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The Purpose of Love
by Richard Gardner


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The Elements

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    THE EVOLUTION OF CONSCIOUSNESS, when put into practice, will be the greatest and most comprehensive enterprise ever undertaken by humanity, embracing all known subjects; those lost in the antiquity of time and others not yet born. The only way we can face the enormity of the task is by an outlook of innocence, which then allows many realizations to grow within us. A closed mind kills innocence.

    In the last chapter I dealt with the necessity for reviving practices which took place in the temples when religions were more alive than the meaningless 'services' we have today. It is not only inside the temple that one needs to be vigilant; the practice of self-awareness should apply also to one's daily activities, one's work and one's play. These two activities have become meaningless and detached from their raison d'etre. I would like to remind my readers of the true purpose of work and the meaning and place of the theatre in our lives.

    Nowadays work is regarded as something one does to make a living. In truth it is nothing of the kind. Work is what one does to evolve and refine the particular channel of consciousness which governs that activity. If one does it well and increasingly better, one is doing what that channel needs and many secrets will reveal themselves to one who works at anything in this way.

    The reason why work is so detached from its meaning is because we live in a world dominated by the elements of consciousness, earth and air. The dynamic elements (fire and water) tend to be suppressed unless we are at war, although these are the very elements which, in their correct proportions within us, give longer life and more energy. Dullness marks the town or country where they are lacking. In our social structure which respects only the two non-vital elements, air and earth, our values are connected only with these. Earth demands wealth and all that goes with it. Was there ever an age when we had so much and continued to demand more? We respect wealth and possessions in a world dominated by the element earth. Therefore work seeks wealth rather than refinement of character. The other dominant element, air, governs the intellect, so we appoint the intellectuals to teach us, respect them and heed them, not noticing apparently that the intellect is only a detached form of learning and does not give wisdom. The wise man has become extinct in our time. There is no demand for him, or any idea that he can exist. If one could be found, his ideas would be dismissed as childish imagination, or as being out of touch with the times; such is the superficiality of our age.

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    Plays live and 'canned' tend nowadays to be used only as a diversion from the rather dull, boring lives of most of the people who watch them. They are even dubbed 'escapism'. What a fall from their noble origin! They were born in the temples and used as a means of revealing truth to the people, like the parables in the New Testament. There is no play or story of real quality which does not do this today, but because we live in an age where even the thought that we can advance towards truth and perfection is non-existent, plays are called escapism and almost no one receives their message. Certainly no one acts upon the enlightenment they give. Lack of spirit and courage is usually the reason for this. It takes courage to act differently from the herd. Our further evolution will take us out of the confines of the herd into individual development and expression.

    Humanity is certainly at a very low ebb just now, and many of us are in an almost deadened state. This is very dangerous for us. We can be sure that as long as we sleep some terrible catastrophe will sooner or later occur to awaken us, such lifelessness is not allowed in nature. H. G. Wells was terrified by the deadliness in his time and it has grown worse since, as he said it would. (See The Time Machine) This book shows the logical fate of people who just blindly follow the herd and authority. To evolve we can- not rely on herds and officialdom, neither are interested in our enlightenment. We can rely only upon ourselves, until such time as we have a body of people like a priesthood, who are properly instructed in the subject and dedicated to our wellbeing.

    Another barrier to our evolution is caused by the fact that we are largely the victims of him who speaks first. If we are to advance we must do something about this. Our present state of real development seems little better than that of a young gosling. For example, if a football, say, is rolled past the gosling as it breaks out of the egg, it thinks the football is its mother and follows it. If this situation were not true of us, it would have been impossible for the Jesuits or Hitler to have said 'Give me a child for the first seven years and anyone can have it afterwards'. We must watch the mechanism in us which compulsively contradicts information that does not agree with our first conditioning. This tendency shows that we have not bothered to check the veracity of what we have been told first, or what we are told later, despite the fact that Jesus says 'The Truth shall make you free'.

    The best present day example of the mechanism at work is the doctrine of the anti-sexual god propagated by the church and sustained by the establishment and public alike. It does not seem to make any difference whether such people call themselves atheists or not, they still support these anti-life values. Such is the power of those who speak first, and such is the tenacity with which we hold onto various 'footballs' we have been offered down the ages, that we have killed or tried to kill anyone who doubted their reality.

    As no further real evolution can take place in us as long as we sustain an anti-sexual 'football', it is best to labour the point a little. The present situation is somewhat like this: the child is fed into an educational machine that loses no time in telling it that its Heavenly Father is some kind of vicious anti-sexual monster in the sky. They do not mention Heavenly Mother, as mothers are not popular in our patriarchal time. The Roman Catholics are a little better in this respect, though they rigorously suppress female values. Strangely enough this anti-sexual 'football' is also called the Creator. The child only has to look around and see that all living things are produced by a very pro-sexual Creator. It is also clear that if this Creator stopped being pro- sexual, life would soon be at an end in all its forms. However well he sees this, the weight of the herd opinion around him makes it wellnigh impossible for him to turn and worship his real father and mother, the very real pro-life force that animates him and everything else. The child becomes divided from its true vision and understanding as a result, and cannot engage himself totally with what is being taught.

    What trouble we have with the phrase 'Everybody knows' and what a ridiculous, meaningless phrase it is! It would be far truer to say 'Nobody knows'. To advance, do not be wielded by either phrase, you might meet someone who does know. We have only to look at history to see the ridiculous nonsense that 'Everybody knew' from one epoch to another.

    There are three great differences between established religion and the way of evolving consciousness: One, it does not promise pie in the sky when you die, but actual mental, emotional and physical improvements. Two, evolution must have Love for its God and is therefore pro-life which is pro-sex. Three, equally important, it must invite questions and seek ever better and truer answers. The church dislikes sex questions. The way of evolution will put an end to conditioning and remind us that later information may be more correct than earlier, helping us also to keep our minds clear and unsullied from imagining we have the correct information already.

    Another negative effect that comes from following 'footballs' is our inability to HEAR anything but authority speaking to us. Authority, by having hold us a 'football', has by that very fact destroyed our confidence in our own judgment. From then on we tend to leave judgment and direction to it, paying it far more attention than we pay to individuals. In fact we live in an age where one human being can no longer truly hear another. This must be the loneliest time in all our history. Yet enlightenment can come from anyone, anywhere at any time; the man at your elbow in the pub, the old woman who does the washing, a child or the village 'idiot'. All of these from time to time say something con- taining real enlightenment for us. As a rule they are disregarded and not even heard because they are not 'authority' speaking. Where was born the myth that authority knows anything about enlightenment? When has it shown any in the last five hundred years? The record is that authority has invariably persecuted those who had any. Many of the masters I have drawn upon for this subject have been respectively crucified, poisoned, tortured, have died in prison, or been totally neglected, and this right up to and includ- ing the present day.

    That authority should have enlightenment is of course true, but it has been said that an enlightened authority would be quickly destroyed by the populace, enraged by being woken up. Many changes will have to be made before we can have guidance from the top that is of any real use to us.

    Our regard for one another is a very important aspect of evolu- tion. The subtleties of this regard are beautifully expressed in our fairy stories: some unpleasant entity casts the prince or princess into an animal form, where he or she stays until recognized by some other perceptive prince or princess; after this recognition the person takes on his or her true shape. To be recognized by another person for what we are in our deeper selves will give us our true identity. In the Four Gospels Jesus is recognized several times, at birth by the three astrologers, later by John the Baptist, and then by two disciples, one thief, a Roman centurion and others. At our stage of evolution we hardly ever really see anyone. As long as we treat each other as no more than the half animal we see upon the surface, the real human being remains imprisoned and cannot manifest himself to transform his being or body. In truth, at the present time, when we speak to each other we do not know in whose presence we are. Constant goodwill will do much to open our eyes to one another's potentialities.

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    The alchemy of our universe is composed of various mixtures of the four elements. These elements in their finest energy form are either conscious, or conductors of consciousness. Some mixture of these in grosser or finer form is in everything we see and know all round us. Therefore the more we know about each element the more we know about everything in the universe. Think of them as the four primary energies that give rise to thought, behaviour and, lower on the scale, all that exists in the material universe. Symbols of them are associated with each of the Four Gospels. Very considerable work has been done on them in the past and there is a worthy revival of interest in them at present, identifying their individual nature, colour, sound and behaviour, all of which is very promising and an important approach to knowledge. Part Two introduces this subject in some detail and also includes a means of showing and describing the twelve 'channels' of consciousness; the basic fabric of all there is to be known.

    Another tremendous possibility that comes from the true knowledge that all existence is the result of vibrations of the four elements is that these elements have sounds. This means that we can be sure that with work we can rediscover the original great tongue, the great language we had before the Tower of Babel fell (such stories in the Bible can be taken literally or as a means of conveying a truth), the truly universal language. At present we have no adequate language in any tongue. More and more frequently one hears complaints about the inadequacy of words. This is only logical since we have lost the real words at Babel and have done little to rediscover them since.

    The great and exciting task of rebuilding the original tongue will begin by a series of trial and error experiments, trying to imitate the pure sound of one element after another, until we begin to get results. The Sufi Message by Hazrat Inayat Khan is a good guide to the sound of elements.

    Needless to say some results will be quite striking, for it is quite possible that if one were able to pronounce the exact sound of the elemental composition of any object, one could change that object in all kinds of ways. The miracles of Jesus might well be an example of this phenomena.

    There is no point in thinking such progress would be dangerous in the 'wrong hands'. Be sure that a person with destructive intent just could not make the right sound vibrations to have any far reaching effect. His being would not have sufficient quality. To make the really powerful sounds we would have to become like excellent musical instruments. This degree of quality could only be achieved by creative intent.

    There are already in existence many wonderful examples of beautiful designs made solely by the human voice on suitable soft material. (See Web of the Universe by E. L. Gardner.) This is only a clue as to the wonders that await us when we really know how to speak.

    To look at some noises in the English and French languages at the moment, take the words, humanity, humidity, humour, humus. All these words are directly associated with some aspect of the element water. If by chance the 'hume' sound in English or the 'oom' sound in French, are near the correct sound for these manifestations of water, we have made a good start with which to continue experiments. We can go on with 'hume' and 'oom' sounds for everything which we know to have a large water content until we get a result. If not start again with another set of sounds, bearing in mind that this work, unlike scientific experiment, will depend greatly on the state of being of any of the experimenters. Anyone in a poor state would get no results even with the 'right' noise, because he would merely be going through the motions. Only the quality of one's being could give one the power to make the correct vibration. Again it would be necessary to have a temple as a centre for purification to sustain the high state required for true speech.

    To explain the water connections with the 'hume/oom' examples: good quality human communion is an exchange of high quality water consciousness, and also, people are largely made of water, that is humanity. Humility also belongs to water consciousness It is fire that insists upon status. The more one is controlled by fire, the more fussy one is about status for one's self and associates. The more water consciousness one has, the less important this is. Humidity is water in the atmosphere. Laughter is water releasing itself. Fire and air can have wit, but humour is feminine, the word humour also means mood. Humus is damp fertile earth.

    In the English and French tongue we have taken from the Greek the word hydro for water. Perhaps this is also an important word to try. It is reassuring to see this degree of agreement in sounds associated with aspects of the same element. But nevertheless these may not be the most suitable sounds. The two most important manifestations of water have very different sounds in English, i.e. sea and mother, although in French these two have the same sound, mer and mere, and an associated sound in Spanish mar and madre.

    Regarding mar-ee and mare-ee, sounds for important water manifestations, i.e. woman and sea, it is interesting that in the Four Gospels, which are an authority on water consciousness, all the women associated with Jesus had the name Mary. His mother and his two girl friends. It might be as well to give mar and mare sounds considerable attention in respect to affecting important water concepts. With such work the childlike outlook is the only possible approach. Jesus has already recommended this. He is the best possible master in anything to do with improving con- sciousness.

    The rebuilding of the original tongue will involve us in the study of sounds to be found in most languages and also in musical notes and sounds beyond our present hearing range. There is so much to be done about rebuilding consciousness that no one need ever be bored again. It is a game that all can play and contribute towards.

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