon, "May you stay forever young".
Tuesday, May 15th 2001 - 10:53:53 AM
Name: Alan Charles
E-mail address: existence@blackpearl.qc.ca
Homepage URL: http://www.blackpearl.qc.ca
Comments:Hmmm... What can I write here? That I've been a fan for years? Nah... I only have In The Court Of The Crimson King and Brain Salad Surgery. That I'm a fan of your lyrics? I do find them interesting but as I said to one reporter that was asking if I wrote lyrics or music first: Music always comes first. I don't see why lyricists get 50% of the songs rights. If words were as important as the music, we would hear poems on the radio. What draws your attention toward a song? The music first, always. If the tune is good then we listen to the lyrics, hoping that the bastard can write something coherent. Peter Sinfield, you are a great poet. King Crimson's music without your words would be meaningless but still pleasant! Peter Sinfield, you're one crazy guy! I might go oout and buy more of your work. I think I just became a fan.
Thursday, May 10th 2001 - 12:19:25 PM
Name: Tim Gainer
E-mail address: Timgainer@yahoo.com
Comments:Hello Peter -
You know, for years I had heard that your history had taken on a likeness not unlike that of Syd Barret. After cruising the site, it's an absolute reief to find that these rumours are unfounded!

A thought: How 'bout an occasional update on the site as to what'cher up to these days? Even if it's just a blurb on how you're doing in general? Just a thought...

Continued success to you and your work..
Monday, May 7th 2001 - 06:21:22 AM
Name: bouramia joseph
E-mail address: bouramia@cs.com
Comments:mr. sinfield
the origin of the crimson king had been a mystery to me
until yesterday. thanks to you an added dimension of
western nature has been clarified. bil 'sabab in its arabic
meaning signifies "in the cause of".
what cause or aim you had in mind? i would ask you.
king crimson played for me in the terrible and deadly
nights of fighting in Lebanon, 1975-1978. for me it is
associated with western explosives power, used against the
east. contrary and similarly to the times of king Richard
II. under the same sky, the same sun the same moon.
i shall enjoy reading all you have on the site. thanks for
sharing your knowledge this way. opening up our hearts for
compassion is the best gift anyone can give or get. dreams
are thoughts that were sleeping and have woken up.
thank you.
Tuesday, May 1st 2001 - 03:01:05 PM
Name: Victor
E-mail address: the_alchemist@neuralalchemy.com
Homepage URL: http://www.neuralalchemy.com
Comments:This is truly an incredible piece of work!
I have always enjoyed King Crimson and have often heard
many of their philosophies and sentiments echoed in my
personal favorite band TOOL. These pages clarify so much.
Thank you for posting them!
Saturday, April 28th 2001 - 08:03:01 AM
Name: fernando pilan
E-mail address: fernandopilan@hotmail.com
Comments:still...................I am hearing all that sounds since
68´and reading the words that make me think about other
things in this world and maybe outside this world.
Peter ,I´m Spanish and I´m so happy to find your website
and leave a humble sign on your Dreambook......Best wishes!
Thursday, April 26th 2001 - 01:12:09 PM
Name: Dan Lightfoot
E-mail address: dan_lightfoot@sympatico.ca
Homepage URL: http://homepages.about.com/cptncapricorn/danlightfoot/
Comments:Absolutely fasinating! I have been a forever fan of the
Mystical Kingdom of Crimson and all the denizens of those
audio/visual spheres. Your insights and research have
enhanced the experience. It has shucked off the clouded,
hashish-induced shallowness of "you got to listen to this
man...you'll freak".
I have made a link from my sight to your's via Pete's STILL
album cover. "The art is the life"
Saturday, April 21st 2001 - 07:37:05 PM
Name: bill joseph flynn
E-mail address: heidrun_krebs@yahoo.de
Comments:Wonderful website..the work of an advanced soul.The Song Of
The Sea Goat got me hooked,in fact the whole atmosphere
of 'Still' was unforgettable on first hearing and reminded
me of sessions I played in London at that time in Kingsway.
The lyrics are really wonderful.Best Wishes in all that you
do and thanks so much for enriching my life with your work.
bill joseph flynn-Wolfenbuettel,Germany
Friday, April 20th 2001 - 12:24:29 PM
Name: Brian Kerr
E-mail address: briank68@blueyonder.co.uk
Homepage URL: http://www.morarcourt.com
Tuesday, April 17th 2001 - 12:18:42 PM
Name: Tim Jones
E-mail address: pendro@email.com
Homepage URL: http://www.fflintcentral.co.uk
Comments:I'm speechless! Fantastic site!

I was brought up with the first three King Crimson albums-
I'm forty years old now and producing avant-electronic
All my imaginations and innermost goals were formulated with
Mr.Sinfields' lyrics and the music which complemented them-

Hail the King!
Thursday, April 5th 2001 - 04:34:53 PM
Name: Gerry Mosby
E-mail address: gerrymosby@rivalmusic.com
Homepage URL: http://www.mystiqueandidentity.com
Comments:King Crimson's album, 'Lizard' was and still is one of my
favourite song cycles, even though I had no idea about the
genesis of the lyrics. Now, after reading these wonderfully
researched and crossreferenced notes, I feel like a fan
reborn! Kudos to all involved for renewing my faith, both
in the written word, and in the power of music to change
one's state.
'Lizard', in particular, stands as a testament to the
magickal pairing of Robert Fripp and Peter Sinfield.
Long may they live in our hearts and minds.

Wednesday, April 4th 2001 - 03:00:53 PM
Name: Adam (AdaMM) Zbiejczuk
E-mail address: adamm@rawthings.com
Homepage URL: http://rawthings.com/adamm/
Comments:hi, i've found this page, when i just - for fun -
type "kundalini+uroborus" into google. and here we go -
this is one of the most interesting sites i've found
lately - it's not just the enormous amount of texts, but i
find truly great all the links here... since i'm not a
friend of the group (actually hadven't heard one song i'm
afraid), for me it's The place for various wicked links to
weird pages :) thus - Big Thanks for your work...
Monday, March 26th 2001 - 05:29:29 AM
Name: chris miah
E-mail address: www.chrismiah@hotmail.com
Friday, March 23rd 2001 - 05:26:48 AM
Name: A. kverko
E-mail address: kverko@latinmail.com
Comments:nothing could be compared with feelings that kc cause on me
Tuesday, March 20th 2001 - 07:48:29 AM
Name: DAVY
E-mail address: DAVIESZONE@AOL.COM
Monday, March 19th 2001 - 01:41:20 AM
Name: Frederick Serafim
E-mail address: frederickserafim@home.com
Homepage URL: http://stations.mp3s.com/stations/164/fredericks_fantasy.html
Comments:For anyone that is interested I've taken the time to
assemble graphics and descriptions of the harum and court
of Frederick II. Just click on my homepage.
Sunday, March 18th 2001 - 05:10:05 AM
Name: Rick Whitehurst
Comments:Bah?..........As in Bah Humbug?
Friday, March 16th 2001 - 08:27:53 AM
Name: ycantibu
E-mail address: ycantibu@hotmail.com
Homepage URL: http://www.happinessinslavery.com

a greg lake fan checking in...nice site...gotta get those
lyrics posted tho :)
Wednesday, March 14th 2001 - 09:18:45 PM
Name: Carter Kaplan
E-mail address: kplnf@aol.com
Homepage URL: http://Haveacupofteainstead
Comments:Allow me to punctuate my point with the image of Alexander
cutting the knot. Song that can be cut is not song, but mere
myth. Indeed, our poetry cuts the knot. Wittgenstein said,
"I want to let the fly out of the bottle." Here our song

Wednesday, March 14th 2001 - 07:57:53 AM
Name: Carter Kaplan
E-mail address: kplnf@aol.com
Homepage URL: http://orange.cc.ny.us/EAFL/carterkaplan.shtml
Comments:Hmm. Lots of fun speculating and developing creative
exegesis but Jung is a fraud at the end of the day, folks.
Sorry, it's just that there is real stuff to learn. Leave
the hocus pocus to the sleepy head, but wake up wake up
when the alarm goes tic tac in the morning. The Crimson
King is the sun. When we wake up he is there, his court is
the light of the living day, it's not so bad unless it's
not day after all and you're still reading by moonlight.
It's a lot like Poe's Masque of the Red Death. The red
death is the flesh and blood that "congeals" round our
astral faces when we awaken each morning in our bodies, or
the red acne we get on our faces when we go through
puberty - another rude awakening. Anyhow, read my book,
CRITICAL SYNOPTICS (try the linkto view the pretty cover
and a blurbbbb) and I shall teach you much more interesting
and magical things than Herr Jung could ever offer.
Friday, March 9th 2001 - 10:44:04 PM
Name: Gugu (pronounced Goo Goo)
E-mail address: maduna@iafrica.com
Comments:didn't have the lyrics by barbara dixon for caravan but it
didn't matter.?!@#~$%^&*()_+!@#$%^&890@3$567
Friday, March 9th 2001 - 07:57:13 AM
Name: Frederick Serafim
E-mail address: frederickserafim@home.com
Homepage URL: http://stations.mp3s.com/stations/164/the_big_stars_defer_to_fr1.html
Comments: I've been enjoying Jon's site for some months now and
have talked with him regarding the synchronous interplay
between Peter's lyrics and the life of Frederick II.
However, my research indicates to me that there was perhaps
a slightly greater element of humour in the court of the
crimson king. On my homepage I will elaborate.
Thursday, March 8th 2001 - 03:50:52 PM
Name: Frederick Serafim
Homepage URL: http://stations.mp3s.com/stations/164/the_big_stars_defer_to_fr1.html
Comments: I've been enjoying Jon's site for some months now and
have talked with him regarding the synchronous interplay
between Peter's lyrics and the life of Frederick II.
However, my research indicates to me that there was perhaps
a slightly greater element of humour in the court of the
crimson king. On my homepage I will elaborate.
Thursday, March 8th 2001 - 03:49:03 PM
Name: myron blakely
E-mail address: JenLArt@postsmart.net
Comments:I enjoy(ed) this website very much, it is my first time to visit. Having listened to the Lizard album many times, I enjoy all the
refernces here that illuminate these series of albums that I have almost readily at hand in Memory. I enjoy the writings of
Ousensky and of Rumi (where I can find them). and appreciate aditional texts that I have not contemplated. much praise to
the work represented here and I hope yo visit again. I am glad that Peter Sinfield work can now be explored outside therealm
of the pop and rock charts where I initially discovered his King Crimson Work. Thank You. myron blakely
Thursday, March 8th 2001 - 01:28:04 AM
Name: Thomas Marsden
E-mail address: allhailtom@aol.com
Comments:I'm only 16 but i've been into KC for abou two years. I
especially enjoy "Islands" and In the "Wake of Posiedon".
Monday, March 5th 2001 - 05:27:06 AM
Name: Rick Whitehurst
E-mail address: whitehur@earthlink.net
Homepage URL: http://recordhead.net
Comments:Bravo..... Enjoyed your playful posting on DGM. I've looked
over this site very thouroughly time and again and I really
enjoy it. Why dont you write Bob and the boys a tune or two?

Would you consider being interviewed via 10 e-mailed
questions for an article about you in Recordhead.net?
Perhaps a photo? You can advertise or sell anything you want
on my site in exchange for answering 10 (soft) questions!

Sincerely.....Rick Whitehurst
somewhere in California.
Sunday, March 4th 2001 - 05:40:11 PM
Name: Peter Stone
Homepage URL: http://soundsichiban.com
Comments:I really like the writing within this area of the world
wide web:
A glance at a past,
a disregard for a past,
an involvement in the present,
and a direction for the future.

You inspire me.
Thank you.
Sunday, March 4th 2001 - 04:09:39 PM
Name: Humberto Garcia Garrido
E-mail address: none
Homepage URL: http://none yet
Comments:I m almost 50 years old, a King Crimson fan since my youth,
Friday, March 2nd 2001 - 05:23:13 AM
Homepage URL: http://www.cdbaby.com/muddfoot
Tuesday, February 27th 2001 - 04:31:15 PM
Name: uioyutfyb hsntrhtrumd
E-mail address: udmtdiyu tim7i
Homepage URL: http://an754.scribble.nu/
Comments:great site!
Saturday, February 24th 2001 - 10:36:55 PM
Name: Antonio Magrini
E-mail address: amgrini@katamail.com
Comments:I love your work (your lyrics). Antonio
Friday, February 23rd 2001 - 05:09:12 AM
Name: mike schneider
E-mail address: polarpiggs@aol.com
Comments:promanade the puzzle-fantastic
Monday, February 19th 2001 - 08:56:02 AM
Name: Peter Sinfield (Homepage)
Country: UKDate: Thu Feb 15 15:51:32 2001
Comment: ìThe reason is obvious - words make you think thoughts. Music makes you feel a feeling. But a song makes you feel a thought. Thatís the great advantage to feel the thought. You rarely feel a thought with just dialogue itself. And thatís why song is the most powerful weapon there is. You can teach more through song and you can rouse more through song than all the prose in the world or all the poemsî. Yip Harwood

Name: PMR (Homepage)
Country: Chicago, IL , Date: Tue Feb 13 11:11:02 2001
Comment: Peter Sinfield ; Boz;Mel; Michael & Peter Giles ;
Greg Lake; Gordon; Ian McDonald... "STILL" ...

Name: neil ingram (Homepage)
Country: N Somerset, UKDate: Mon Feb 12 11:32:43 2001
Comment: well guys - 'if you try the best you can, then the best you can is good enough'

Always a fabulous site.


Name: Phill (Homepage)
Country: ukDate: Sun Feb 11 01:43:24 2001
Comment: I note Peter was "whelmed" rather than committing himself to "under..." or "over...". Me, too. Fascinating drivel! The point about the lyrics is that they're evocative, not some sort of code hiding some mysterious "real" message. They suggest all sorts of interpretations. I've always heard them as surrealist lyrics using romantic fantasy images. But that's just me. boogie on down...

Name: David Allen Jones (Homepage)
Country: US of ADate: Sat Feb 10 02:23:13 2001
Comment: as an unrepentant devotee of Sinfield's wordsmithing for well nigh 25 years and counting, I have often found myself at a loss trying to describe and explain my fascination with the man's words and ideas...often being greeted with skepticsm and/or complete ignorance. Imagine my delight to have found a site like this, which not only collects and enlightens, but opens up a whole new world of which I was totally unaware, or ignorant, if you will. A million million thanks for this site, and the read

Name: Christian Ulf-Hansen (Homepage)
Country: Date: Wed Feb 7 11:25:53 2001
Comment: Thought I would brush up on my cult of Peter. You still suprise me everytime you old bugger. I love Lyrics. When is THE Book going to come and do I get a mention? Christian

Name: Enrique Navarrete (Homepage)
Country: MÈxicoDate: Fri Feb 2 17:41:19 2001
Comment: Beautifull site

Name: Webmaster of Art-Archive (Homepage)
Country: The Internet ;)Date: Wed Jan 31 13:34:09 2001
Comment: Just wanted to say Hi! I really liked your page and I was wondering if you could add my link to it... Check my homepage at: http://www.artarchive.cjb.net

Name: Eduardo Moraz (Homepage)
Country: BrazilDate: Mon Jan 29 21:32:31 2001
Comment: A Web location made with pure love. Thank you very much.

Name: jimmy gisclair (Homepage)
Country: USADate: Sat Jan 20 04:12:36 2001
Comment: Feels Like Home.
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